Updated: November 2017

Cookie Sheet Reviews:

cookie sheets The Importance of a Good Cookie Sheet - Anyone who loves cookies knows that there is really no substitution for a good home baked cookie. When taken freshly out of the oven, cookies are really a taste of paradise. Of course, if you plan to bake cookies, there is one piece of kitchen equipment that you will surely need and that is a cookie sheet or a baking sheet. Not just any pan will do the trick of helping you make perfectly delicious cookies. You need to find one that heats evenly and also allows you to easily get the cookies off the pan. Cookie sheets can generally be purchased in any store that sells cooking equipment. You can also find a wide variety of cookie sheets made by the most respected manufacturers for great prices at Amazon.com. A list of the best selling cookie sheets can be found online here.

What is the Difference Between a Cookie Sheet and Baking Sheet? - Many people use the terms cookie sheet and baking sheet interchangeably, but there is a difference. Cookie sheets have flat edges, where baking sheets have rolled up edges. This means that you get extra space for fitting more cookies on a cookie sheet. However, if you want to cook something like meat that has juices, you will need a baking sheet so that the liquid doesn't just seep right off the sides of the pan. Many of the recommendations we are offering including Airbake cookie sheets, Doughmaster cookie sheets and Farberware Nonstick Bakeware Cookie Sheets are technically also baking sheets, so the corners are up. This means you can use these cookie sheets in a more versatile manner. Check out this video which explains how to place cookies on a cookie sheet to get the best results.

Best Cookie Sheets:

So what are the best cookie sheets? We looked at a variety of sources to find out the answer to that question. Cooks Illustrated tested a variety of sheets which cost anywhere from $6.99 to $29.00. Cookie sheets brands tested by Cooks Illustrated included AirBake, Calphalon, Chicago Metallic, Ekco, Kaiser, Mirro, Nordic Ware, Revere, T-Fal, WearEver CushionAire and Wilton. For their study, Cooks Illustrated tried baking a variety of types of cookies and pastries on these cooking sheets. As it turned out, the results proclaimed that the best cookie sheets usually "had a shiny silver baking surface without a nonstick coating." The darker colored cookie sheets absorbed heat which often produced darker cookies that were burnt. Cooks Illustrated highly recommended Mirro cookie sheets. They also loved AirBake cookie sheets, which slowed the cooking process and thereby, prevented burning. Cooks Illustrated found that although food could take longer to bake with AirBake, everything cooked "slowly and uniformly." Nonstick cookie sheets are usually darker so this means that although they will easily release your cookies, you do have to worry about burning. It is our recommendation that you should skip the Teflon cookie sheets and opt for a high quality cookie sheet. Many high quality cookie sheets release cookies easily, even though they are not technically non-stick. Also nonstick cookie sheets also have the added problem that the finish will wear off over time. RECOMMENDED - We suggest going with the Calphalon Classic Bakeware 14-by-16-Inch Nonstick Large Insulated Cookie Sheet which sells for just over $20. They are oven safe up to 450 degrees, although they are not broiler safe. You will have to clean them by hand (they are non-stick) since they are not dishwasher safe. Calphalon is a respected name in the industry and for cookies that are moist and not burnt, these cookie sheets will do the job. Owners describe them as the "perfect cookie sheet" and "excellent for baking cookies, breads, and fries".

Other Cookie Sheet Recommendations:

The Boston Globe also rated cookie sheets in a recent article. They recommended Chicago Metallic Commercial Cookie Sheet overall. This cookie sheet sells for about $15 on Amazon. According to The Boston Globe, "This solid sheet handled every baking task we gave it like a dream." This review found that everything they cooked turned out perfectly. The Chicago Metallic Cookie Sheet isn't nonstick, but cookies still easily released from the pan. Of course, you can always use parchment paper if you are using a nonstick cookie sheet and are worried about the cookies sticking. The Chicago Metallic Commercial Cookie Sheet is made from aluminized stainless steel. It is 14" x 16" and dishwasher, oven and broiler safe. The pan also has a 25-year warranty. It is important to note that as this cookie sheet ages it will gradually become darker. When you have a darker pan you can use slightly lower cooking temperatures. The Boston Globe also loved Doughmakers "Pebbleware" Great Grand Cookie Sheet which sells for $20. This cookie sheet is unique in that it has a pebbled effect. The surface of the pan looks a bit like a rocky road. The reviewers loved how cookies turned out with this product. They also felt that the edges of the pan allowed heat to circulate nicely. The pebble pattern assists with easy release when the cookies are done. Fleischmann's Yeast and Clabber Girl Baking Powder have endorsed the Doughmakers Cookie Sheet. Owners mention that they are amazed the cookies never stick. This pan is also larger and lighter weight than most cookie sheets. It provides a great balance of even cooking (as it is not nonstick) but due to the surface of the pan it also does not stick. This is the best of both worlds! Members of the CookingLight community also recommended Doughmakers cookie sheets.

Low Cost Cookie Sheets:

If you want to spend even less money, Farberware Nonstick Bakeware Cookie Sheets, 2-Pack is the most popular cookie sheet choice. For $10 you get two cookie pans which measure 10 by 15 inches and 9 by 13 inches. These are also nonstick pans, so your food will always come off of the pans easily. Reviewers really liked these cookie sheets and quite a few people were enthusiastic about teh low price for two cookie sheets. However, a few reviewers mentioned that their cookies were getting burned with the Faberware Cookie Sheets. It is also important to note that Farberware Nonstick Bakeware Cookie Sheets are not dishwasher safe. Most people may find that it is worth the extra money for the Doughmakers "Pebbleware" Great Grand Cookie Sheet or Chicago Metallic Commercial Cookie Sheet. Check out the most popular cookie sheets here.