Updated: November 2017

Caulking Gun Reviews:

If you are a homeowner or DIY-er, then you need a caulking gun in your tool box. You probably have duct tape, which is a versatile, handy tool to have for a variety of projects; caulking is duct tape's equally useful brother. It can be used for everything from weatherizing your home to re-caulking your shower or tub tiles. Caulk is used to seal joints and seams and close gaps to prevent water, air, dust, or bugs from getting into a structure. If you never used it, you'll be surprised at how many applications there are for caulk. How did you get by without it? Caulking guns are a necessity for a variety of home projects. How much are they? What should you look for? Which brands are the best? Get ready to learn all you ever wanted to know about caulking guns.
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What Can You Use a Caulking Gun For? - Do you have loose tiles in your shower? Is the caulking in there mildewed or moldy? Out with the old, and in with the new. A caulking gun and the right caulk will make short work of securing your tub and making sure moisture doesn't get in between the tiles and the wall. Do you have a draft in the basement or a damaged pipe or faucet? Caulking may just be your quick, easy solution. Caulking is a waterproof filler and sealer, and experts say that any work you do with caulking and weatherstripping will pay for itself within one year. It can help keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. It comes in slim tubes which are extremely difficult to apply manually - one plumber tells of a homeowner who had caulked her entire bathtub without the aid of a gun! No wonder the job was clumpy and messy! Caulk guns have a pistol-like shape; you load the caulking cartridge into the open end, and when you are ready to use, you squeeze the "trigger" and apply. It is very similar to a hot glue gun, if you are familiar with those.

How to Buy a Caulking Gun - Caulking and caulking guns are some of the most affordable home maintenance and improvement tools you can own, and they are among the most indispensible. You can choose a cheap model that costs less than $5, or you can spend twice as much and get much better quality. How do you choose the right tool for the job? First, quality. A cheap model might do just fine if you need it once to seal up a leak in the basement. But, if you are like most homeowners, you never have only one leak! There is always something to fix or improve, from battening down your home for the winter to redoing tile work. It is probably a more sound idea to spend a bit more - and these are still among the least expensive tools you'll find - and get better quality. This way, the guns will not clog, and your work will go much more smoothly. Look for guns that are open in the middle and have a push plate and two steel rods above and below, which are called "skeleton" caulking guns. These are very easy to use and clean. There will be two bars that run up the barrel. Make sure that these are relatively thick and stiff. Some experts recommend that these bars measure at least 1/16 inch thick. Those that are less thick will be more flimsy and less durable. Look for a quick release trigger and avoid models that have a "ratchet-style," which are not as strong or user-friendly. The ratchet styles will be a bit cheaper, but the extra $3 or $4 is well spent when you choose the cleaner, easier, skeleton style with quick release trigger. With your purchase of a quick release trigger comes the guarantee of far less swearing. Caulking guns are relatively simple contraptions, and there are not a lot of bells and whistles. You can find features, though, like a swing-out piece of steel to puncture the seal in a cardboard tube of caulking or a cutter designed to snip off the end of the tube of caulking. Because they are powered by you, they do not require any power source or have any complicated, technical components. You can get electric models, but for most people, hand-powered will work beautifully - they also tend to be more precise. You will find caulk guns in stores like Home Depot, Lowe's and Sears. You can browse the best selling caulking guns online here.

Best Caulking Guns:

The Dripless Inc. ETS2000 Ergo Composite Caulk Gun is a favorite with homeowners and DIYers from Amazon, Sears, CaulkReviews, and other sites. The Dripless is an all-purpose caulking gun that you can use for an endless variety of applications. It weighs about 40 percent less than comparable models, which can help make your jobs less strenuous. The ergonomic handle allows for greater comfort and reduced stress in the arms and hands. Other features include a rotating barrel, precision cutter with viewing port, and an extra-long clean out rod. As one reviewer notes, it is well worth the extra money you'll spend on the Dripless because you will have a much better caulking experience. This is a must if you do a lot of caulking in and around your home. You can find the Dripless for $15. Newborn Brothers is another top name in the industry, and their caulking guns typically review very well with consumers. Let's take a look at their 250 1/10-Gallon Super Smooth Rod Caulk Gun. This is a step up in terms of capacity from the Dripless and is well-suited for pros and serious do-it-yourselfers. This pro-grade caulk gun features an 18:1 thrusting ratio, which means that it can handle heavy viscosity caulking. The New Brothers gun has a revolving barrel, durable zinc alloy handle, thumb release, all steel construction, and a ladder hook. This is a convenient addition to your tool box, and it will be a long-lasting one as well. You'll pay a bit more at $20, but this caulk gun will last for years and get you through many tough projects. See all Newborn Brothers caulk guns here. If you are looking for a more basic device, try the COX 21001 Wexford II 10.3-Ounce Cartridge Manual Skeleton Fiberglass Caulk Gun. This nylon gun is reinforced with fiberglass for a durable build. It features a mechanical advantage of 7:1, not as high as the Newborns Brother model above, but decent for home applications, retractable seal puncturing device, ladder hook, non-drip feature, and one year warranty. It is an excellent buy, and inexpensive enough to just get and have in the tool box just in case. You can find it for $11.60. Top rated Cox caulking guns here. Look at the wide selection of caulking guns on Amazon. Whether you want one to seal up the occasional crack or you plan on doing extensive energy-saving work on your home, you will find these tools to be as handy as duct tape!