Updated: November 2017

Body Pillow Reviews:

When my wife was pregnant we went out looking for a body pillow so that she could sleep better at night. We got some recommendations from her OB-GYN and he said the Leachco body pillows were some of the best on the market and definitely worth looking at. Most stores carry some kind of maternity pillows or body pillows for pregnant women. Target, Walmart, and Bed Bath and Beyond had a wide selection with most name brands being carried. When it comes to a pregnancy pillow, brands like Leachco, Snoozer, and Boppy dominate in sales. For a regular full body pillow not necessarily meant for those that are pregnant, there is more to choose from. Expect to spend at least $50 for a good body pillow and the high end ones will be closer to $100. Some doctors and chiropractors swear that body pillows help with relieving pressure on your spine while you sleep and giving your body the support it needs while at rest. I must admit that after my wife bought a new body pillow, she was sleeping much better than before.
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How do you choose the best body pillow? - You will find many of the similar features that are in traditional bed pillows. There are down fill pillows that are fluffy and light and compress easily when you wrap your leg or arm around them. Others are the foam body pillows which form to fit your body type. Keep in mind that the pillow should be long enough to support your legs - many people choose to place the pillow in between their legs. You will find them listed as "sleeping body pillows" in stores and catalogs. Another feature to look at is shape - not all are long and narrow. The Comfort U Total Body Bed Pillow is shaped just like the name refers - like the letter U. The Leachco Back 'N Belly is a contoured body pillow that gets rave reviews on Amazon. The Snoozer Full Body Pillow is filled with Natural Goose Down and thicker than most of the other ones we saw listed. Overall, maternity pillows get excellent reviews from owners and it comes down to shape and fill. Body pillow reviews - We found the largest selection on Amazon amongst their customer comments which are posted right on the products main page. You get to read dozens of owner feedback that has been posted online. The pregnancy section on About.com has a good write up on the Snoozer Body Pillow. Also, you will find consumer opinions listed at Epinions.com and Viewpoints. I could not find anything from Consumer Reports that was specifically related to body pillows. The Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow was the top selling pillow online with over 400 reviews for that one item. You can browse the most popular body pillows online here.

Best Body Pillow:

RECOMMENDED - One of the top rated products is the Comfort U Total Body Bed Pillow an oversized U shaped pillow that is plenty long for most. The shape provides ample support for both sides of your body, even when you are stretched out. Owners say they are able to sleep better at night with the help of the "cradling" that the pillow provides. With your hips, back, shoulders, and neck aligned, you can finally get a good nights sleep. The one complaint we heard the most is that the pillow can be too big for some beds. If that is the case, then go with the Jobri Sleeping Body Pillow - it's still long (65"), but it's easier to manage on a queen or king bed.

Body Pillows for Pregnant Women:

RECOMMENDED - Pregnancy is an exciting time in any womens life, but sleeping can become an issue as the baby grows inside you. Your body will morph and grow in ways you probably never thought possible. Having that extra support in bed at night or when taking a nap can really add to your quality of sleep. The Leachco maternity pillows are the most popular of the bunch. The Snoogle leads the way but the Back N Belly and All Nighter are also top sellers. The Snoogle Body Pillow is less than $50 and has a patented design that will tuck between your legs and support both your back and belly. Perfect for that expecting mother in your household. This is the pillow we went with and my wife couldn't say enough about it. The contoured shape helped her eliminate those lower back problems most commonly associated with being pregnant (especially during those last few months). The polyester pillow provides firm support and it comes with a washable pillow cover. The Snoogle pillow worked great even after the birth of our daughter as my wife used it quite often while in bed breast feeding or just holding the baby. I found it comfortable as a back support myself and still use it when reading in bed. Overall, it's a versatile pillow that comes in handy during pregnancy and after.

Body Pillows for Back Pain:

Many people suffer from back pains throughout the day and lying down at night should be a time when those pains are alleviated. Finding a body pillow for back pain can truly be a lifesaver and it's worth the investment to finally get relief. All those macho guys out there should look into bed pillows to help with back pain as Amazon carries literally 100's - some are considered leg positioners or lumbar pillows or even neck pillows. You would be surprised at how effective they can be in providing the necessary support you need when trying to sleep at night. Often people find that just by supporting their neck better they have less back pains in bed. Talk wtih your doctor if you have back pain and see what type of therapeutic pillow they can recommend.