Updated: November 2017

Can Opener Reviews:

Can openers are not rocket science, but many of them are hard to use and don't always cut off the top of cans perfectly leaving you exposed to sharp edges and the possibility of cutting yourself. Many of us grew up using both manual, hand held can openers and electric can openers. I used to ask my mom if I could be the one to open up cans because it was fun. The old electric can openers used to have a magnet that would simply attach to the top of the metal cans and once you lined up the can into the cutting area you held down on the top lever to cut around the can. It was simple and easy to use and I don't recall every getting cut or hurt, even as a kid. Even in todays modern age of technology and new gadgets, many people still use manual can openers because electric can openers haven't evolved very far.

Buying Guide - Some of the best can openers are the under the counter, or under the cabinet, can openers. Many consumer review sites we visited said they take up too much space and aren't necessary unless you open a lot of cans each day. We have to agree with that statement and usually point buyers in the direction of electric can openers that simply plug into the wall or manual can openers that have become easier to use over the last few years. More often than not, you are only going to use your can opener for a minute a day so why have something that is built into your kitchen. The top brands for can openers are West Bend, Black & Decker, OXO, Sharper Image, Hamilton Beach, Krups, Rosle, KitchenAid, Cuisinart, Sunbeam, Kuhn Rikon. Some of the newer battery powered can openers like the Black & Decker Gizmo and the One Touch Can Opener are marketed towards those with arthritis or carpal tunnel as a "hands free" electric can opener. The reviews we read online for both of those can openers were mixed at best with too many on the bad side of things. Owners said the Gizmo can opener didn't work on all can types and was hard getting positioned correctly while some users of the One Touch can opener say it doesn't work as shown on the TV infomercial. We tried to find the best can openers per consumer reviews online and in magazines. The top rated can openers are listed below with prices, descriptions and pros/cons. Most are available online at stores like Target or Amazon. See the most popular can openers online here.

Best Can Opener:

The Swing Away Wall Can Opener ($13) is an inexpensive opener that is gear driven. It works on cans of any size and many of the owners of electric can openers say they also own a Swing Away just in case a can won't fit in their electric units. The Swing Away can opener is not only powerful but it operates smooth with a hardened steel cutter. It mounts easily on your wall with a simple bracket and screw and locks into 3 positions. Some of the electric models won't open up dented cans, but the Swing Away does. Although it's not the most elegant looking opener on the market, owners say it works better than models that are twice as much.

Hand Can Opener:

The Oxo SteeL Can Opener ($18) is the top rated non-electric can opener on the market. The one big complaint against any can opener was that the edges were sharp once the lid was cut out and that was dangerous. The OXO features a brushed stainless steel handle with flexible rubber fins for comfort. The large knob on the can opener is easy to twist so cans open efficiently. Owners like that the Oxo is dishwasher safe and many say that is performs better than the electric can openers on the market. I must admit that I recently dumped my electric opener for this model and it has performed admirably. You can view the entire listing of manual can openers on Amazon.com here.

Best Electric Can Opener:

Looking for an easy way to open up cans without doing the work yourself, then go with the West Bend 77203 Electric Can Opener ($26). The West Bend can opener is a 70-watt countertop can opener that is slim and quite tall. Owners say they like the added features of having a knife sharpener and bottle opener on the back of the unit. The opener has an automatic shutoff, a dishwasher safe detachable chrome cutting accessory, and a cord storage in the base. Consumers described the West Bend can opener as convenient and easy to use and say it's safe. The one drawing card to this can opener is that it can handle extra tall cans. The Hamilton Beach 76600 Smooth Edge Can Opener ($20) is a close second for electric can openers as owners say the Hamilton Beach unit works effortlessly although it does take a little practice on positioning the cans properly. See all the top rated electric can openers here.