Updated: November 2017

Cooling Rack Reviews:

Why a Cooling Rack is Important - If you don't own a cooling rack, more than likely you have needed one on several occasions. A cooling rack is used mostly for baked goods that have been removed from the oven. Why do you need a cooling rack? With many foods, it is necessary to cool them before storing them. If you don't have a cooling rack, it's hard to find a place in your kitchen where this can take place. People often use cooling racks for cakes and cupcakes to cool them before frosting takes place. Also cooling racks are great for placing meat on before serving. Cooling racks can really preserve the moistness of foods. Once you get used to using them, you will see the quality of your cooked food improve. Cooling racks have metal bars that circulate the air around the food. Although it is generally very inexpensive to buy a cooling rack, the price can go up slightly depending on size and quality. You can also find round cooling racks and square cooling racks. In general, it is also nice to have a cooling rack with feet so that it doesn't sit directly on your counter. View the best selling cooling racks online here.
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Best Non-Stick Cooling Racks:

We looked at a variety of sources to find the best cooling racks. According to a forum at Chowhound, reviewers at Amazon, and customer comments at Cooking.com, the Chicago Metallic cooling rack is a great choice. These sell for only $14 on Amazon. This cooling rack is extra large at 16.8 x 11.6 x 0.5 inches. The Chicago Metallic Non-Stick Extra Large Cooling Rack provides for speedy cooling as it is raised for proper air circulation. In the reviews we saw, people loved this cooling rack. Owners also appreciated it specifically for cookies. The cooling rack has a very tight grid which means that cookies cannot fall through. It is a major plus that the Chicago Metallic cooling rack is dishwasher safe. However, a few reviewers mentioned it rusted in the dishwasher. So you definitely may want to consider hand washing it. Another highly recommended non-stick cooling rack is the Wilton's non stick cooling rack which sells for $18. Reviewers at Epinions.com also recommended this non-stick rack. The Wilton cooling rack has heavy-duty steel construction, which prevents warping. It is also great for clean-up due to the fact that it is non-stick and dishwasher safe. Owners have high praise for this cooling rack and especially the fact that the gridlines are small. They also found this rack was strong enough to support heavier foods. Obviously, it is not just for cookies..

Recommended Oven Safe Cooling Racks:

Cooks Illustrated recently did a study of the best cooling racks and recommended CIA Bakeware 12X17 cooling rack with top honors. In this case, CIA stands for the Culinary Institute of America. (The real CIA is likely too busy to bake cookies!) The CIA rack was also highly recommended on Buzzillions.com. It sells for only $15 on Amazon (see all the CIA cooling racks here). It's a stainless steel cooling rack that has chrome over its steel construction. Reviewers mention that this cooling rack was easy to clean, had a small grid, and at the same time held a lot of food without warping. The CIA cooling rack is also safe for use in the oven. The grid pattern on this cooling rack prevented cookies from warping while cooking. The rack is versatile as well - reviewers were pleased to find out that it worked equally as well on meats in the oven. You can simply place your cooling rack inside a baking sheet. This works perfectly when reheating items or if you want to keep your food out of grease or sauces. In general, reviewers found a myriad of uses for the CIA cooking sheet once they had it. It was found by everyone to be sturdy and durable too. For $15, it seems like you cannot go wrong with this product. Another recommended oven safe cooling rack is the Calphalon Classic Bakeware 12-by-17-Inch Rectangular Nonstick Cooling Rack, which sells for $16. Although you can put this cooling rack in the oven, it is not dishwasher safe or broiler safe. It is made of aluminized steel. Browse the most popular cooling racks here.