Updated: November 2017

Cast Aluminum Outdoor Furniture Reviews:

Are you looking to buy new patio furniture. Want something that looks great and will last? I've owned a wrought iron outdoor furniture set for about 10 years (actually it was given to me by my parents). The design and style of it are spectacular, but living in the Pacific Northwest (Portland, Oregon) the weather and elements have really taken their toll on the table and chairs. It was starting to rust pretty badly so I had it sand blasted and powder coated but ended up selling it. My research led me to cast aluminum, since I knew that wood would not survive the harsh winters and excessive rain that we get here. I went to my local patio furniture store and talked with the salesguy to figure out what was best suited for our environment and space allotment (my yard is not that big). I was looking for a dining set with chairs and a table that would fit in my patio area or on the deck.
cast aluminum outdoor furniture

Choosing Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture - What sets this type of outdoor furniture apart from the rest. First, consider that the cast aluminum furniture for your backyard is very durable. It's resistant to rust and corrosion which is why I preferred it over wood or wrought iron. If you live in an area with lots of rain or harsh elements, then consider cast aluminum. Compared to my wrought iron set, the cast aluminum is lightweight which makes it easy to move around. I like to go where the sun is in my yard so I move it from the deck to the patio without a problem. Another feature that I like is that the high quality finish on the cast aluminum makes it resemble the older wrought iron table and chairs I owned. Again, wrought iron can rust and corrode while the cast aluminum won't. The shapes and designs that cast aluminum furniture manufacturers are coming up with are beautiful and well designed for backyard use. Pillows make a nice touch to any chair, loveseat, chaise lounge, dining arm chair, etc. The Sunbrella fabric on pillows are mildew resistant, water repellent and will air dry rather fast. Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture Reviews - There is no better website out there than Amazon.com which provides owner feedback and comments on many of their product offerings. Read what actual owners have to say about their cast aluminum furniture and hear about pros and cons to each set. You can browse the best selling cast aluminum outdoor furniture here. Top brands include Strathwood, Frontgate, DC America, Darlee, Ewins, Anderson Collections, Grandin Road, and Meadow Decor.

Best Cast Aluminum Outdoor Furniture:

The one name that consistent shows up when you are searching for outdoor furniture made from cast aluminum is Strathwood. Their St. Thomas collection is very popular and their pricing is extremely competitive. They offer deep seating arm chairs, side tables, swivel dining chairs, loveseats, chaise lounge chairs and dining tables that have an umbrella hole in the middle. We suggest that you browse the Strathwood cast aluminum patio furniture here and find something that will fit into your backyard dreams. Another excellent choice are the Anderson Collection table dining sets which come in rectangular or round shapes and quality cast aluminum patio furniture designs. Get a 7 piece set or stick with a more traditional 5 piece table set. Buy swivel rocking chairs or get the patio armchair variety.

Cast Aluminum Garden Chairs:

Want comfortable outdoor patio chairs that will hold up in all weather conditions? Check out the top rated Strathwood St. Thomas Cast Aluminum Deep Seating Motion Chair with Cushion, Set of 2. They are durable, lightweight and made with cast aluminum featuring a scrolling vine design. The finish has silver flecks and bronze highlights. The beige cushion has velcro ties so it stays secure to the chair. The synthetic tweed cushions hold up well in all weather and the chairs have a 250 pound capacity. These chairs are perfect for laying around the pool, hanging out at patio parties, or just relaxing in the sun on your deck. Strathwood offers up all kinds of outdoor chairs, sofas, ottomans, tables, etc. Check out the most popular cast aluminum chairs for your patio.

Cast Aluminum Rectangular Patio Table:

We've all seen the Frontgate magazine - those high end products for households. Find unique items that are perfect for outdoor and indoor entertaining and relaxing. The Frontgate patio furniture features rectangular cast aluminum dining tables. Many of the tables are priced between $800 and $2000 but the style and design are very fashionable and will add immensely to your backyard setup.