Updated: November 2017

Bed Skirt Reviews:

The Importance of a Bed Skirt - So what are bed skirts? The word "skirt" may make men shy away, but, in fact, bed skirts are for men and women. Bed skirts are added to the bottom of the bed to hang down between the mattress and the floor. Although initially, a bedskirt may seem perhaps unnecessary, they actually serve a variety of purposes. They can hide storage area below the bed; they also can hide an unattractive box spring. Another important function of a bed skirt is it limits the amount of dust that can get under the bed. So how to you choose a bed skirt? In this guide we will review bed skirt basics -- how long they should be, how they should fit in with the rest of your bed and bedroom decor, what kind of sizes they come in, and more.
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How to Choose the Right Bed Skirt

Often people choose their bed skirt or dust ruffle to coordinate with the bedroom colors. Bed skirts come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and materials so you can match them to your comforter, sheets or pillows. It is also important to choose a bed skirt that fits in with the style of your bedroom. For example, I have a very relaxed informal looking bedroom, so a very fancy dust ruffle would look out of place. Try to coordinate one with the look and feel of your room. You can choose between pleated, straight and ruffled bed skirts. Before you pick out a bed skirt, it is important to measure the distance from the bottom of your mattress to the floor. Sometimes beds require extra long bed skirts because there is a larger distance between the box spring and the floor. Although most bed skirts have a 15-inch drop, occasionally people will need an 18-inch or 21-inch bed skirt. Also you will need to know if your bed is a king, queen, twin or double to choose the appropriate bed skirt size. You can find bed skirts for sale in a wide variety of stores including Macys, Crate and Barrel, Walmart, Pottery Barn, and Linens 'n Things. You can browse the best selling bed skirts online here.

Bed Skirt Reviews:

So how do you find the best bed skirts? We checked out different customer reviews including ones on Buzzillions and Amazon to find the best bed skirt. On Buzzillions, the most popular product noted is the Fresh Ideas Eyelet Lauren Ruffled 14-inch Bedskirt. This is a very classic looking ruffled bedskirt that features an eyelet pattern. This beds skirt is made from 50-percent polyester/50-percent cotton and has a very traditional look and feel. Almost all the customers who had purchased this bed skirt were happy with their decision. People mentioned that it had a high level of quality and matched well with a variety of different comforters and quilts. If you are seeking a classic look, this bedskirt is highly recommended and it can be found on Amazon for $24. Another popular bedskirt is The Peking Handicraft, Inc.. Bedskirt. This bed skirt can be found at Amazon.com for just $15. It is made from 50% polyester, 50% cotton and comes in ecru color which is an off-white. The Peking Handicraft Bedskirt has gotten a wide variety of positive reviews at Sierra Trading Post. People loved the fabric quality and the workmanship of this bed skirt. Also owners felt that this was a fantastic bargain for the money and really didn't look like an inexpensive bed skirt. One reviewer commented that this bed skirt was "not too long, not too short." This is a great choice for someone who wants a very basic bed skirt that does not draw too much attention to itself. BEST - The Pinzon Matelasse Bedskirt is the most popular seller on Amazon and is availabel in full, twin, queen, king and California King sizes. It's machine washable and dryable and comes preshrunk. The queen size features a 15" drop and measures 60 by 80 inches.

How to Choose Dust Ruffles:

Dust ruffles are similar to bed skirts. They often have an elastic inlay that allows them to be stretched around the bottom of the bed or they can just simply wrap around the bed. Dust ruffles are appropriate for people who don't want to move their mattresses to place the bed skirt. This means that they are also ideal for homeowners with really heavy mattresses. One dust ruffle that comes highly recommended is the Wrap Around Dust Ruffle, which sells for $16 on Amazon. This dust ruffle has an elastic band that holds it in place. Another advantage to using a dust ruffle is unlike a bed skirt, no iron is needed. People really liked the convenience of this dust ruffle and how easy it was to take on and off the bed.

The Best Choice for an Extra Long Bed Skirts - So what do you do if there is a bed skirt larger than a 15 inch is necessary? One highly recommended option is the Solid Ruffled Bed Skirt with 18" Drop which is $31 on Amazon. This bed skirt is also available for sale with a 21-inch drop if you need even more than 18 inches. This bed skirt is made from polyester and cotton and is available in 16 solid colors. It also has a 200 Thread-Count. From the reviews we read, people felt the sizing on these bed skirts was perfect. They also loved the color choices. Another thing that reviewers loved was the price for these extra long bed skirts. RECOMMENDED - We suggest viewing the top rated bed skirts and dust ruffles on Amazon here.