Updated: November 2017

Armchair Reviews:

Armchairs have become staples in many homes throughout the world, but they began as luxury items for the rich and famous. The ancestors of today's beautiful chairs were found in the homes of important and powerful people. While normal folk sat on benches, stools, or the floor, kings, pharaohs and noblemen had exquisite armchairs. There is an endless array of designs, and you can find different materials and styles to suit your tastes. How do you choose the right arm chair for your home? You'll need to think about comfort, design, material, should you buy a set of chairs, ones that come with an ottoman, etc. When we think of an armchair, we think of relaxing by the TV watching your favorite show. You should be able to sit down after a long day at work and melt into your favorite armchair. Read below to find out about features to consider and pricing.

What is an Armchair?

It's just a chair with arms. That's pretty much the only requirement a chair has to meet. Wooden arm chairs can be used throughout the house, including the dining room, but upholstered versions are particularly prevalent in the living room and other lounge areas. In centuries past, they were made primarily from wood, but today you will find steel and plastic versions, as well as comfortably upholstered arm chairs. They are sometimes paired with an ottoman or footstool for additional comfort, and you can even broaden the definition of armchair to fit today's reclining chairs. That definition is already quite broad, so when you are looking for the perfect wood or upholstered arm chair for your home, it really is dependent upon your tastes and preferences. In general, though, here are a few things to keep in mind:

*Where you want to put the armchair. Those intended for living rooms and relaxing are typically big and feature a variety of upholstery and color options. Think about your decor, but also think about the type of use your chair will see. For instance, a chair with fabric upholstery in the kitchen might see food and drink spills. Since you can't stuff these babies into the washer, you probably want a more easily cleaned wooden chair for areas like the kitchen.

*Look at your decor. Armchairs can be very traditional, but there are also exciting contemporary designs from which to choose. More slim models are available as are luxurious overstuffed chairs.

*Quality. Is the frame made of durable wood or metal? Is the fabric chintzy? Is this chair going to fall apart in a year? Or sooner if you have children and dogs leaping onto it all the time?

*Price. Plan on spending at least a few hundred dollars. This is an investment in your home's style and in your comfort. If you spend a bit more now, you will have a more durable piece of furniture.

RECOMMENDED - We found quite a few at our local furniture store, even places like Ikea and Walmart will carry armchairs. You can browse the best selling armchairs online here.

Best Armchairs:

The UK Telegraph names the Karlstad Armchair as one of the most comfy armchairs to sink into. It is made by IKEA, and the Karlstad collection features chaise lounges, ottomans, and other pieces to complete your decor. The Armchair is a wide, stuffed model with chic wooden legs. You can get the fabric in from the any number of colors, including a very sophisticated white, dark beige, red, and more. The Karlstad has a rather boxy appearance, which meshes well with contemporary decors and can add some contrast and spark to classic rooms. You can find the Karlstad online or in IKEA stores for about $350. A crowd pleaser from Amazon is the beautiful Handy Living Laflin Chair and Ottoman Microfiber, which consumers review as being very comfortable and sturdy. It is a "transitional" chair, which means it falls somewhere between classic and contemporary styles and so can be used in virtually any home. The frame is made from sturdy hard wood, and the high quality foam cushions keep you relaxed and cozy. The upholstery is made from a durable polyester-rayon blend that wears very well. This chair is "scaled down" so if you have a small apartment or space, this is a perfect addition. Features include piping on the edge, tapered dark wood legs, 8-way hand-tied seat cushion, and matching ottoman. The ottoman can be used as a footrest or as an extra chair when you have guests. The Handy comes in crimson, sky, and retro egg upholstery options and costs $400. For contrast, let's look at the New Cherry Finish Arm Chair from Furniture Cove. This is a gorgeous wooden arm chair that is as classy as it is beautiful. It features a traditional look with its dark cherry finish, carved accents, and floral upholstery on the backrest, seat, and arms. This armchair will be a great addition to foyers, entryways, and even more formal living rooms and dens. It costs about $190 (see wooden arm chairs here). We don't want the kitchen and dining room to feel left out: the Set of 2 Dining Arm Chairs with Cushion Seat from Poundex will fix that. Each chair features solid wood frames finished in chic black. The seat cushion offers a nice contrast with its beige upholstery. These armchairs offer an incredible blend of classic elements and contemporary styles. Poundex also makes a matching dining table so you can pull together a coordinated, refined look easily. The set of 2 costs $175. The dining and living room arm chairs we have discussed show you just what an extensive selection awaits you as you look for the perfect chair for your home. Look here to see even more options. Keep your style and color preferences in mind as you look and you are sure to find the right one. Armchairs aren't just for the rich and powerful anymore - they're for you.