Updated: November 2017

Card Tables Reviews:

According to completely nonscientific studies and dubious experts, card tables save families and keep relationships strong. How? Say you have a partner who loves to go out, but you love to stay in. Compromise by having friends over to your "casino in the living room." Say you have children who want to go out, spend money, waste gas, and stay out too late. Why not have a family game night? Another relationship saved thanks to the good old family card table. Whether you want to keep your family strong or just have a fun night-in with the boys (or girls), card tables help set the right atmosphere and make your games authentic, exciting, and memorable. You'll always find the time to play just one more hand. That's an awful big load to put on a table - so make sure you choose right! This guide will show you how.

Why Use a Card Table? - Poker and Monopoly at the kitchen table can be just as fun as games played on a card table, so why bother? Gaming at a card table just feels more exciting. Card tables have been around for centuries, as cards were an extremely popular form of entertainment for middle and upper class families as far back as the 17th Century. Besides providing a gaming surface, card tables are typically lightweight and fold for compact storage. These make great extra tables for parties or large family gatherings and for kids' tables, temporary desks, and craft tables. You can also consider more elaborate game tables or card table tops that feature trays for poker chips and drinks, as well as other amenities. The first step is to think about the type of usability that you want. What to Look for in a Card Table - Most of the card tables you will see are folding and made of a lightweight metal. There are wooden options, as well as full gaming tables, but the folding options provide great affordability and versatility.

*Sturdy build. Folding card tables aren't known for their phenomenal strength. They will handle some dishes and drinks, as well as your card or game supplies, but that's about it. Wooden tables will be sturdier - and more expensive.

*Size. Many card tables are small 3- to 4-foot square models, but you can find tables that are much larger. Small equals better portability and storage, but large obviously accommodates more people.

*Look for chairs that are comfortable and that will hold adults. Many stress weight for about 200 pounds, so if you need a higher weight rate, make sure to look for it.

*Easy to use. Is it easy to take out and pop up? Is it just as easy to fold it up and put it away? Do the chairs fold up as well? Can you use your kitchen chairs or bar stools with the table instead of buying chairs?

*Price. You can pay $20 for a cheap card table at a discount store, or you could pay hundreds for a wooden beauty with all the accoutrements you need for a game of Texas Hold ‘Em. Keep your price point in mind. No matter what your budget, though, you should be able to find a variety of suitable choices.

*Features. A flat surface is the least expensive option, but it grows from there. Do you want a padded top? Vinyl? Do you want a card table top with poker chip holders and other "extras"? These will drive up the price, but you may find them well worth the extra money.

Card Table Reviews - Want to read up on what others have to say about card tables? We found dozens of online reviews posted to Target.com, Walmart, and Amazon.com. Get informative feedback on which brands and models hold up the best. We have always liked the Lifetime brand when it comes to folding/portable tables. The Lifetime 22315 is a top seller on several websites and reviews back up the companies claims for strength and durability. You can use it both indoors or outdoor and it's stain resistant and easy to clean. You can browse the best selling card tables here.

Best Card Tables:

At one end of the spectrum, we have the beautiful Warrington Game Table from Hillsdale Furniture. This solid wood table features a flip top with a clean dining surface on one side and a game surface on the other. The game surface includes refreshment trays. You can also take the top off completely and play on the built-in chess/checkers board. It has a gorgeous cherry finish and measures 31 inches high with a 52-inch diameter. This is certainly a classy addition to game night. And at about $750 - without chairs - it is an expensive one. The upside is that it will last for years and can double as a dining table for a small home. The matching Warrington Caster Game Chairs are $250 each, but your kitchen chairs or even padded folding chairs will work just fine. On to the opposite end of the spectrum: the Meco/Samsonite 84-09S831 Samsonite Square Folding Table. The Samsonite is a 34x34 inch card table with EZ action legs that lock, sturdy construction, and easy operation. It is a basic table but it works! It is perfect for games, and you can fold it up for storage or to transport. These are the tables you pull out for the kids or extra guests on holidays or take out when you want to have an off-the-ground picnic outside. While far, far lighter than the 125-pound Warrington, the Samsonite does have the advantage of versatility and freedom. And it costs just over $32, making it a budget-friendly solution. Regular chairs will work for this table, as will standard folding chairs. You can find a wide variety of choices that fall somewhere in the middle of these two tables both in terms of features and price. Another option to consider is card table tops. These come in a variety of styles and are designed to fit over your card table or a regular table. Let's take a look at the 3-in-1 Texas Hold 'Em Table Top. This feature surfaces for Craps, Texas Hold 'Em, and BlackJack, and is made of high quality EVA material with casino-style felt. It has built-in chip and beverage holders. Fold it up, put it in included carrying bag, and take the fun with you. Open, the 3-in-1 top measures 63x31.5x.0.78 inches, providing plenty of room for up to 8 players. The 3-in-1 top is $37 and is very popular with consumers. You can find other card table tops here. Card tables are a versatile, welcome addition to your home. Whether for BlackJack, Texas Hold 'Em, or a big family meal, you'll find that your card table makes itself immediately useful.