Updated: November 2017

Bedroom Dresser Reviews:

Are you looking for a dresser or chest of drawers for your bedroom? Perhaps you are redesigning your kids rooms or just buying buying new furniture for your master bedroom. A solid wood bedroom dresser will make a great addition to any room. Keep in mind that chests of drawers are not just for bedrooms. You will often see them in entryways, family rooms, and living rooms. What style works best for your home decor? How much do they cost? There are several factors you need to consider before you buy anything, but if you keep reading below we will help guide you in the right direction.
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Choosing a Bedroom Dresser - Picking out furniture can be very difficult if you are not organized and have a general concept of what you are looking for. Size/Dimensions - All rooms have a limited amount of usable space, so be sure to measure your open area and determine what size dresser you can actually fit into that space. No sense in buying something that overwhelms your room or is just too small. Types - Many bedroom dressers come in 1 of 2 types - waist high and shoulder high. The waist high dressers are great if you want to place them in front of windows (or walls). They only come up to your hips and tend to be wider than the shoulder high dressers. The taller bedroom dressers often have more drawers than the bench height models, but they are not so accommodating for things like mirrors or lamps. Many people put things like television (the new flat panels) on top of the waist high dressers or things like picture frames, flowers, or jewelry boxes. Who is it For? - Are you putting it in your childs room, teenagers room, college dormroom, or a master bedroom? The styles will vary dramatically from kids to young adults to adults. We were able to pick up 2 kids bedroom dressers from a local furniture store for roughly $350/each. They had fun designs on them (boy and girl stuff) and were made with solid wood. I didn't have to assemble them at all which was nice. They both featured 6 pull out drawers all similar in size. Perfect for storing pants, shirts, socks, underwear, pajamas, etc. Prices - The basic dressers will cost $150 to $250 and many of those require some assembly. When you get to $500+ we are talking nicer hardwood and some actual design asthetics. Dressers.com has a selection of those priced at $2000 and up. Some are quite large, bordering on armoire status, while others have a classic antique look with beautiful finishes. Rest assured, there is something for everyones budget. What Stores Carry Them - We found bedroom dressers in Ikea, Target, Walmart, Sears, JC Penneys, Pottery Barn, and a host of other local furniture stores. Even Amazon.com has well over 3000 to choose from on their website. Dresser Reviews - Want to read up on what others have to say about the most popular bedroom dressers? Amazon.com is a great source as owners post their comments and feedback online giving you instant access to pros and cons, prices, photos, and descriptions. You can browse the best selling bedroom dressers online here.

Best Bedroom Dresser:

RECOMMENDED - The one thing that almost everyone agrees upon and that is buying a piece of furniture that is already put together is much better than having to assemble it yourself. The Modus Furniture City II Nine Drawer Dresser at $680 is a solid piece that needs to assembly at all. With corner blocked wood frames and drawer boxes the quality is very evident. Made with Tropical Mahogany (solid wood) the bedroom dresser is a beautiful piece. Comes with satin nickel drawer pulls which give it a modern look. The top drawers are felt lined making them perfect for jewelry or delicate items. Modus offers other pieces that are just as lovely. You can view top rated Modus drawer dressers here. I would call there offerings mid-range in terms of price - most are between $500 and $1000. You will find similar pieces from Thomasville or Ethan Allen that cost $2000 or more, but they are selling a brand name and for the most part the furniture is not that much better.

Bedroom Dressers with Mirrors:

You will find many dressers that come with matching mirror sets. Of course they are more expensive than if you are just buying a chest of drawers or dresser by itself. In our search we found many quality made mirrors that would have gone with the dressers we chose. You don't have to buy them together, but it's not a bad idea if you find something you like. Dressers.com has almost 100 dressers with mirrors to look through and many are less than $1000 with several even below $500. What kind of detail do you want with mirror? Will be it round or square or rectangular. Amazon.com has over 100 dressers and chest drawers with mirrors here. Choose from white, cappuccino, black, brown, and more. You'll find sets for kids, teens, and adults. The common drawer dressers have a flat top which are about 30-36 inches high and are great for keeping televisions on top. Above the TV you can could place a mirror. Check out online websites and get an idea of what style and size you like and then get into a few stores to see them for yourself.