Updated: November 2017

Best Convex Mirrors:

convex mirror Many of us have been in a situation where you are driving your car and need to turn out of a driveway or roadway but have limited visibility. Often, businesses or even cities will put in convex mirrors to help you see around that 'blindspot'. Ever been in a parking garage with limited sight lines and need to come around a tight corner? Odds are there will be a convex mirror setup so that you can 'see' around the corner and drive safely. Sometimes they are placed in stores or even schools so that you can see around a corner when walking down a hallway. Essentially, convex mirrors are a great way to eliminate accidents with cars and people running into each other as they go around roads or hallways. One other place that I always see them is in convenience stores (think 7-Elevens) - they are strategically mounted to the ceiling in corners so that store clerks can view potential shoplifters. Their ability to improve overall vision in hard to see areas is what makes them so useful. Which brand is the best? What size do you need? We answer all those questions below.

Choosing a Convex Mirror - First, when shopping for one of these, keep in mind that they are often marketed to the public as safety mirrors or curved mirrors. Size - they range from about 10 inches up to 36"+. Pro-Safe is a leading brand and their convex mirrors rate very high for performance and customer satisfaction. The 18" convex glass mirrors are the most popular - they provide plenty of vision in limited sight areas. Most are good for both indoor or outdoor use. The key is placing or mounting the mirror in the correct spot to improve visibility. The acrylic circular glass mirrors are shatter resistant and great at reflecting a 'clear, bright image'. Look for convex mirrors that have mounting hardware which is adjustable even after installation. It's hard to be exact when putting these in, so being able to make minor adjustments is crucial. Convex Mirror Reviews - The best lot of reviews we could find online was at Amazon.com - many of the mirrors listed have over 20 owner reviews which gives you a pretty good sampling. Walmart.com also features some convex mirrors and they too offer customer feedback. We like the Drivewaymirrors.com website - it comes across as being a bit more technical than the others, but great information source and a trusted expert in the field. All the mirrors we found were weatherproof with a moisture resistant surface and sealed to keep water out. Whether you are buying one for a crowded warehouse or looking to improve visibility for cars in your neighborhood, they are guaranteed to improve the safety of others. We live on a curvy, mountain road and many of the homeowners have placed the convex mirrors across from their driveways so that they can see up or down the road - makes for a safer environment when pulling out from blind driveways. You can browse the best selling convex mirrors online here.

Convex Mirrors:

RECOMMENDED - We think the 18" Acrylic Convex Security Mirror Indoor and Outdoor Use is a good buy. Most of the comments we found online for this mirror were from homeowners that have tight turns or curves on a roadway near their driveway. This mirror gives them the piece of mind that they can pullout on the road and not risk being hit from an oncoming car or truck. Visibility on the 18" version is perfect for blind driveways. Some people noted that the 12" model just didn't provide enough vision in either direction and for safety reasons went with the larger mirror. One of the features that helped us rate this the #1 convex mirror on the market is that the mounting hardware works on many different structures - trees, fences, walls, telephone phones, buildings, etc. Many owners mention that they ended up buying a second mirror for other areas on their property for increased visibility. Improve your safety and check out the mirror.