Updated: November 2017

Barometer Reviews:

barometers Are you a weather buff? Perhaps you have a complete weather station at your house. I live in Portland, Oregon where it rains much of the year and it seems like that is the constant discussion on the weather channel. How much will we get? When is the next band of rain expected? I know several neighbors with rain gauges so they can track the days/months rainfall. A barometer is an instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure. Meteorologists mention barometric pressure during their weather segments all the time. The barometer is holding steady, rising, or dropping. You will hear terms like low pressure system which is often associated with rain or bad weather. High pressure correlates to better weather - clear skies. If you want to become a weather forecaster you'll need to rely on your barometer. Even weekend forecasters like yourself can get a good feeling of what the weather will do by watching a barometer you have at your home. A big market are those that like to boat and need to watch for changing weather patterns when they are on the water.

Choosing a Barometer - The days of mercury barometers is pretty much gone - at least in the consumer market. Today you will find water based barometers and aneroid barometers (like the Weems and Plath Endurance 125 Barometer). The wall mounted storm glass style barometers are the most popular and the cheapest to purchase. Ambient Weather makes a nice variety of the liquid barometers and ratings for their products are quite good. The majority are wall mounted barometers that make a nice addition to any room. Anyone who likes nautical themed gadgets, the wood barometers look great. Are they accurate? I can't vouch for all of them but many owners are impressed with the ability of the barometer to predict the change in weather. One of the best collections online can be found online at Barometershop.net - it's a shop based out of Maine and they offer classic marine aneroid barometers. They also do repairs and restoration work. Some barometers are multi-purpose products with a built in temperature and hygrometer reader as well. You can browse the best selling barometers online here.

Best Barometers:

RECOMMENDED - The top rated Ambient Weather BA212 for $25 is a great buy. You get a wall mounted weather station with thermometer, hygrometer and barometer all in a cherry finish. As many buyers note, this item looks superb in your office, den, study, or library. Measure barometric pressure with liquid and the antique design means you can pass it on to the next generation. I like the fact that it includes a temperature and humidity readout. Any aspiring weatherman will love this product. If you are planning on buying a mid-range barometer then consider the Ambient Weather barometers. Reviews for their products are nearly perfect so it's hard to go wrong.

Aneroid Barometer:

The aneroid barometers will set you back much more than the water based ones. The Weems & Plath Endurance Collection 125 Barometer (Brass) goes for about $130 and consumers are ok with the price knowing they have superior barometer. It comes in brass, chrome, or black pearl coloring. The Endurance will never tarnish or corrode, it's weatherproof and perfect for outdoor settings, and the Slide n Lock Mounting System makes it easy to put up anywhere. The high quality instrument is accurate but a few owners mention that it can be hard to read the dials unless you are very close to it. Bey Berk barometers are another brand with a solid reputation, especially amongst the nautical crowd. Their Precision Brass Porthole Barometer gives you a classic look and feel with ac curate readings.