Updated: November 2017

Biometric Safe Reviews:

Finding the Best Biometric Safe for Your Home - What is the safest method for storing your valuable possessions? Your important paperwork? Your most treasured photos? Your firearms? A safe is a must-have for many people, and they can help provide peace of mind in addition to safety and security. Instead of the old turn-dial safes or even key-operated ones, many consumers are now opting for biometric safes as a more secure and convenient method of storage. What are the best models on the market? What features should you be looking for? How much is a good biometric safe going to cost? This guide will help you decide so you can rest at ease.
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What is a Biometric Safe? - Biometric safes, as well as biometric locks, allow you to use your fingerprint as a key. This eliminates the hassle of remembering a code or trying to find a clever hiding spot for your key. Luckily, we all carry our fingerprints with us constantly. Biometrics is the science of identification based on biological traits. Fingerprints are the most commonly used, particularly in residential, consumer safes and locks, but it is possible to get those that work with voice prints, iris scans, hand scans, and DNA scans (probably a bit pricy for those of us who want to stow away some emergency cash or keep a gun locked up!). What are the advantages of biometric safes?

*They are regarded by experts to be much more secure.
*There is no key to lose or code to forget.
*A biometric safe can hold more than one set of fingerprints, so people you trust can gain access.
*Water and fire proof (so it can be opened even after an earthquake, fire, etc.).
*Biometric safes come in a wide variety of styles. You can find chilled or heated safes, safes with media storage devices and hard drives, and much more, so you can get a better fit for your needs.

What to Look for in a Biometric Safe - Whether you want a biometric gun safe or one to store photos in, you want to make sure it is well-suited for the job. Here are some features to consider before you make your final decision:

*Size. This, of course, depends on your needs as well as your budget. You can get very small, lightweight safes that are suitable for any type of home or larger ones that you'll want to stay put.
*In a gun safe, look for a safe with padded foam interior to prevent scratches and one that is sized appropriately for your various firearms.
*Interior light.
*Low battery indicator.
*Sturdy construction. A safe is useless if it is not strong. End of story.
*Mounting hardware. If you get a wall safe, make sure the mounting hardware is durable and strong as well. Someone could very well carry off a light safe, so it pays to have it firmly attached.
*Multiple users. How many fingerprints can the safe store?
*Brand name. You can go generic on any number of products and have complete success. With a biometric safe, you will want to stick to proven, reputable top brands, including Honeywell, Gunvault, Crossfire, Sequiam, BioMETRX, LockState, Secure Logic, BioVault, SentrySafe, and Barska.

You can browse the best selling biometric safes here.

Best Biometric Safes:

One of the most popular biometric safes is the SentrySafe X055 Security Safe. Amazon reviewers note that it is strong, sturdy, and has an attractive appearance. Certainly a nice bonus. The X055 offers 0.5 cubic feet of space (8.5H x 13.6W x 8.6D inches), which is ideal for documents, cash, credit cards, jewelry, family keepsakes, and more. It features a carpeted interior, electric lock, live-locking bolts, solid steel, pry bar-resistant construction, bolt-down capability, hardened steel lock plate to prevent drilling, solid steel pry-resistant door with concealed hinges, and a durable black finish. A little fortress, the X055 is ideal for home use and is easy to secure. One reviewer noted that the SentrySafe biometric safe doesn't require a key or code like some other "semi biometric" safes. These require identification via fingerprint, as well as a secondary code or key to gain access. With a purely biometric safe, like the X055, it is much faster to get into your safe. There is, however, two override keys and a passcode. This is handy if your battery runs out and you need to access your safe. The SentrySafe X055 lists for $105 but is available on Amazon for $70. Many people interested in biometric safes are gun owners. The convenience of quick and easy access, as well as the security, offered by biometric gun safes is unmatched. The National Rifle Association (NRA) officially endorses the Sequiam Biometrics BioVault 2.0. Those with firearms are concerned with two things: keeping their children safe and their gun locked up, and being able to access it quickly. Those two concerns are not mutually exclusive for the BioVault 2.0 as they are in so many other safes. This Sequiam biometric gun safe offers heavy duty construction, storage for up to 50 fingerprints, 3D battery powered or AC/DC, flash memory, full digital LCD display, soft spring-loaded doors for low profile access, and fingerprint recognition in less than a second. The safe measures 12.5W x 17.75L x 6D inches so you can store your gun, ammo, knives, or other items that you need secured. The BioVault 2.0 is $354. A worthwile investment for gun owners. The BARSKA Biometric Safe offers another good solution. The Barska measures 16.5 x 14.5 x 7.75 on the outside and 16.25 x 14.25 x 7 on the interior and weighs in at 31 pounds. The included mounting hardware is sturdy and durable, helping your items stay even more secure. The Barska operates with 4 AA batteries, and you will get 2 emergency override keys. Here is the perfect place for firearms, documents, cash, jewelry, and whatever else you need to secure in your home. The Barska retails for over $400, but you can find it for $200. When you need to ensure the safety of your family and/or your belongings, a biometric safe is the ideal answer.