Updated: November 2017

Deep Fryer Reviews:

Want to make fried chicken at home or deep fried shrimp? Think you can only get those meals at a restaurant? Thing again, because modern deep fryers make it possible for you to make your favorite fried foods at home. There are 3 basic types of deep fryers - those with lockable lids, deep fryers w/out lockable lids, and rotary deep fryers. The most popular deep fryers for homes are the lockable lid fryers. They are much safer for frying that using a regular pan because there is no hot oil splashing up and onto your body/face. Lockable lid fryers also tend to have filtration systems that are permanent and can be cleaned. A viewing window is essential in the lockable lid deep fryers because that way you can raise or lower the basket and not have to open the lid to see what is going on. All deep fryers come with a gauge that tells you when the oil is hot enough to start the deep frying. If you want a deep fryer w/out the lockable lid, you will wind up with something like the versions you see in "Fish and Chip" shops that are a touch smaller. They work the same as the lockable lid styles except there is no lid. The stainless steel design looks great and clean up is easier.
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A rotary fryer uses only about half the amount of oil that traditional fryers use. Instead of having the food basket just sit in the oil, a rotary fryer will rotate the basket through the hot oil. The one advantage of a rotary fryer is that it takes less time to get the oil up to the proper frying temperature since there is less oil to heat. Rotary fryers usually have viewing windows, filters, and lockable lids. Deep fryers come with power ranges between 1800 and 2200 watts. If you want a deep fryer that heats the oil up fastest, go with the most powerful model. All have thermostats that tell you when to start frying, some are even digitall controlled. Most fryers come with some kind of outlet or drain for dealing with the used oil. Deep fryers cost around $30-$130 for the home and commercial models you see in McDonalds doing the frys are $1000+. The most popular brand name deep fryers are made by DeLonghi, T-Fal, Rival, Presto, Waring, GE, Oster, MasterBuilt, and Hamilton Beach. We did some research online and read reviews and customer feedback on sites like Epinions, Amazon, and Cooking.com to see just which models are the best and why. Consumer Reports didn't have any recent information on deep fryer reviews, so we went with the online websites instead. View the list of best-selling deep fryers here.

Best Lockable Lid Deep Fryer:

No deep fryer we found received excellent reviews from all sites, but the one that came out on top with the majority of users and experts was the T-Fal Ultimate EZ Clean Stainless Steel Pro Fryer ($100). This unit has an automatic oil drainage and filtration system and is 100% dishwasher safe except for the heating element. It has a 2.65 lb food capacity, a sealed locking lid for safety, an integrated oil storage container, brushed stainless steel exterior, a permanent odor filter to help reduce frying odors, an adjustable thermostat and comes with a 1-year limited warranty. Owners say the deep fryer is simple and easy to use and cleans up with no problems. Consumers say the T-Fal heats the oil up quickly, cooks fries, doughnuts, and chicken easily. The #1 complaint from all sites was the odor that the machine puts off. Even though the manufacturer says the odor filter does wonders, we read countless reviews that mention "smelly odors" after using it. People say use the deep fryer near a vent hood or fan to help keep the "fried" smell to a minimum. A close second was the DeLonghi D14527DZ Esclusivo Dual Zone Deep Fryer ($100) - comes with a digital timer that lets you accurately set and then monitor the cooking time, a digitally adjustable thermostat, a large viewing window, a removable heating element for easy cleaning. You get a professional deep fryer right in your home for less than $100. Fry chicken, potatoes, donuts, etc. with their Dual Zone Technology so that food never burn. Users say the design and performance are excellent. The few complaints with the Delonghi deep fryer - no recipes with appliance and some users noted that the digital display does malfunction with an error message which causes the machine to stop working. The majority of reviews we read never mentioned the "error message" problem, so we are assuming it was limited in nature and has been fixed. The Waring DF200 Professional Deep Fryer - Brushed Stainless Steel ($130) is an 1800 watt family size deep fryer that cooks quickly and evenly. Consumers love the durable construction, the wire basket, and the golden french fries. Some users say the breakaway cord is not long enough (only 3 feet).

Deep Fryer for Fries:

The Presto 05420 FryDaddy Electric Deep Fryer ($25) is the best value for a deep fryer that does great french fries. You can make 4 servings with 4 cups of oil and the fries and onion rings are delicious. Owners say if you only fry a few times every year, then go with the Presto deep fryer. The sides are quite high on this machine so oil splatter is definitely kept to a minimum. Many reviews we read were by consumers who had owned previous FryDaddy models and liked them so much they decided to go with them again. That's high praise considering all the more expensive models on the market for deep frying needs. Another excellent model is the Rival CZF630 3-Liter Cool Touch Cool Zone Deep Fryer ($50) - straight forward easy to read buttons and results are consistent. RECOMMENDED - We suggest that you browse the top selling deep fryers here.

Top Rotary Deep Fryer:

It was not easy finding reviews on rotary deep fryers since they are not a big part of the home appliance market. The best rotary deep fryer (per reviewers) is the DeLonghi D895UX Cool-Touch ROTO Deep Fryer ($100) - top features include a rotating basket, temperature control, a thermostat light, and easy drain system. People who have owned for a rotary deep fryer and traditional deep fryer say the rotary models cook more evenly and faster. They also say another advantage is that is it less "messy" than regular fryers.

Turkey Deep Fryer:

Deep frying turkeys has become a trendy thing to do on Thanksgiving all over America and the best rated turkey deep fryer is the Bayou Classic 3066A 30-Quart Outdoor Turkey Fryer Kit ($65) - you get a 30 quart stockpot and an outdoor gas stove. The aluminum and cast-iron built deep fryer has a vented lid and a 12-inch stainless thermometer. I still prefer the oven roasted turkey flavors, although deep frying a turkey adds a crispier texture which I also enjoy. Give it a try one Thanksgiving to change things up a bit and see what you think.