Updated: November 2017

Bakers Rack Reviews:

A bakers rack is a great addition to any kitchen and the versatility they offer make them an excellent storage solution for stemware, wine bottles, recipe books, and displaying family heirlooms like vases. Most bakers racks are about 3 feet wide and come in various styles - traditional, French Country, contemporary and commercial. Some fit perfectly against walls while others need to be corner bakers racks (see below) to fit in tighter spots and save space in smaller kitchens. Generous shelving and cabinet drawers on certain bakers racks make them the ideal storage space and the perfect compliment to an overcrowded kitchen area. Materials vary but the majority of bakers racks are made of metal, wrought iron, wood, glass, marble or wicker. A good kitchen or bakers rack will cost you about $250-$500, while some are priced above $500 and smaller ones will run less than $200. Standard size bakers racks are more common, but for a stylish accent the corner bakers racks are becoming more popular in mordern kitchens. We have also seen new wine bakers racks that cater specifically to the wine connoisseur.
bakers rack

When choosing a bakers rack, consider first where you will put it (standard shape or corner design), then determine the features you will need (shelving, wine rack, etc), and then choose your favorite style. There are also Etageres which are similar in look to a bakers rack and just as functional for displaying decorative items or using as a bookshelf with style. We see lots of bakers racks in modern homes where homeowners stores things like cookbooks, display plates, or put plants. Although you would think that a bakers rack is best used in a kitchen environment, we find them located in dining rooms, outdoor patios, and more. Bakers Rack Reviews - If you want to read up on the latest products - Amazon.com does a great of congregating consumer comments and feedback so you can quickly analyze the top sellers and see which ones fit your needs best. You will also find a nice collection in stores like Ikea, Walmart, and Target. RECOMMENDED - We suggest that you browse the best selling bakers racks here.

Best Bakers Rack:

One of our favorites is the SEI Iron/Wicker Baker's Rack that is offered at around $200. It's the perfect size for small to medium sized kitchens. Two shelves are on top while below are 4 wicker drawers. Need to store things like small appliances, cookbooks, plants, napkins, etc. - this bakers rack does all that. We've seen these in front entryways and offices as well - not just for kitchen areas. Measures almost 5 1/2 feet tall by 28 inches wide. Another excellent rack would be the Coaster Dirty Oak Finish Metal & Wood Baker's Kitchen Rack w/Drawers which does require some assembly but is beautiful in any kitchen. The country style design with oak drawers and a small area for wine makes for a versatile rack. Ideal for displaying antiques, custom plates, and other kitchen accessories. The unit is slightly more expensive than the SEI model listed above. When it comes to the corner bakers racks, you will need to measure your available space before purchasing anything. They typically offer less storage space than the traditional bakers racks, but are worth considering if that is the only space you have in your kitchen or house. Taking advantage of all wall space is a must if you live in a smaller apartment or home. View all the top selling corner bakers racks here.