Updated: November 2017

Bed Bug Mattress Cover Reviews:

We recently read an article about bed bugs in the Wall Street Journal and wanted to followup for our readers on what type of products are available to help eradicate them if you have bed bugs in your mattress or bedding. What is a bed bug? - They live in places like mattresses since they have quick and easy access to humans. They survive by feeding on your blood. The problem is that you don't necessary notice the blood sucking insect on you, you will only feel some slight irritation where the bite was. Bed bugs have been known to infest more than just mattresses or box springs, they can be found in furniture, carpets, baseboards, and more. Will they hurt you? The bites are not deadly by any means, but the skin irritation from the bites does effect some people more severely than others. The real question is what to do to prevent bed bugs or deal with them if they are in your mattress. They can live long periods of time without feeding (over a year in some cases) so getting rid of them is not easy. That is why people are looking into bed bug mattress covers that lock in the bed bugs and protect you.
bed bug mattress cover

Mattress covers for bed bugs are no guarantee that you will not be effected by these little critters, but at least it's a start. A bed bug mattress protector is probably a good idea when the mattress is new and not infested. Stores like Walmart and Target sell zippered bed bug proof encasings for your mattress. The bed bug mattress cover will cost between $35 and $100 for most bed types and sizes. We found several online at Amazon from brands like Luna, AllerZip, CleanRest, Sleep Guard, and Protect A Bed. Luna mattress protectors seem to get the best reviews and offer the lowest prices without sacrificing quality. AllerZip is the other top brand which is slightly more expensive, but reviews are just as positive and owners are very happy with the performance. The key is to buy a bed bug mattress cover that is zippered all around so that if any bed bugs are in the mattress they can not escape and they will eventually die. The encasing should feature a zipper with smaller teeth, Protect A Bed has tested the teeth size of zippers to come up with one that protects the best. The material should be one that bed bugs can't bite through - the fabric (vinyl or polyester are common) should be breathable but have pores too small for a bed bug to get out or bite through. If all this sounds a bit disgusting, it is. We had trouble with dust mites with our daughter (she reacts to their feces) so we bought some allergy mattress covers that are good against dust mites and bed bugs. The money was well spent since now she has no reactions from sleeping on her mattress. Bed bug mattress cover reviews can be found online and in health or allergy journals and magazines. There are dozens you can read on Amazon (we feel they are the least likely to be biased to one brand or another) as well as on allergy related sites which tend to sway you towards one product or another. Other sources for bed bug mattress encasement reviews are Epinions, Bedbugsguide.com and articles like those we found in the WSJ. Compare the features between Luna, AllerZip and Protect A Bed to determine which protective encasement is what you need. You can browse the best selling bed bug mattress protectors online here.

Best Bed Bug Mattress Cover:

RECOMMENDED - The #1 name and seller on Amazon is the Luna mattress protectors. We recently did a review on the mattress protectors made for spills of liquids or bodily fluids and the Luna line scored the best from consumers and many bedding experts. It appears that their bed bug proof mattress covers also rate very high amongst owners. The top selling Luna Premium Hypoallergenic Zippered Bed Bug Proof Mattress Encasement is the perfect solution against bed bugs, dust mites, liquids, and bacteria. They sell covers for mattresses, box springs, and pillows. The zippered encasements covers the entire mattress and features a waterproof membrane and dust mite barrier as well. The 3 sided bed bug proof zipper on the Luna and the 10 year warranty are just 2 features that make this a top rated mattress cover for bed bugs. See the entire lineup of Luna bed bug mattress protectors online here.

Mattress Encasements for Bed Bugs:

BEST - When it comes to allergy related products we are always a bit cautious since most of the brands try to charge a premium for any product in this category. One such manufacturer is AllerZip, although we own some of these ourselves and the reviews online point towards a solid product that does what you want. The AllerZip Waterproof Bed Bug Proof Zippered Bedding Encasement is a queen deep size cover that fits 13 - 18 inch height mattresses. They feature the 3 sided zipper lock which is proven to stop dust mites, allergens, and bed bugs. We went with AllerZip because our allergist recommended them, but I think the premium price still may be worth it. Not sure as we have only had the covers for 1 year and haven't washed them much. Some owners of mattress covers (in general) say that drying them too much in the clothes dryer can ruin the interior. Some say to blot dry with a bath towel or similar item. They are priced at about $100 versus the cheaper Luna covers which are closer to $50 or $60. We suggest you view the most popular bed bug covers for mattresses here.