Updated: September 28, 2015

Atomic Alarm Clock Reviews:

In our busy lives, it seems difficult to imagine life without clocks. Depending on sun up and sun down may have worked in centuries past, but we need to make it to work on time, to meetings promptly, to our planes or buses or cabs. We need clocks for virtually every aspect of our lives, whether it is to make important appointments or to set the DVR. Atomic clocks are the most accurate, precise time pieces and are depended upon to tell time for major line distributors and GPS systems, as well as to control television broadcast frequencies. When you need precision, there is no better choice than an atomic clock. How do you choose an atomic wall clock or travel clock? How much can you expect to pay? This guide will tell you what you need to know about atomic clocks.
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What is an Atomic Clock - What time is it? How can you really tell? Your watch may be slow, your wall clock may be fast, you may forget to change your car clock to reflect the new Daylight Savings Time. Whatever the case, how do you really know what time it is? The U.S. Naval Observatory's Master Clock tells us: this is the standard of time by which the United States ticks. When many people hear "atomic" clock, they assume it operates on atomic power, or atomic decay. No, this is not a ticking time bomb in your home; instead, atomic clocks work much like regular clocks with an oscillating mass and spring. Picture a grandfather, or pendulum, clock. The oscillation is produced by the pendulum swinging back and forth. Time is kept according to the frequency of the swings. In an atomic clock, the oscillation is produced from vibrations between the nucleus of an atom and its electrons. Atomic clocks are also often referred to as radio-controlled clocks. Atomic clocks look and read just as regular clocks do, and they are commercially available in the form of wall clocks, alarm clocks, and travel clocks. Let's take a look at some of the best models so you can see the scope and quality that is available. RECOMMENDED - You can browse the best selling atomic alarm clocks here.

Best Atomic Alarm Clocks:

There are a host of atomic alarm clocks available, and some of the most popular names are Sony, Honeywell, La Crosse, Sangean, Timex, Chaney Instruments, and Oregon Scientific. The first consideration is budget, the second is the features you would like. For instance, you can get a projection clock, a weather clock, self-setting clock, or clock radio. There is a broad range of choices, depending on what you need or want your clock to do. The Sony ICF-C318 Automatic Time Set Clock Radio with Dual Alarm - The Sony ICF-C318 was chosen as the Best Basic Clock Radio by reviewer BestCovery.com. This compact little clock has an automatic set time, 0.9-inch green display in LED for easy viewing, dual alarm, built-in calendar, automatic Daylight Savings Time adjustment, full memory back-up, and an AM/FM radio. When the clock comes from the factory, it has the correct EST (Eastern Standard Time) already set. You just need to plug it in and adjust quickly for your time zone. If you're in the EST, you're in luck! When the power goes out, the clock automatically resets itself so you always have the correct time. Unfortunately, that also means you can't blame being late for work on your alarm clock. BestCovery loved the low price, easy operation, and reliability of the Sony atomic clock radio. You will, too, at $16.

Best Atomic Travel Clocks:

WorldTravelGuide named the Global Atomic Travel Alarm Clock as the best atomic travel clock - with the warning that you'll never be able to blame your clock for waking up late again. Perhaps it's best to keep knowledge of your atomic travel clock to yourself so your boss doesn't find out. It features auto scan atomic clock signals, sliding keylock function for travel, slim, light, compact design, easy to read display, temperature display in Fahrenheit or Celsius, backlit display, dual alarms, 2-minute crescendo alarm with 5-minute snooze, 12- or 24-hour time display format, low battery indicator, day of the week display in English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, or Spanish, and has a sleek aluminum casing with built-in mirror. The Global Atomic Travel Clock is ideal for any traveler and quite affordable at $40. The Seiko Global Atomic Travel Alarm Clock was chosen as one of the best travel accessories by BestCovery, saying its ideal when oversleeping is not an option. The Seiko also has a very travel-friendly, compact design. It has a unique global R-wave system to receive signals from atomic clocks all over the world and readjust automatically, digital display, push button dial light, day and date calendar, thermometer, and ascending beep alarm with snooze button. You can find this for about $36.

Best Atomic Wall Clock:

You can find digital atomic wall clocks or more traditional looking clocks, depending on your preference or decor. There are great choices either way. We'll take a look at each. One of the most popular atomic wall clocks is the La Crosse Technology WS-8418U-IT Atomic Digital Wall Clock. It has very similar features to both atomic travel and alarm clocks. It has a moon phase, remote thermometer, atomic time and date, automatic adjustment for Daylight Savings Time, indoor and outdoor temperature display, outdoor humidity, alarm snooze, and 12- or 24-hour time display modes. An Amazon reviewer says it keeps "immaculate time," and its good looks don't hurt either. And the price - yet another attractive feature. This La Crosse atomic clock costs $30. If you like a more traditional look, opt for the La Crosse Technology WT-3102B 10-Inch Atomic Analog Clock. It offers beautiful analog time display, automatic reset with incredible accuracy, manual setting option, 4 U.S. time zone settings, and an on/off function for automatically adjusting time during Daylight Savings Time. Again, the ease of use and accuracy are singled out as its best features. You can find the La Crosse analog atomic clock for under $20. Investing in an atomic clock is a good move: you can be sure that your time is always the right time. See all the LaCrosse atomic clocks here.