Updated: November 2017

Cheese Knife Reviews:

The Importance of a Cheese Knife or Cheese Slicer - Most people know that a cheese knife or cheese slicer is used to slice cheese. With a cheese slicer you can finely cut cheeses for crackers, or sandwiches. There are a variety of types of cheese knives. One type is a curvy knife with a forked end, and the other is a knife with a hole in the middle. This hole can keep the cheese from sticking. You can tell the difference between a cheese knife and a regular knife by the type of handle and way the knife is made. A cheese knife typically looks a bit more fancy and is usually made from stainless steel. A cheese slicer, on the other hand, has a thin handle and a wire that does the cutting. You can browse the best selling cheese knives online here. Check out the cheese slicers here.
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The Best Cheese Slicer Board

- When we checked out posts at the Chowhound forum, most people stated that they preferred a wire to a cheese knife. Of course, they are referring to a cheese slicer. One very popular slicer board is the Fox Run Marble Cheese Slicer which sells for $12. For the price, it's hard to imagine beating this cheese slicer. It currently has over 30 positive reviews at Amazon. One major advantage to this board is that if the wire seems to be getting dull, you can simply replace it. In fact, the cheese slicer comes with two replacement wires. Reviewers mentioned that slicing cheese was a breeze and very fast. Another low-cost cheese slicer is the Prodyne BB-120 End Grain Beech wood Butcher Block Cheese Slicer that sells for $18. The Prodyne cheese slicer has a bright chrome slicing arm. It comes with a nice looking grain board made of beechwood. Reviewers mention that each slice of cheese turns out perfectly. They also liked that clean-up was easy. The wire has a lifetime warranty on breakage.

Cheese Knife Reviews - One of the most popular makers of knifes is Wusthof. We saw a variety of positive commendations for the Wusthof cheese knife including on Cooking.com. Customers mentioned that this cheese knife cuts extremely thin pieces of cheese. Also the cheese doesn't stick to the knife. The Wüsthof Gourmet 4 1/2-Inch Cheese Knife is $40. It looks very elegant and sophisticated and has a stamped laser-cut blade. It is also stain-resistant. Wusthof knives are made in "The Cutlery Capital of the World" which happens to be Solingen Germany. In fact, special German steel runs throughout the knife. One of the most popular cheese knives on Amazon is a knife simply called The Cheese Knife which sells for $14. Customers who have bought this product mention that this knife slices right through even the most sticky cheese. Even though this knife is plastic, it delivers major results. Aside from Amazon, cheese knives can be purchased at cooking supply store as well as retailers like Bed Bath and Beyond.

Cheese Knife and Board Set:

If you are looking for a cheese board set, the Pinzon Cheese Knives and Board Set for $35 is a good choice. This cheese set has a variety of knives including a 6-inch angled knife, a 3-inch parmsan cheese knife, a 6-inch slotted cheese knife and bamboo storage drawer. It also comes with a bamboo board. The knives are all stainless steel, stamped, and have double welded sharp edges. They are meant to slice a variety of cheeses. Customers remark that this is a great cheese knife and board set for entertaining. It also makes a great gift. Reviewers commented that the knives are lightweight yet sturdy. There is also a nice hidden drawer under the cutting board to hold the knives.