Updated: November 2017

Bathroom Scale Reviews:

People have been climbing onto bathroom scales for decades dreading the results and many of us just flat out refuse to even step onto a scale. It seems everyone has an "ideal weight" they would like to be, but it's just not reality to expect to stay the same weight forever. Bathroom scales in our home give us immediate feedback on whether our exercise routine is working or if we gained those extra 10 pounds during the holiday season. The analog bathroom scales are what I grew up on, you read the dial to figure out how much you weighed. Then along came the digital bathroom scales which allowed us to be weighed to the nearest ounce and take out any question of what our actual weight was. The latest technology has bathroom scales that talk to you - yes talking bathroom scales are becoming quite popular. If you can't bear to look at the weight, the scale will read out the numbers for you. Perhaps the best invention yet are the bathroom scales that can determine your body fat levels by sending a painless electrical pulse through your body.

Buying Guide - What should you look for when buying a bathroom scale? What features are essential? Firstly, you want a scale that gives you an easy to read weight that is ACCURATE. An accurate bathroom scale is the #1 feature all people want. No sense in getting on your scale if it's off by a few pounds in either direction. Too many reviews we read on bathroom scales mention that the scales are inconsistent and don't give reliable results. I prefer the digital bathroom scales over the older dial style scales with large #'s for 50, 100, 150, 200 lbs but smaller ones in between. It was never easy reading your weight if it was like 157 pounds. The numbers on the dial always seemed to small and readings were inconsistent to say the least. Digital scales give you a more accurate weight time in and time out. Physician scales are great if you can afford them ($200 or more) but they can be way too large and bulky for the average homeowner. In terms of capacity, most modern scales can handle people who weigh up to 350 or 400 pounds and give accurate readouts. The scales that claim to measure your body fat or BMI (body mass index) aren't always that reliable. We found several that appear hospital quality that cost $350 or more which get excellent reviews, but who needs that type of equipment at home. The cheaper fat monitor scales get mixed reviews and the Tanita Scale Plus Body Fat Monitor BF679W ($50) was one that faired well. Since the bathroom scales with fat monitors use an electrical pulse to measure your BMI, doctors say that people with pacemakers and women who are pregnant should not engage in that feature. When buying a bathroom scale, keep in mind where you will store the unit. Look for compact models that can be placed in cabinets or closets when no in use. As for the top name brands in bathroom scales, they are Tanita, Taylor, Health O Meter, Seca, Detecto, and LifeSource. You can find a nice selection online at Scalesgalore.com or in regular department stores like Target or Sears. We found several bathroom scale comparisons and rating reviews online at Which? Online (UK based website), in Prevention Magazine, and at Amazon.com in their consumer feedback section for scales. The biggest complaint amongst all the owners is that the scales are not accurate enough and give inconsistent readings. We have tried to list the "best of the best" down below with prices, where to buy, and a brief description. RECOMMENDED - We suggest browsing the top selling bathroom scales online here.

Best Bathroom Scale:

When it comes to digital scales with fat monitors, the best combination bathroom scale is the Tanita Scale Plus Body Fat Monitor BF679W ($49.99) The scale will calculate body water, weight, and body fat %. Users like the fact the scale will store readings for 2 people. It has a 300 pound weight capacity and gets great reviews for both accurate and consistent readings. Consumers say that for less than $50 you get a scale with lots of features that will do all basics too. You can find this scale plus others sold by Tanita at Amazon.com. Another excellent model is the Omron HBF-400 Body Fat Monitor and Scale which is listed in the picture (above and to the right).

Budget Bathroom Scale:

Looking for a good digital scale under $25, consider the Ozeri Precision II ($20). Will measure weight up to 440 lbs and the new widescreen LCD display makes for easy reading. Reviewers say this digital bathroom scale is "good for the money" and "reliable". The Ozeri StepOn activation captures your weight immediately, no need to tap scale before getting on. It's auto calibrated and automatically turns off to conserve the battery life. Takes 4 AAA batteries - seems like a bit much to us. Overall, one of the most popular scales on the market.

Medical Bathroom Scale:

The Health o Meter 402KL Physician Balance Beam Scale ($150) comes in first place with the consumers at Amazon. This scale is the type you see in the gym or at your doctors that is made with a heavy gauge steel base and capacity of up to 450 pounds. Accuracy is what sets this scale apart from some of the budget models, but you will pay a premium for it. The Detecto 437 Physician Quality Bathroom Scales ($199.95) is another nice hospital quality scale that sells for less than $200. You can find that one on Scalesgalore.com.

Talking Bathroom Scale:

Ok, I know this sounds crazy, but people are actually searching for "talking scales". I don't know if they want the latest technology or they are too lazy to look down and read the weight #'s. Either way, the Taylor 7080 Lithium Talking Scale ($49.99 - available at Target or Amazon) can offer languages of English, German, or French. There are 2 volume settings to make sure you can hear it properly (you can always read the scale with your eyes). The LCD displays your weight in kilos, stones, or pounds. Reviews are only mediocre as owners say the voice is too "robotic" and the weight readings are not accurate enough.