Updated: November 2017

Artificial Tree Reviews:

Most of us like some kind of plants or trees in our homes. The big problem is actually remembering to water them and keep them alive. If you go to an office for work, the odds are they have a professional come in and care for all the plants once a week. Not all of us have that luxury at home. The next best solution to owning real trees and plants is to buy artificial ones. You may be surprised at how 'real' the artificial trees or plants look once in your house. We've dealt with silk and plastic trees/plants for decades and the quality has only risen. They require little care and cleaning and they don't die on you. Homeowners typically purchase a nice, new plant and then slowly starve it of nutrients and water until it becomes brown and dead. Why waste money on real houseplants when you can buy fake silk plants and still have that fresh look of trees and plants around your home. When you start decorating that new family room or living space, check out the latest artificial houseplants and you will be amazed. Our favorites are things like the ficus silk tree or the silk palm tree. Even the artificial boxwood topiary trees are worth the investment - they go great in front entryways. Down below we will go into an actual buying guide and help you make an informed decision on size, style, and price of the artificial flora you decide to put into your house or office.
artificial trees and plants

Choosing artificial trees and plants - Let's start by going over the basic materials you will find in fake house plants. Typically they are made from silk, plastic and metal materials. The base sometimes requires sand/water to help weight it down. The ability to brighten up a room with a few plants that are fake is quite easy. The majority of artificial trees range in height from 3 to 8 feet. You will find a few styles closer to 10 feet, but most homes look better with smaller plants/trees. Another common reason for people purchasing artificial plants versus authentic ones is due to allergies. Not everyone can handle fresh blooming flowers without suffering through an allergy attack. Although most of the artificial plants and trees are bought for indoor use, many are meant for outdoor use as well. Great for decks, patios, or around pool areas. Again, no need to water or take care of them in the heat, they manage just fine. Really, the only maintenance that is required is cleaning periodically. The leaves tend to get dusty (just like everything else in your house). The 4' Spiral Boxwood Artificial Topiary Trees are ideal for indoor or outdoor use. They look great as decoration with outdoor furniture or near the entrance to your home. Indoors, we like the Ficus Silk Tree which retails for about $45. There are even 12 foot realistic looking palm trees that sell for over $1000. With todays environmentally conscious home builders, artificial trees are becoming more common when you walk through new home sites. Many of the fake palm trees or spiral trees are made with flexible wire so you can adjust the look and adjust branches to your taste. If you are the type of person than can't remember to feed or water your plants and they are constantly dying, consider shopping for artificial plants and trees that look amazingly real in your home. You can browse the top selling artificial trees/plants here.

Best Artificial Tree:

RECOMMENDED - One of the most popular fake trees is the Nearly Natural 5209 Ficus Silk Tree. The tree has over 1000 individual leaves and of course no maintenance is required - that means no watering needed. Sits in a nursery pot and features natural trunks. This artificial tree is meant more for indoor use than outdoors. At 6 feet tall it's the perfect height for living rooms, entryways, and master bedrooms. We sugguest purchasing a larger pot to place it in - for stability reasons. These fake ficus trees are available in a variety of heights (3 feet and up). Owners comments are very positive with feedback like 'looks beautiful and real' and 'friends can't tell it's artificial even up close'. For less than $50 you won't find a better deal on an artificial plant.

Silk Plants for your Home:

RECOMMENDED - You can buy trees, plants, shrubs, and bushes that are artificial. Which one is best for a home? If you are going for well groomed looks, then the 4' Spiral Boxwood Artificial Topiary Trees are a great buy. You can shape them as needed for that finely manicured look. With 2 of them, it's easy to balance out any room or entryway. We've seen them in covered doorways and elegantly placed in living and dining rooms. Basic assembly is required, but once you have them looking the way you want, they require very little care. We suggest periodic dusting - we use cans of compressed air to dust ours. There are 2 and 3 foot options with topiary trees or shrubs. The 4 foot double ball shaped boxwood topiary is another favorite that at $100 still gets excellent feedback from consumers. If you take care of the artificial plants properly, they will last for years and make a nice addition to any room or office. We will agree with most customers that the Ficus and Boxwood plants look better than the fake palm trees. There are more complaints from owners of the silk palm trees noting that they 'just don't look real'.