Updated: November 2017

Champagne Glassware Reviews:

What do you think of when you think of champagne? Most of us think of special occasions, weddings, and anniversaries. We think of toasts and New Year's Eve and of the finer things in life. All of this deserves the best champagne glasses. Whether you are toasting your new partner, your new baby, or your new job, you need to do it in style. Do great champagne glasses make the bubbly taste any better? You could drink out of plastic glasses, and in some cases, this is fine. But to make special occasions even more special, the details matter. "Wine for Dummies" author Ed McCarthy thinks the glass definitely makes the champagne; it can increase your enjoyment and enhance the qualities of the wine. So, yes, it does taste better when you're drinking from elegant glasses, and they help make sweeter memories. What should you look for in champagne glasses? We'll answer all your questions here.
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The Classic Champagne Glass - Champagne glasses have a distinct shape, and that is not arbitrary or accidental. The thin stem holds a very narrow flute, or bowl. In traditional champagne glasses, the flute is very streamlined and thin in order to reduce the surface area at the opening of the flute. They are also very smooth in texture. All of this keeps the bubbly well, bubbly. And for your champagne-guzzling friends, you can carry more glasses on a tray. This is actually quite helpful because champagne is served at so many special and high-end functions. You can drink champagne from wine glasses - hey, you can even drink it from the bottle if you want. But drinking from a regular wine glass allows the carbonation to dissipate far more rapidly. To really savor the drink, a narrow flute is needed. The stem allows you to hold your drink without warming it. Champagne flutes are used, of course, for champagne but also for sparkling wines and even various beers. Some beer, such as Belgian lambic and gueuze varieties, are made from wild yeast and flavored with fruit. The carbonation and tartness is similar to sparkling wine. So feel free to drink your high-end beer from your champagne glasses as well. Champagne glassware reviews - We found dozens of owner opinions and comments listed on Amazon.com. They carry all the leading brands like Lenox, Vera Wang, Wedgwood, Libbey, Waterford, and Riedel. You can browse the best selling champagne glasses online here.

Best Champagne Glasses:

According to Louis Carbonnier, director of Champagne Wines Information Bureau, says that champagne will survive even a jelly jar, but a good glass enhances the drink, shows off its color and sparkle. There are three different glasses that you can use for champagne (well, there are probably more, but there are three good ones): slim flutes, tall tulip glasses, and trumpet-shaped glasses. Louis Carbonnier tested 18 glasses, and his pick for the very best was the Baccarat Champagne Flute. This is perfectly balanced, flawless, and smooth. Crystal is also more durable and refractive than glass - meaning your champagne will look even more sparkly. A mere $480 for 6 Baccarat glasses. They are the best of the best, though pricy. But if you have a more modest budget, don't worry. There are some great glasses to be found as well. Surprisingly, close in line for one of the best champagne glasses to the Baccarats on Director Carbonnier's list were Riedel Ouverture champagne glasses. These are made from lead-free crystal, and the narrow flute is tapered for optimum champagne conditions. A slim stem completes the elegant package. The Baccarats may be once-a-year glasses that you save in a shelf; the Riedel Ouverture glasses are great for real use. You can use them at parties and for everyday celebrations. They are also more accessible at $20 for a set of 2. A great price, and they enhance your champagne experience. The two glasses mentioned above are flutes. Another style that works well for champagne is tulip glasses. These are tall and curve in at the top, reducing the surface area so the bubbles are preserved longer. They are very elegant and offer a different line than traditional flutes, while preserving the taste and quality of the champagne. A good one to try is the Riedel Vitis Champagne Glass. Riedel is one of the foremost names in this industry, and these glasses are of very good quality. The Vitis is a very tall glass with a tulip-shape, or diamond-like, bowl. They are machine made, with full-lead crystal for extraordinary sparkle. The Vitis is made from one single piece of glass for ultimate smoothness. Bubbles are released evenly and the aroma is able to be thoroughly enjoyed. A set of 2 costs $70 (see Riedel champagne glasses here), making them perfect for special occasions, even if the special occasion is an ordinary day. The beautiful Riedel Vinum glasses are another great, affordable choice. A set costs $47. Trumpet-shaped flutes are another elegant choice. A top choice is the Tiffany Champagne Flute, which has a flared trumpet shape and is made of crystal. One costs $40. If this is too much, the Libbey Vina Trumpet Flute is a less expensive, though still high quality, alternative. This glass is tall, slim, and beautiful. A set of 6 can be found for $15. Incredible. Better still is that they are durable, dishwasher safe, and according to one happy Amazon review, "classic, clean, and unfettered." View the most popular champagne glassware here.

Should You Get Etched Glasses or Painted Glasses?:

Most champagne aficionados recommend that you get the smoothest, clearest glass possible. This is why lead-crystal is such a popular choice. But etched glasses can be a great memento of a special event, like a wedding or holiday. You can even get them engraved and personalized with names and dates or other meaningful etchings. If they increase your pleasure in the champagne, and whomever you're with, then by all means, choose etched glasses. Likewise with painted glasses. These are popular for weddings and the like. They are also great for more casual, informal (fun) parties. Lolita champagne glasses are a good choice if this is your goal. These are fun, colorful, and can exemplify works of art on your glass. They are perfect for parties and for gifts. And the great thing about Lolita glasses is that they celebrate more than just weddings and babies: take the Lolita Divorce Champagne glass, for instance. This $24 beauty is a treat for those celebrating something out of the ordinary. What about those plastic glasses for weddings? These are shaped like saucers. This used to be the fashionable champagne glass of choice, but this was earlier in the 20th Century when champagnes were very sweet. Today's dry varieties need a narrower flute so the bubbles can be enjoyed. Coupes, or saucers, cause the bubbles to dissipate very, very quickly. But they are definitely suitable for wedding toasts. You can find them in bulk for low prices (20 for about $12 - find them here), and because you're not supplying 200 of your friends and family with the finest champagne (unless you are, in which case, get some good glasses). A toast in these glasses is perfectly fine. Save your money for the honeymoon. Champagne is a fine drink that should be savored. The taste and appearance are truly enhanced by the quality of your glasses. You can pay Baccarat prices, or you can find great crystal/glass versions at Amazon for much lower prices. Look at the shape of the flute, the texture, and the price. You will not go wrong when you keep these in mind - as well as your personal preferences. If you're more of a Lolita than a Baccarat, go with it. Browse through the extensive selection of champagne glasses here and see what catches your eye.