Updated: November 2017

Coffee Roaster Reviews:

Why Roast Your Own Coffee? - Many of us just take for granted that coffee is deep brown, shiny, fragrant and ready to grind and brew. However, there is a roasting process that takes place before your coffee is ready to be brewed. When you roast coffee, you get green coffee beans, which are lacking in color, taste and smell. They are then roasted, and in the process, the color changes from yellow to brown and oils appear, making the beans look shiny. Many coffee drinkers love coffee so much that they insist on roasting the beans by themselves. Personally, I love coffee, but I always thought that I don't love coffee enough to roast it everyday. However, now that I realize that roasting your own coffee can take as little as 10 minutes a day, I am giving this a second thought. After all, when you roast coffee at home, you can control the freshness of the beans and the roasting process itself. If you truly consider yourself a coffee connoisseur, you may want to give coffee roasting a shot. You can browse the best selling coffee roasters online here.
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The Best Coffee Roaster for Small Volume - We looked at a few different sources to find the best coffee roaster for the home. Although technically, you can even roast coffee beans with a stove or popcorn popper, getting a dedicated coffee roaster is a great idea. About.com recommends a roaster called the Freshroast Plus 8. This is a great coffee roaster if you are only experimenting with coffee roasting, as it only roasts enough for a regular sized pot of coffee at one time. However, on the plus side, you can roast faster and in only about 10 minutes. There is also another model of coffee roaster at Freshroast called the Freshroast SR-300 that sells for about $100. The Freshroast SR-300 is intended to be an improved version of the Freshroast Plus 8. This model roasts enough beans for 20 cups of coffee in about 10 minutes. We saw a review of the Freshroast SR-300 on Sweet Maria's coffee site that complained that the fan doesn't move the coffee enough at the beginning of the roasting process. This can, of course, lead to scorched beans. You may want to consider stirring the beans for the first few minutes of the roasting process with this coffee roaster. Videos from Sweet Maria's coffee demonstrate some of the problems with these coffee roasters like scorching the coffee. However, the solution to the problem also seems fairly easy, so you may not want to let this small glitch deter you. However, keep in mind no problems were reported with the Fresh Roast Coffee Roaster SR 500, so if you don't mind roasting before brewing one pot of coffee, this one is currently the best option produced by Freshroast. RECOMMENDED - Check out the top rated coffee roasters online here.

Coffee Roasting Machines:

If you are interested in roasting a larger volume of coffee, About.com also recommends the Nesco CR-1010-PR Pro 800-watt coffee-bean roaster. It has a catalytic system that eliminates smoke and odors normal with coffee roasting. It has a glass roasting chamber, so you can see your coffee get roasted. You can put about 1/3 pound of green beans into the roaster at a time and the process takes about 30 minutes. This coffee roaster sells for $141 on Amazon. The website Evergreen Home also says the Nesco Coffee roaster is the best coffee roaster available. Reviews on Amazon are a bit mixed. A few reviewers mentioned that they had other coffee roasters and said this one gave off less smoke while others comment that while they liked being able to change the roasting time. The biggest complaint was related to the inability to change the temperature and a few mentioned that their machine broke. The Nesco Professional Home Coffee Roaster does have a one year warranty, but if the machine breaks after one year, you are out of luck. BEST - We suggest going with the Behmor Home Coffee Roaster for $299. The Behmor 1600 roaster features a new design (a low profile chaff tray) which helps airflow so cooling is easier and now you get an unobstructed view of the beans while they are roasting. Reviews of the Behmor are very positive and owners say the keypad is easy to figure out and use. Punch in roast weight, which program you want, time increment (if needed), profiles for different tastes (5 total), and a start and cool button. Consumers call the roaster "foolproof" and we have to agree that this home coffee roaster is the best on the market.

Recommended High-End Coffee Roasters:

If you can spend a lot for your roaster, another coffee roaster recommended by About.com is the Gene Cafe Drum Coffee Roaster. It is only 2 knobs, but you can control the roasting process with quite a bit of detail. Amazon sells this roaster for $495. You can brew everything from light to espresso coffee with this coffee roasting machine. The roasting chamber is made of pyrex so you can see what is going on while your beans are roasting. Reviewers of this coffee roaster mentioned that they loved the fact that this machine was quiet. Owners also appreciate how the beans are always moving and don't get burned. If money is no object, another high-end coffee roaster you may want to consider is the Hottop KN-8828B Digital Drum Coffee Roaster which sells for $720 online. The digital home coffee roaster is a sturdy machine that resembles those found in professional coffee shops. Features a polished stainless steel barrel exterior and a stainless roasting drum. The roasting process takes about 12 minutes and the Hottop can do 1/2 lb at a time. Owners say there is a bit of a mess with the chaff after a roasting, but it's easy to clean up. Compared to the $4500 coffee roasting machine from Coffee Tech, the Hottop seems like a bargain.