Updated: November 2017

Blind Corner Optimizer Reviews:

In the midst of us redoing our kitchen countertops and backsplash we realized how inefficient our kitchen cabinets were at storing items. The biggest waste of space is always the corner cabinet that extends back and to the side, but it's hard to keep things in the far reaches. We looked into getting our blind corner cabinet optimized and there are a few products on the market that can really help. Depending on the space you have there are different sized corner cabinet lazy susans that will allow you to organize your cabinets better. One carpenter told us about the blind corner optimizer that is sold by several manufacturers. Essentially the contents of your cabinet not only roll out like a lazy susan but you can also have a shelving unit that pulls out after the first shelf is already out. This product - called a blind corner cabinet pull out - will utilize your corner cabinet space better than any other product. You may also see them listed as a "pivot out system". The question is will it work in your situation and how much does it cost.

Buying Guide - My wife has slowly acquired kitchen equipment over the years and now we are at the point of running out of usable space in our kitchen cabinets. Much of our tupperware, pots and pans, salad spinner, and other small kitchen appliances rest in our cabinets. The problem is that the space is under-utilized and we don't get maximum efficiency of the space we currently have. It's not like our cabinets were built in the 1970's. The house is barely 15 years old yet the cabinet design, especially in the corners, is pretty much wasted space. We got 3 estimates from carpenters and cabinet guys as to the best solution to our problem. Some recommended the smaller lazy susan style devices while others wanted to completely redo the cabinet space and give us the ultimate in storage solutions. The cost of course goes up incrementally when more carpentry and custom cabinet work is required. Our biggest challenge was keeping the same doors since no cabinet company claims they can duplicate the door design if they had to replace it altogether. The products that we looked at range in price from $160 to $700 plus the cost to install or implement the new blind corner cabinet pull out. Don't let your cabinets get the best of you. Find ways to utilize all the available space. Start with finding a cabinet guy or even a handyman that knows how to install cabinet organizers. You can even take on some of these products yourself if you are DIY homeowner with some basic skills. The blind corner optimizers can be bought in home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowes and I have even seen a few in places like Walmart or Target. You can browse the best selling blind corner optimizers and corner cabinet lazy susans here.

Blind Corner Cabinet Pull Out:

RECOMMENDED - The Rev-A-Shelf Blind Corner Pivot Out Organizer Chrome is certainly a product to consider when redoing the interior of cabinets. It will give you the additional space that otherwise goes wasted in blind corner cabinets. They are designed for DIY homeowners but if the project seems to technical, just hire a local handyman and they can install these for about $200. The cost of the blind corner cabinet pull outs range from about $350 to $750. The Pivot Out System is one that our contractor mentioned that they use - it's a bit on the pricey side at $650 but usually solves what the homeowner is looking for. It's always easier to have these blind corner optimizers installed during the construction of the cabinets, but most will work just fine after the fact.

Corner Cabinet Lazy Susan:

Blind corner pivot out organizers can be a bit much for some, so going with a more traditional lazy susan can be just as effective. The half moon shelves and full corner cabinet lazy susans are often cheaper than the blind corner optimizers and results are not bad. We had looked into the Rev A Shelf 33 inch and 39 inch half moon pivot products and ultimately went away from them only because we wanted to use the space differently with a blind corner optimizer. See top rated corner cabinet lazy susans here. Some of the best products on the market are made in Europe where homeowners have dealt with lack of storage space for decades. The corner cabinet systems are often superior to what you find in America where we don't use space as well - especially in kitchens. Ask your contractor about European products and how they compare to those in the U.S. Many of the lazy susans for corner cabinets are $150 to $250 and cost roughly $150 to install.