Updated: November 2017

Concrete Vibrator Reviews:

Whether you are pouring a concrete sidewalk in your backyard or work on huge construction sites with large concrete pouring projects, a concrete vibrator is a necessity. A small concrete vibrator is probably best for the DIY homeowner that likes to take on easy to moderate level home improvement projects like laying concrete. Growing up, my father did quite a bit of concrete pouring in our backyard - patios, sidewalks, post holes, even sections of our driveway. We would mix up the concrete and then pour it into the desired area. Some projects didn't require us to use the concrete vibrator, but a few did. A concrete vibrator is a tool used to help concrete settle properly. There are always pockets of trapped air or excess water when you pour concrete and the vibrator will help consolidate it and help release the water and air.
concrete vibrator

Choosing a Concrete Vibrator - Not all pouring of concrete requires the use of a concrete vibrator, but if you want defect free concrete then you should consider using one. If the concrete isn't consolidated properly you are looking at potentially compromising the strength of the concrete. Other defects like blemishes on the surface are more prevalent when no concrete vibrator is used and you could see "honeycombing" as well. For those of you that have never seen a concrete vibrator they look like a long stick or tube (called the shaft) and they have a vibrating tip. The length can vary from 4 feet up to 20 foot. The vibration per minute also varies depending on the motor power. You immerse the vibrator head into the concrete while it's still wet to consolidate it. You will see both internal and external concrete vibrators. One of the top selling models we could find is the Makita BVR450 (get the details online at Makita.com in their tools section). Want to read some reviews done by both professionals - check out Amazon.com or Northerntools. Both websites have quite a few models with owner comments and feedback listed. RECOMMENDED - You can browse the best selling concrete vibrators online here.

Best Concrete Vibrator:

RECOMMENDED - The Electric Square Head Concrete Vibrator is one that will perform better than the conventional round head models. The 7 foot shaft is really the standard for the industry and the results are proven with quality concrete consolidation. You get performance and efficiency but at a cost - $1280. The square head technology will compact concrete 20 to 50% faster than the round head vibrators. Experts say the square heads are most effective in low slump concrete. You can get the Wyco concrete vibrator with 6 shaft length options - 2, 5, 7, 10, 14, and 20 foot. There are gas powered concrete vibrators - one from Bumble Bee with a 6 1/2 HP Briggs and Stratton engine and a 16' hose.

Cordless Concrete Vibrator:

BEST - The Makita XRV01 18V LXT 4-Feet Concrete Vibrator Kit is a top seller on several websites and at under $500 it's considered a "great value". For an extra $35 you can get the 4 foot shaft upgraded to an 8 footer. The battery powered BVR450 delivers 13,000 vibrations per minute (VPM) so that your concrete strength is at its highest level. The Makita cordless concrete vibrator weighs in at just over 8 pounds so user fatigue is kept to a minimum. You get up to 25 minute run time under load and the 1 inch thick shaft will reduce air bubbles effectively. If running a corded tool is just not convenient or possible, then the Makita BVR450 will do the job quite well. Perfect for those hard to reach places and easy to clean off at the end of the day. There is also the Makita VR251DWDE 12-Volt Cordless Concrete Vibrator with slightly less power.