Updated: November 2017

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Cantilever Umbrella Reviews:

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Perhaps you've seen them around your friends pool or in your neighbors yard. They are the latest kinds of outdoor umbrellas - they are called cantilever umbrellas. Unlike a traditional patio umbrella that has the base at the center and goes straight up, a cantilever outdoor umbrella features an offset base so that the umbrella essentially overhangs to the side giving you more room to sit and enjoy the shade.

Offset umbrellas are perfect for backyards, pool areas, lawns, ... you name it. If your patio gets too much sun at the heat of the day, then adding a cantilevered umbrella will provide the shade and space so you can relax. I helped my brother set his up last weekend and I must say it was much sturdier and durable than the regular garden umbrella I have at my house. You will find these umbrellas in stores like Home Depot, Target, Walmart and Sears under all sorts of names - just go to their outdoor umbrella section and you will them.

The video below shows the basic features of the Portofino Resort umbrella so you know what to expect:

Choosing an offset umbrella for your yard:

Umbrellas make the perfect compliment to any yard on a hot day, allowing you to sit in the shade and enjoy the warm weather without being directly in the sunshine. You will need to consider things like size, shape, base, material, frame design, color, and price. Here are some things to consider before buying:

*Base/Stand - most important feature since you don't want the umbrella to tip over. The base needs to be heavy - minimum of 30 pounds with some going up to 100+lbs.
*Shape - umbrellas are available in all shapes - oval, rectangular, square, octagonal, hexagonal, etc.
*Height - The majority of offset umbrellas will be between 9 and 11 feet tall. You can find some 8 footers and a few are even up to 15 feet high.
*Material - We found several reviews for the Sunbrella fabric which features fade resistant fibers that also offer UV ray protection. This material is perfect for an umbrella that might go over a toddlers sandbox. Other material choices include polyester, olefin, and solution dyed.

You can browse the best selling cantilever umbrellas here. Read reviews posted by actual owners, see photos, and learn about what each product features.

best cantilever umbrella

Best Cantilever Umbrella:

Without a doubt the best selling cantilever umbrella is the Coolaroo. That doesn't always equate to the best reviews though. We found the Coolaroo offset umbrellas had some less than stellar comments posted in recent months so we are focusing our attention to the Abba Patio 11 Ft Aluminum Offset Cantilever Umbrella. At $350+ this umbrella is reasonably priced with features like Olefin fabric(both sun-proof and fade resistant), 4-position vertical tilt, aluminum center pole, and up to 95 square feet of shade.

You will need to find concrete blocks or a solid base to hold this umbrella down. This could add up as the manufacturer recommends up to 120 lbs of blocks in windy areas. Beyond the base issue, most owners are happy with the cantilevered umbrella. View all top rated cantilever umbrellas here.

If you wanted to go all out, the Portofino Signature Resort Umbrella is just like what you find at resorts with Sunbrella fabric canopy and a swivel base. At nearly $1000, it's top notch and you can Check it out here. We have provided a video showing the Portofino above.

To check out how to use a cantilever umbrella - click the image below to go to video.

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Offset Umbrella for Patio:

We like the offset umbrellas found near pools and patios. They allow for tables, loung chairs, etc. to be placed underneath them without the hassle of having to fit the pole into a base which often gets in the way.

An offset patio umbrella solves all that and yet still gives you all the shade you need. Some cost upwards of $1000, but you should be able to find a reasonable garden cantilever umbrella for under $300. Blue Wave and Oakland Living make nice selections for pools areas (they are expensive though).

The 10 Foot Brown Cantilever Offset Umbrella is a nice choice at less than $200. The diameter of the umbrella is 10 feet and the height is about 9 foot. The sand base holds up to 135 pounds of sand - more than enough to keep this umbrella steady and in place. Goes great on patios, decks, pool areas, and even your lawn. See all offset umbrellas here.

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Cantilever Umbrella With LED Lights:

What's better than sitting outdoors when the weather is perfect during the Spring and Summer? Sitting outside during the evening when the temperature cools off a bit but it's still very mild. Umbrella manufacturers are starting to design their umbrellas with LED lights so you can enjoy your patio area even at night. The 11 foot Round Solar Cantilever Umbrella is offered in a dark brown chocolate color and looks great anywhere. We've seen these on decks, patios, and near pools.

The umbrella includes the base and 24 LED lights. The solar powered lights will set the mood just right for dinners under the stars or just relaxing with a glass of wine while the kids play. The weather-resistant olefin fabric is ideal for those even in rainy climates and the vented canopy allows for a breeze without worrying that the umbrella will topple over. The cantilever umbrella is 11 foot round providing nearly 100 square feet of shade when needed. You get a 360 degree rotation, smooth crank, and adjustable tilt. Put the umbrella over your patio furniture and relax in the shade.

More videos and resources are here on our Cantilever Umbrella Resource Page.

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