Updated: November 2017

Daybed Reviews:

So what is a daybed anyway? Why would you want one if you already have a regular bed? A daybed is a twin bed that also looks like a couch. The back of the couch serves as the headboard. So a daybed might be popular in something like an extra room in a vacation home - it works as a sofa during the day, but doubles as an extra bed (usually for kids) at night. Some daybeds have trundles underneath that can be pulled out to make a second bed. People like daybeds for a variety of reasons. First of all, daybeds are largely considered to be superior to a futon. I had a futon throughout college, and trust me, not only was it uncomfortable, but it was also a bit of an eyesore. It is hard to keep your futon folded up into a couch in your room and have it actually look good. You can throw all the fancy pillows on it as you want, but it still looks like a futon. On the other hand, a daybed can be considered a cross between a chaise lounge, couch and a bed. They are perfect for children's rooms because if your child has a friend sleep over, it is very easy to pull out this extra bed. You can find daybeds for sale in a lot of the stores that sell furniture including Walmart, Target, Ikea and JC Penney's.

Daybeds on a Budget - Many daybeds on Amazon.com have very affordable pricetags, for example, The White Metal Day Bed With Floral Finials. This daybed sells for only $57. Keep in mind that for this price tag, the daybed springs, mattress and linens are not included. There is also the Matt Black Metal daybed from 2K Furniture Designs that sells for $169. Reviewers of this product said that they love this day bed. People commented that it blends very well into a guest room and looks much more expensive than it actually is. If you don't have a large budget, consider this daybed. The Matt Black Metal Twin Size Day Bed Frame is also appropriate for those looking for something that doesn't look cheap and who don't mind a metal daybed. Again, don't forget that this is just a frame, so you will have to pay extra for the mattress and trundle bed.

Best Daybeds:

We searched for the highest rated daybeds on Daybeds.com, which is an online store specializing in daybeds. As it turns out, the Casey Daybed-Honey Maple-Free Mattress is one of the top picks and sells for between $568.99 to $858.99. This daybed has a solid all-wood construction and honey maple finish. Reviewers were really impressed with this daybed. People felt that this was one of the best daybeds that you could possibly find for under $1000. In fact, owners thought that it actually enhanced the look of a room. Another major plus for this daybed is that it was comfortable for not only kids, but also for adults as well. This means that it could be a good fit for sleepovers and also visiting grandparents. Some consumers had decided to use it as a sofa in an office when it wasn't being used as a bed. Ikea also sells a daybed, which comes highly recommended. The Ikea Hemnes Daybed with 3 drawers sells for $499. (There is also the option of the Hemnes Daybed frame with 2 drawers.) This product, like other daybeds, serves four functions: sofa, single bed, bed for two and storage. The Hemnes Daybed is made from solid wood, which is a step up from some other Ikea products that are plywood. It also has a clear acrylic lacquer. Reviewers of this product felt that it was very sturdy. In fact, it was noted to be very heavy. If you plan to do a lot of moving, you may not prefer heavy, but in general, this is a major plus for furniture. The reviewer at Todaysbeds.com stated that this Ikea daybed, "may be an ideal solution for you if you need sofa type seating and sleeping area in the same space."

Recommended Daybeds on Amazon.com:

You can browse some of the most popular daybeds here. Ordering a daybed online is a good idea because you can avoid the hassle of furniture transportation and just have it shipped to you. One recommended daybed on Amazon.com is the By Coaster, Day Bed & Trundle Bottom Bed sells for $842 on Amazon. This daybed has the major advantage that it also comes with the second trundle bed. This means that it sleeps 2 people comfortably instead of just one. This particular daybed is made from a dark wood and has a very sophisticated look and feel. Along the same lines, there is the Beautiful Louis Philippe Daybed with trundle that sells for $1056. Reviewers mentioned this bed was very beautiful and constructed with solid wood and high levels of craftsmanship. Again, the mattress is not included. We know that kids love sleepovers and having a daybed for your son or daughter is a great idea. You can see the top rated kids daybeds online here.