Updated: November 2017

Cake Pan Reviews

So you are baking a cake, are you? As it turns out, there are not only a wide variety of sizes and shapes of cake pans, there are also a variety of cake pan materials to choose from. So how do you find the best cake pan? I always opt for aluminum cake pans, which are said to distribute heat the best. For some bakers (including me), the worst fear is for a cake to stick to the pan. This can make for a very sloppy cake. For that reason, there are many popular kinds of non-stick cake pans. Another advantage to these metal pans is that they reflect heat away from the cake. This can produce a light colored crust on a cake or pie. Glass cake pans are also an excellent choice. Most of the time bakers opt for glass when they want to avoid the chemicals that are present in a non-stick surface. So, as you can see, baking a cake isn't quite a simple as just picking out a recipe! In this guide we'll go over what to consider when purchasing cake pans, including a look at the top brands and some unique cake pans you may not even know existed! To get started, you can find a long list of the best-selling cake pans here.

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Best Nonstick Cake Pans

If nonstick bakeware works for you, a highly recommended choice is Cuisinart Chef's Classic Nonstick Bakeware 9-Inch Round Cake Pan which sells for about $9.95 on Amazon -- 9" cake pans are pretty much the standard. In addition to being recommended on Amazon by reviewers, this was also one of the most highly recommended cake pans on Cooking.com. The nonstick coating is inside as well as outside the pan. Cuisinart also offers heavy-gauge aluminized steel construction. Like many aluminum cake pans, you can also put this pan in the dishwasher. As far as reviewer comments go, people mention that they love this ban and how evenly the baking turns out. This cake pan is even good enough for professional bakers. One reviewer chimed in from a professional bakery to voice her opinion that she highly recommends the Cuisinart cake pan. The Cuisinart Chef's Classic Cake Pan measures 10.1 x 9.6 x 2.2 inches and weighs 1.2 pounds. Bakers Secret also makes cake pans that you can find for slightly less expensive prices than the Cuisinart. For example, the Baker's Secret Basics Nonstick 8-Inch Round Cake Pan is only about $5. The Baker's Secret Cake Pan is made of 2-ply steel and is fortified with electro-tin plating for resistance to rust. This particular pan measures 9.2 x 8.2 x 0.5 inches and weighs 1.4 pounds. Baker's Secret offers a five-year limited warranty. Reviewers really like this pan, especially for the money. However, a few reviewers advise to hand wash these pans if you don't want the nonstick coating to chip. If you want the 9-inch Baker's Secret pan, instead of the 8-inch, the price goes up to $7.50. I've got a kitchen filled with Cuisinart products, and although they are best known for appliances, their cookware is also outstanding, and my first choice (and at $10, it's not exactly a huge expenditure!).

Aluminum Cake Pans

Chicago Metallic is another popular company that makes cake pans. They even make cake pan sets. For example, Chicago Metallic Gourmetware Nonstick Checkerboard Cake Pan Set sells for $13. This pan is 9.2 x 9.2 x 1.2 inches and weighs about 1 pound. These pans, like most aluminum pans, are non-stick for easy release and dishwasher safe as well. The Checkerboard cake pan set includes a plastic batter divider so that you can use different kinds of batter to create a checkerboard cake. Though most reviewers loved these cake pans, a few people commented their pans were dented. Another line of cake pan that is highly recommended is the Fat Daddio's. Fat Daddio's Anodized Aluminum Round Cake Pans are $10. This cake pan measures 6" x 2" and is dishwasher safe. One of the reasons that so many bakers like Fat Daddios is that these are fairly heavyweight anodized aluminum pans. They tend to not rust as easily as some of the other non-stick cake pans.

As for something unique, how about an "edge-only" brownie pan? Some people love the firm crust of an edge brownie -- for about $35 you can pick up a brownie pan with dividers so that all pieces are edge pieces. Made by Baker's Edge, it is made of aluminum with a non-stick coating.

Glass Cake Pan Options

Additional Recommended Cake Pans
We also looked at reviews on Cooking.com and one of the most popular cake pans was The Rachael Ray Nonstick Square Cake Pan. People loved the versatility of these pans. In fact, you can make casseroles or cakes. The Rachael Ray cake pan sells for $15 and is oven safe to 500 degrees. The pan measures 9 by 9 inches and is dishwasher safe. In addition to the functionality, these cake pans have extra wide handles and attractive orange silicone grips. When you buy Rachael Ray pans portions of the proceeds are donated to Rachael Ray's charity, which is entertainingly enough named "Yum-o!".

Now don't forget that you can also opt for a glass cake pan. Cakes can be cooked in a similar fashion in glass, but typically you need to lower the baking temperature by 25 degrees. Also note that when you take a glass baking dish out of the oven, it retains its temperature longer. This means that often items continue to retain heat and cook even after you have removed them from the oven. Many chefs love glass, because you don't have to worry about non-stick coatings, which are potentially unnatural for the food. So what glass cake pan should you choose? When it comes to glass cake pans, Pyrex consistently gets high marks on Amazon as well as Viewpoints.com. Reviewers say that pyrex cake pans are durable and reliable. Additionally, people point out that as long as you don't heat them at temperatures that are too high, they wont break easily. An additional plus to a glass cake pan, is that you don't have to grease the pan as much as you often do with aluminum. An example of a good glass cake pans is the Pyrex Bakeware 8-Inch Square Cake Pan which sells for only about $9 (all Pyrex products here).