Updated: October 23, 2015

Christmas Tree Stand Reviews:

Christmas time can definitely put a strain on any relationship with all the shopping and expectations put on couples during the holiday season. Buying a christmas tree should be a fun, relaxing experience, but I have found just the opposite in our house. The tree I prefer is always too small and my wife likes the bigger trees that will fill our entry way in our house. We usually go with an 8-10 foot tree, lug it home and then have to prepare for the ceremonial tree standing. Although our Christmas tree stand is not ancient by any means, it can be a little troublesome to get the tree to stand straight the first time. We have an old fashioned stand with a bar that releases to allow the tree into the center spot and then the bar can be tightened using a metal piece that slowly fits around the base of the Christmas tree. Our water trough sits below the stand and the tree fits right into the water so there is always constant moisture for the tree to suck up.
christmas tree stand

Buying Guide - This year we decided to see what else is available for Christmas tree stands before the season is upon us. I was able to find some decent reviews online at About.com and the Wall Street Journal did a simple review that proved very helpful. Most of the tree stands that were reviewed are the circular types with screws that come in or out depending on the diameter of the base of the tree. You fit the tree into the center of these stands and tighten until the tree is hopefully straight and fully upright. In terms of convenience, these newer devices are better if you have smaller trees. My older style tree stand works great on larger based trees since it is so easy to expand or constrict. The modern types often don't expand beyond 6 inch diameter trees leaving you with a tree too big for the stand. One of the more inventive Christmas tree stands is the Christmas Tree Genie XXL from Krinner that has a foot-pedal mechanism for tightening the stand around the tree. No more having to get on the floor to do the dirty work. The heavier your tree, the more durable and stronger your stand will need to be in order to keep the tree standing tall and straight. Kids have a way of knocking into trees or pulling on the branches so having a secure tree stand is essential if children will be mulling around your house. Before you even get the tree off the lot, be sure to have one thing done to the tree - have all the branches taken off near the bottom of the tree. A few years ago I got back from the Christmas tree lot and went to put the tree into our stand and realized that we couldn't drop the tree down in far enough because of the lower branches and smaller limbs that were in the way. I always have the tree cleared of all branches, debris, knubs, etc at least 15 inches from the bottom of the tree itself. That way nothing will get in the way when you attempt to place the tree into the stand. Although several models are $100 or above, you can find a Christmas tree stand for around $50 that will make life much easier on you and eliminate any future arguing about why the tree is not sitting properly in the stand. It seems that men take this on the chin every year even if it's not their fault. You can view the list of best-selling Christmas tree stands here.

Best Christmas Tree Stand:

The top rated stand per several websites was the Bowling's Last Stand which is the most expensive of the bunch at $130 (plus shipping). The 30 pound stand was definitely durable and sturdy enough to handle larger trees which makes it great for those buying 10 foot trees. Their largest model can accomodate trees up to 16 inches in diameter (that's larger than a basketball!). The smallest model is about $65 and handles trees up to 6" in diameter. The steel stand is stable and owners with kids say they feel very secure this stand will keep the tree standing straight even with kids pulling on needles and ornaments. You will have to get down to floor level in order to adjust the tree into it's fixed position and then tighten the 4 screws.

Revolving Christmas Tree Stand:

HMS 111-2 23-1/4 ($95) is the top seller on Amazon and definitely worth a look if you own an artificial X-mas tree. The HMS revolving Christmas tree stand gets excellent reviews from over 90% of all that post feedback on it. Works with artificial trees up to 8 1/2 feet and it rotates 360 degrees. Owners say it operates smoothly and quietly, allowing you to decorate the tree without having to get in behind it. Just rotate tree towards you and put on the ornaments. Worried about tangled lights? The design lets the light receptacles rotate when the stand turns so the string lights don't tangle. Customer comments include things like "great rotating stand" and "best revolving tree stand on the market". Easy to setup and stable with fake trees.

Most Convenient Tree Stand:

The Krinner Christmas Tree Genie XXL ($79) was the easiest to setup with a fresh cut Christmas tree although it's not the most secure (that goes to Bowling's above). The genius behind this tree stand is the foot pedal on the side which lets you adjust the clamps to secure your tree in the stand. The stand is German made and great for tree 8-9 feet in height that have diameters no more than 7 ". The water to keep your tree moist is stored right in the stand.