Updated: November 2017

Digital Protractor Reviews:

A digital protractor is a measuring tool that is often used to find exact angles and commonly found on jobsites for those that install crown molding, cabinetry, counters, roofs, windows, floors, etc. I remember using the basic paper protractors in math class to determine angles, especially in my geometry class. The modern protractors are easy to use and will definitely save you time no matter what project you are doing. The dial protractors, like the Starrett ProSite Protractor 505A-7, are a nice piece of equipment to own, but most owners say the digital protractor from Bosch (DWM40LK) is the route to go. We researched several leading woodworking websites and found that the Bosch protractor is the best selling digital protractor on almost all of them. Anyone who uses a compound miter saw will find this tool a great timesaver and well worth the investment. Reviews on Amazon point to the Bosch DWM40LK as the clear winner amongst all the competition in this category. At close to $175 it's not cheap, but owners repeatedly note the amount of time it saves and if you plan on doing any type of crown molding project it practically pays for itself.
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Altereagle.com has an excellent website setup for those that are taking on a crown molding project and they too highly recommend the Bosch and Starrett protractors. They say to use the Bosch digital protractor on outside corners and for cutting on flat while the Starrett 505A-12 ProSite 12-Inch Dial Protractor works well on inside corners and cutting on position. Popular Mechanics is another source we have come to trust over the years when determining which measuring tools to purchase, and they too recommend the Starrett Pro-Site as an excellent angle dividing protractor. It's easy to read and gives you the exact angle you need to set your miter saw to. In talking to several contractors in our local area, they said that a digital protractor is a necessary tool in their day to day jobs in getting accurate measurements for things like roof slopes, wall corners, mitered trim work, and installing baseboards. One of my better friends who is a DIY woodworker in his home told me that the Denali 14-inch digital protractor is a decent tool compared to Bosch in terms of price. On another note, the Skil 2100DAF Digital Angle Finder receives less than stellar reviews on several sites and is probably worth avoiding. We found the most competitive pricing on Amazon.com and we really like all the owner reviews and customer feedback that Amazon provides to their site visitors. You can see an entire list of the best selling digital protractors online here.

Best Digital Protractor:

The Bosch DAF220K Miter finder Digital Angle Finder with Leg Extension and Case is the top selling digital protractor on Amazon with a near perfect review history. The Bosch digital protractor is one of the most versatile measuring tools you'll ever own. You are essentially getting 4 tools in one - angle finder, protractor, level, and compound cut calculator. Anyone who owns a compound miter saw needs to look into this tool. The Miter Finder function lets the user push a button and the DWM40LK will calculate the exact miter and bevel angles on your crown molding cuts. The digital protractor is ideal for measuring roof angles, fitting up windows/doors, cabinet and counter installation, checking of banisters and rails, and checking and transferring angles. The battery will last up to 100 hours, the leg extension is up to 16 inches, vial accuracy is +/- .05 degrees, electronic accuracy is +/- .1 degrees, and readout accuracy is +/- .1 degrees. The measuring range is from 0 to 220 degrees. See the Bosch DWM40LK and the Bosch DAF220K online at Amazon.

Value Dial Protractor:

The Starrett 505A-12 ProSite 12-Inch Dial Protractor and the Starrett ProSite Protractor 505A-7 are the leading dial protractors available on Amazon and reviews are very positive on both. The 505A-7 has a 7 inch miter saw protractor with two scales - the black is for a single cut and red is the miter cut scale. You can transfer the work angle to the miter saw in 3 simple steps. The 12-inch version is also very popular, but Starrett released the smaller 7 inch version so owners could get into tighter spaces. The Starrett tools are great for plumbers, carpenters, and do it yourselfers that take on weekend jobs.

How to Use a Protractor:

Protractors are reasonably easy to learn how to use for most projects. You just need to learn how to position the instrument and then get the reading - either off the dial type or get the readout on the more efficient digital style. The Wixey.com website has some good pictures showing you how to maneuver the Wixey digital protractors into position for the most accurate readings. They have a basic "how to" section online HERE.