Updated: November 2017

Closet Organizer Reviews:

Who doesn't have a messy closet? Most of us are too lazy to ever organize our bedroom closets so that there is a place for things. We just throw in clothes, shoes, sports equipment, boxes, etc and leave the mess for a rainy day. If you get a closet system or closet shelving, you will be able to organize your stuff once and be able to maintain it. The first step is always the hardest, but having a closet organizer will make a world of difference. First, take out all your clothing, shoes, ties, scarfs, etc from your closet and place it in your bedroom somewhere safe (preferable the bed). Then at least have closet shelves installed at the minimum and at best get a closet organizer from Rubbermaid or Closetmaid installed. A Rubbermaid closet will allow you to actually put things away in a clean and organized manner. They have shoe storage shelves, tie and belt organizer racks, shoe rod organizers, sliding pants organizers, shoe cubbies, shoe racks, garment racks, clothes hangers, and wardrobe organizers. They run about $100 and are fairly easy to install oneself (see below). You can browse the up-to-date list of best-selling closet organizers here.

Closetmaid is an excellent company that offers a plethora of closet organizers that should let you be up and running quite smoothly in a matter of hours. They sell wire shelving and hardware kits to get you started and they offer a complete "tips and assistance" area on their website for the installation process. Closetmaids will help eliminate clutter and keep shoes on racks, ties on rods, and clothes on hangers, all stored neatly and properly.

RECOMMENDED: Rubbermaid also makes a line of organizers for closets and garages. Their kits are generally easy to install and configure, and don't require any cutting. Once you install the brackets on the wall, you can easily mix and match a variety of shelves and hanging rods to accomodate clothing, shoes, storage boxes, etc. After installing their garage system, which almost tripled our storage space in the garage and utility room, we tried one of the closet systems as well after removing an older wooden shelving system. We have been pleased with both products -- they look good, don't cost an arm and leg, and are easily customizable and expandable to suit your needs.

If you want something that looks even nicer, consider a wood closet organizer, like the John Louis Home Standard Shelving System for 6-10 Closets (Red Mahogany) -- this set is made of solid wood, not just laminates. It does require cutting the wood to custom-fit your closet, but the end results look great and get positive feedback from customers. SolidWoodClosets.com is another one to consider if you want the custom wood look. Their products are made from 3/4" real wood. They are also modular (built around a vertical tower, they stand on the floor instead of hanging on the wall) so you can move and rearrange them if needed. They offer walk-in and reach-in closet solutions, with prices starting in the $500-$600 range. Check them out. Easyclosets.com is another excellent website for people wanting to buy and install closet organizers into their rooms. You can design your own custom closet organizer on their website, have it shipped and then install it yourself. Their sample pricing on a boys bedroom closet is about $1000. Of course there are other ways to get the same result for cheaper, but being able to install the organizer yourself will save $100's. I found that installing double decker rods for clothes made a huge difference in my closets, give it a try.

California Closets - Custom Closet Organizers:

If you live in a home and plan on staying, then we suggest getting custom closet organizers that match the house and room you are putting it in. Buying cheaper closet shelves and wardrobe organizers can often fix a problem, but when it comes time to sell your house it can look tacky if it wasn't done right. California Closets is a company that specializes in custom closet designs and does great installations. Depending on the size of the closet, they can cost $5000+, but usually you can get away with about half that. They do much more than put together some metal shelving and rods to create an organized look, they actually measure, design, and custom fit nice wood shelving and usable storage racks for clothes, shoes, ties, belts, hats, suits, etc. Their website is a great place to start so you can see pictures of what they look like. You can get walk-in closet organizers, reach-in cloest organizers, wardrobe closet organizers, child closet organizers, and any other room done that a closet in it. Closetfactory.com is another specialty store that designs and builds custom closet organizers for people.

How to organize your closet:

The hard part about getting a clean closet is the few hours it will take to remove everything from it. It sounds like a crazy idea, but that is the only way to truly get the scope of the project. Once you have removed all the contents of the closet, put them into bins (keep bin, throw away bin, sell and donate bins). The keep bin will be for clothes you have worn more than twice in the last year. The throw away bin is for items that are not complete worth keeping (stained clothing, ripped shirts, broken items). The donate bin will be for things you know you will never use again (mostly clothes that are too small or outdated). Sort the keep bin clothes into seasons (summer, winter, fall, spring). Now that most of your closet contents are either gone or in bins that make sense, you need to reintroduce them into your closet organizer in a manner that will keep it clean and neat moving forward. Shoes racks are an essential part of this process if you are a girl. Clothes hangers are a necessity as well and shelves will be full before you know it. Take a deep breath and get organized. Remember most home improvement stores like Lowes or Home Depot offer closet organizers.