Updated: November 2017

Bed Pillow Reviews:

My wife and I have had trouble sleeping lately and it's all because our bed pillows are no good. Our mattress is fairly new, our sheets are fresh, and we are TIRED, but the pillows on our bed just don't provide the neck and head support to make us comfortable. Like 85% of other sleepers, we sleep on our sides and in the past we have bought our bed pillow from a store like Costco and initially they all seem to do just fine. It's after the first few weeks that they lose their "support" and we wake up with sore necks and often my ears hurt if the pillow is too hard. We recently came back from a trip to the Westin Maui and our experience with the bedding in their rooms, specifically the bed pillows, helped us down the path to a comfortable pillow. The pillows at the hotel were soft and held their shape. They were not lumpy or hard and I swear we got the best sleep of our lives.
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What to look for when buying a bed pillow - The first to consider is how you sleep - on your side, back, or stomach. Perhaps you do a little bit of all 3. Experts say those that sleep on their sides need a firm to extra-firm pillow. Back sleepers - a medium density firm pillow. Stomach sleepers should consider a flat pillow that is soft to keep any added stress off your spine or neck. When it comes to materials inside the pillow, you will find natural, synthetic, and memory foam. The natural pillows - often filled with feathers or down - are worth considering for their supreme comfort and they will last too (up to 7 years). Synthetic pillows are cheaper than down pillows and usually filled with polyester fibers. Their durability is not that great but anyone who has indoor allergy issues (like dust) will appreciate them. Memory foam are the newest pillows on the market and they form to your unique shape (head and neck) providing good support. Some say they are too firm - having slept on one a while back I can say it was comfortable enough. Expect to spend at least $10 for a decent bed pillow and closer to $100 for the top quality down pillows. The leading brands are Leachco, Sleep Better, HoMedics, Pike Street, Serta, and Tempur-Pedic. I know several people who have a firm pillow for reading and a soft pillow for sleeping. It's really what makes you comfortable and guarantees you a good nights sleep. Bed pillow reviews - We scoured the Internet for some bed pillow ratings and read dozens of owner opinions and comments posted on websites and in online forums. Sleeplikethedead.com has posted ratings from data on over 7000 actual owners and they list which types of bed pillows scored the highest in customer satisfaction. They also show you which pillow types are best for those that like firm or soft pillow. The ratings are rather in depth and worth a look if you have a few minutes. The Allergybuyersclub.com website features pillow reviews and rankings as well - mostly trying to sell you the high end hypoallergenic bed pillows. Our trusted Consumer Reports doesn't have any reviews we could find on bed pillows, but we will update this page accordingly if they ever publish any. If you want to read hundreds of unbiased, consumer comments on pillows, go to Amazon.com and see what their customers have to say. You can browse the top selling bed pillows online here.

Best Bed Pillow:

RECOMMENDED - The Pinzon Pyrenees PrimaLoft Pillow is a great firm density pillow for side sleepers. The hypoallergenic, luxury down pillow is designed for those that sleep on their sides. 35 ounces of Primaloft fill - comparable to 550 fill power for support and loft. Perfect for allergy prone sleepers as well. You'll get superior spine and neck alignment when sleeping on your sides. Some say the price is a bit high ($40 to $50), but most agreed the pillow improved their overall nightly sleep and that is something that has no value in our eyes. STOMACH SLEEPERS - We found a very popular solution for those that prefer to sleep on their stomachs. It's the Pinzon Pyrenees White Goose Down Pillow - available in medium to soft density and in standard, queen, or king sizes. Features include a 400 thread count cotton dobby cover, 12 ounces goose down fill, 600 fill power, and the pillow can be machine washed and dry. Comes with a zippered pillow protector. Get the model for back sleepers here.

Memory Foam Bed Pillow:

RECOMMENDED - You have all probably heard of the Tempur-Pedic mattresses on the market, but are you aware they have pillows as well. The The ComfortPillow by Tempur-Pedic is a top rated and has a solid reputation on review sites. The big drawback is the price - $125, which puts it as the most expensive pillow we have listed on this page. The memory foam pillow is really the solution to a great nights sleep and most owners wholeheartedly agreed with this. You do get a 3 year warranty but all the reviews we read online said they pillows were holding up pretty well even after 4 years. Comments included things like "awesome for pregnacy" and "best pillow money can buy". On all the websites we checked, the TempurPedic bed pillow was ranked near the top of the reviews and owners say the hefty price is worth the 100's of good nights sleep you will get while sleeping on it. Perhaps the $125 is too much to part with - consider the less expensive Simmons Beautyrest Memory Foam Standard Pillow which sells for less than $60 and receives high praise from sleepers.

Bed Pillow for Reading:

If you are like me, you tend to pile up the bed pillows when trying to read in bed and hope they give you the proper support. Buying a good quality reading pillow will solve all those support problems. You can browse the most popular reading pillows online here, although we say the best are those from Brentwood - excellent pillow for the price. If you want to splurge a bit, consider the BedLounge pillows for reading. They are perfect for watching TV or reading your favorite book while in bed. They cost $125 and reviews are definitely mixed on these.