Updated: November 2017

Bathtub Reviews:

When remodeling an older bathroom or perhaps just updating your bathtub, there are many choices and options. Depending on your bathroom configuration or personal style, bath tubs come in lots of designs and looks. There are freestanding tubs, built-in tubs, soaking tubs, whirlpool bathtubs, and more. The freestanding bathtubs are gaining in popularity in modern bathrooms. The built-in jetted tubs are still very popular in new home construction as well as the basic soaking tubs. What's your budget? Soaking tubs start around $500 while the drop-in or whirlpool bathtubs can be $1500 or more. Thinking of doing a clawfoot tub or perhaps a nice freestanding acrylic bathtub? Depending on the model, you could be looking at $2000 to $4000. As you can see, picking the right tub for your bathroom can get complicated and expensive if you are not careful. We know several interior designers who work with clients that want the bathtub experience to be the centerpiece of their bathroom, not the shower. The aging population in the United States is slowly transitioning to more of the walk-in bathtubs, no steps required and safer than standing up in a shower.

Choosing a Bathtub

- There are some master bathrooms that don't have bathtubs, but most full bathrooms have some kind of bath tub in them. The popular combination shower/tub can still be found in almost every house across America. As you get more custom bathroom designs, you'll find the freestanding tubs or drop-in tubs. It really comes down to your preference when remodeling or designing a new home. The real issue is that most bathtubs can't be changed out so easily - like you could with a tile shower. Bathtubs are pretty much a permanent fixture in your bathroom, so once you choose, it's going to stay there for a long while. We suggest putting in a more custom bathtub in your master bathroom. Home buyers are always looking for that 'wow' factor in master bathrooms, so having high end fixtures to show off is never a bad idea. If you are planning a remodel of your kids bathroom, then the bathtub may not be that important. Throw in a built-in tub and shower and call it a day. Soaking bathtubs are inexpensive and an easy installation for most plumbers. Unless you are drastically changing the layout to your bathroom, most plumbing is already setup where you want it and the install of a new bathtub is not that difficult. Top bathtub brands include Kohler, American Standard, Venzi, Neptune, Duravit, and Jacuzzi. The majority of manufacturers make a variety of tubs, so your options are still plentiful even if you prefer one brand over another. We found lots of bathroom showrooms in our Portland metro area. It's easy to do some price comparisons between retail stores and online etailers. We found pricing to be very competitive online for certain brands. If you do venture into a high end showroom, always write down model #'s and then check out pricing online. Sometimes you will find savings of up to $500. Browse the best selling bathtubs online here.

Best Freestanding Bathtub:

RECOMMENDED - The AKDY Bathroom White Color FreeStand Acrylic Bathtub AZ-F277 is a good value buy at just over $1000. Many of the freestanding tubs are made with acrylic. This material is very durable and will be long lasting with a good finish for years. Acrylic is also very easy to clean - just wipe with most mild household cleaners. Owners also say that scratches are quite simple to repair and the color never fades. The AKDY measures just under 67 inches in length. Another popular choice of ours are the Wyndham Collection soaking tubs (still freestanding). Slightly more expensive than the AKDY, but well worth the money. You can get very extravagent with freestanding tubs, the 71" Rossland Copper Double-Slipper Pedestal Air is beautiful and would be the perfect centerpiece to any modern bathroom, but it sells for over $4000. Not all of us have that kind of budget set aside for our bathtubs.

Best Soaking Tub:

RECOMMENDED - Perhaps the most popular of the bunch, the American Standard 2461.002.020 Cambridge 5-Feet Bath Tub with Right-Hand Drain is priced just right at $500 and is offered in 3 color choices. You get a right hand outlet, integral apron, full slip-resistant surface, and it's made with the durable Americast material that features a glossy porcelain finish. Reviews are near perfect for this soaking tub with comments like 'excellent heat retention' and 'easier to install than cast iron tubs'. Makes for a great addition to any bathroom. Kohler makes some wonderful soaking bathtubs, but we found that owners preferred the American Standard models - one main reason is because of the price difference. Shop around and see if there are deals at your local bathroom showroom. We have heard of huge discounts for floor models that may have minor defects.