Updated: November 2017

Chaise Lounge Chair Review

Finding the right chaise lounge chair for your deck, patio, or home
People who work hard deserve to relax in luxury, no matter what their budget. Chaise lounge chairs have long been a poolside favorite, but they are actually a very versatile and comfortable style that can fit in anywhere, whether in or outdoors. Why have these chairs been extraordinarily popular for years? They are both deliciously comfortable and attractively simple. Chaise lounges come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and textures, making them ideal for any number of decors. Most of all, though, it's the sense of simple luxury that accompanies them. Chaise lounges are perfect hybrids of couches and chairs - you can sit up, recline, or lie flat. They began as upholstered couches in the shape of a chair - so it's either a couch with a chair back or a chair with a couch on the bottom. Either way, they have been a design staple for centuries. And while they began as indoor lounging chairs, they have moved outside. Today, the most popular forms are outdoor chaise lounge chairs, a ubiquitous site at pool sides everywhere, but they still cut an elegant, refined figure inside. Which is right for you, your comfort, and your budget? We'll take a look at some of the best-selling indoor and outdoor chaise lounges in this guide.

Going Indoors: Chaise Lounges for Your Home

Typically, indoor chaise lounges are very comfortable and are upholstered with a soft fabric - think of them as a one-person couch. The Comfortable Light Beige Microfiber Chaise Lounger is a nice example. It is covered in a beautiful light beige and cappuccino, making it a perfect fit for virtually any decor. It is covered with a soft, comfortable microfiber, and offers a very comfortable seat for lounging, measuring 59 inches long, 33 inches wide, and 33 inches high. Cozy up and take a little snooze. Fine chaise chairs for the home are somewhat expensive, but certainly on par with other stuffed chairs. This T&D Import chaise lists for $740, but you can find it on Amazon for only $414. Styles like this are easily accessorized and eminently comfortable. You can see additional popular indoor lounge chairs here, with prices ranging from $250-$1000. ChaiseLounges.com offers many beautifully upholstered indoor chaises as well, worth a look to see what's out there.

You can also find indoor chaise lounges that will accommodate sophisticated, modern, country, traditional, or edgy decors. The Jet Convertible Chaise Lounge, for instance, is a three-position convertible chaise that can be converted from a chair to recliner to flat in no time. It doesn't have arms and features a slim, striking silhouette. It is covered in a very soft microfiber upholstery and is available in a variety of colors, including black and brown shades. It will be perfectly at home in most decors, including modern and contemporary ones. It costs about $170, a great price for such a versatile piece.

Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chairs - Patio and Pool Lounge Chairs

One of the most popular manufacturer of chaise lounges is Strathwood. Using a variety of materials, they add style to any backyard with their classic chairs. One of the top rated models, and certainly among the most striking, is their Strathwood Hardwood Chaise Lounge (a pretty good deal on all wood construction at $99). This beautiful chaise is made of Kapur wood. This is a hardwood that is durable. When it weathers, it turns a lovely warm gray and is just as strong and stable. You can also maintain the color by using teak oil. The chair has mortise and tenon construction and rust-resistant hardware. It has wheels on the back for easy transport. The wood and design make it very comfortable, but Strathwood also has a variety of chaise lounge cushions to compliment your chaise. If you're looking for something a little fancier and are willing to splurge on a wicker chaise, definitely look into the Strathwood Camano All-Weather model -- not cheap at about $350, but the "wicker" here is actually polyethylene resin which is what makes it weatherproof.

Wood is a good, durable choice, but you can also get outdoor chaise lounge chairs in cast aluminum, wicker, iron, and fabric. One of the most popular, and budget-friendly, choices is the Ostrich Beach Chaise. These are perfect for your yard or when you head off to the beach. It is made of a high quality polyester and anodized steel and can hold up to 250 pounds. It weighs only 9.5 pounds, making it easily portable. The Ostrich is designed for easy access, with extra seat height and different reclining angles. The best feature? You can read and tan evenly! There is an open, padded face cavity and arm slots so you can flip over and lie on your stomach. At just under $50, this is a great deal. You can browse dozens of the top-selling chaise lounge chairs here.

More Outdoor Lounge Chairs

Another favorite is the Caravan Canopy Oversize Zero Gravity Chair. It stretches out to 6 feet when fully extended and is about 30 inches wide. It can hold up to 300 pounds and comes with adjustable head rests. These Phat Tommys are made from durable mesh materials that are resistant to sun and UV damage. The chair, which is supported by a replaceable elastic cord, adjusts to fit your body, creating the most comfortable seat possible. These are perfect for the pool, yard, or beach because they are lightweight, rust-resistant, dry easily, and are easily maintained. Plus, they're just comfy. Maybe we can't really experience zero gravity here on Earth, but these chairs are the next best thing. They go for less than $90.

Looking for something a little different? If you want the chaise to end all chaise lounges, the Lotus Chaise Lounge is ideal. This is a great lounge for two and can hold up to 550 pounds. It has a round resin wicker base that is resistant to the elements and maintenance free. The aluminum frame is stable, sturdy, and resistant to rust. Now, the good part. The cushion. It is covered in a natural outdoor fabric and comes with 4 toss pillows. It is a great chaise that is a bit different and perfect for creating a luxurious reading spot, summer napping getaway, or intimate spot for two. It has a price tag of just under $2000, which makes it a bit pricey but still worth considering if you entertain in the summer a great deal. You don't have to spend $2000, or even $200. You can find great indoor and outdoor chaise lounges to fit your budget - Amazon actually carries more than 50 different styles and makes. And don't forget accessories like covers and cushions to make sure you are as comfortable as possible and that your chairs last through years of use. Other than that, mix yourself a drink and relax.