Updated: November 2017

Bistro Set Reviews:

bistro set A bistro set makes a great addition to an outdoor patio or even a small balcony if you live in an apartment or condo. Bistro sets are 3 piece furniture sets (sometimes up to 5) that go great on decks, in yards, or just in your kitchen. I know when I first rented an apartment, all I could afford was a 3 piece bistro set with a small, round table and 2 chairs. It fit perfectly in my little kitchen and I eventually sold it when I moved into a larger house. Bistro tables come in a variety of shapes - oval, rectangular, octagon, round, and square. The shape you pick should fit in the area you want it. Most outdoor locations are probably large enough to handle even a 5 piece bistro set, but indoor sets tend to be just 3 pieces. What material would you like the table and chairs to be made of? Wicker, wood, metal, wrought iron, aluminum, teak, etc. A popular style right now are the mosaic bistro sets with beautiful tile work on the table top as an added feature. I personally prefer the wrought iron design with glass table top. Glass is easy to clean and looks great.

Buying Guide - The color of the set is also up to you. Most wrought iron bistro sets are finished in a black while the wood ones looked great in white or brown. If you live in an area where it rains a lot, consider a wicker set since it will do better than a wood table and chairs that are probably meant for indoor use. Not all bistro set tables are the same height, so do your measuring and sit down at a few tables in your local store to determine the proper height. You'll find some under 27 inches, a few more in the 28-32 inch range, and quite a few above 32". Even the diameter will vary from table to table so definitely see how much space you need on the table top to serve drinks, dinner, appetizers, etc. The one thing that we read in reviews is that people often move the bistro sets around their yard or patio area, so find one that is lightweight enough to move yet still sturdy enough to last for years. How much do bistro sets cost? We found a good selection on sites like Target.com, Bistrosets.com, and Bistroshoppe.com and most are above $100 with a few going as high as $800 to $900 for the wrought iron furniture and mosaic tile table tops which add style and elegance. The best selling bistro dining sets are around $250 to $300 and should last a long time. The Scroll Pub Height Bistro Set ($269 w/out cushions) is very popular on Bistrosets.com with wrought iron construction and a weather resistant powder coated finish that makes for the ideal patio bistro set. Not all sets come with traditional chairs, some have bar stools and resemble more of a pub table design. The pub tables tend to sit you up higher so stools make sense on these bistro sets while the vast majority have you down at normal table level. Also, we noticed that many owners said the seats were uncomfortable and hard to sit in for very long. We suggest buying cushions at the time of your purchase or at a later date. We have a wrought iron patio table in our backyard that sits 4 and the chairs are definitely tough on the body after a while so we made our own cushions with extra padding for your rear end and now we enjoy hours in our yard sitting in the chairs. For reviews of bistro sets, check out sites like Target.com, and the other bistro sites listed in the paragraph above. Customer comments and opinions can really help you decide on which table is best. Some tables do better in the outdoor conditions while others are better suited for indoor use. You'll find helpful hints on which table styles are easier to clean and care for. We have a local patio furniture store that sells gorgeous bistro tables and chair sets so that is where I tell my friends to shop, but it's always good to get online and compare prices and styles so you know what to expect when shopping in retail stores. We have tried to supply you with a list of the most popular bistro sets by category down below. By no means are they meant to be the only ones you should buy, but they are listed as a way for you to compare other bistro sets you may have seen. You can browse the best-selling bistro sets here.

Garden Bistro Set:

One of the most popular and top rated garden bistro sets is the Scroll Pub Height Bistro Set ($269.99-299.99) available on Bistrosets.com. The table and chairs sit a little higher than most of the other bistro set we found and this is perfect for overlooking a backyard or garden setting. The table and chairs are made with wrought iron and have been done with a powder-coated finish to make them weather resistant. Owners say they fit great on decks, patios, balconies, and porches. The table itself measures 30" diameter and is 39 inches tall. We found other similar patio tables and chairs in stores like Target, Walmart and Sears, so if you need to touch the product before buying it, perhaps those are better solutions than purchasing it online. Most bistro sets require some assembly.

Aluminum Bistro Set:

Cast aluminum bistro sets are very popular and owners like them because they are durable and lightweight. The designs on the chairs and tables are some of the best we saw and several of these variety came with an umbrella hole in the middle of the tabletop so you can place an umbrella in their and get some shade. A aluminum bistro set does very well outdoors and the Tea Rose Cast Aluminum Bistro Set on Bistrosets.com sells for about $270 and features a rose and leaf motif on the chairs and table. They also carry two similar tables called the Butterfly and Mississippi - both 3 piece bistro sets. We found a few cast aluminum bistro sets on Patiolife.com and their Amazon and Valentino sets sell for about $360. They carry larger dining table sets made with the same materials, but they are much more expensive. Bistroshoppe.com sells a Patio Bar Table - made cast aluminum for $411 but no stools are included with it. It's well crafted and very sturdy so if you have a few extra bar stools this table could make a great outdoor fixture on your deck or patio.