Updated: November 2017

Dimplex Electric Fireplace Reviews:

Greater Efficiency, Less Cost - The fireplace plays a large role in our collective imagination: we think of families gathered around the warmth of the fire on Christmas, couples snuggling warmly while a storm blows just out the window, or ourselves spending a relaxed evening enjoying the flickering light and crackling of the wood. Whatever the image that the word "fireplace" puts into our heads, it generally connotes warmth, love, contentment, and coziness. Unless you're a homeowner. If you are, you'll notice that the words "efficient" and "practical" are not on the list. Fireplaces, while heartwarming and traditional, are also terribly inefficient ways to heat a home. And if you happen to be an insurance agent, you're likely to spend more time thinking of the liability, not the romance. If you want the look and feel of a fireplace without the inefficiency, electric fireplaces are an ideal solution. No one knows more about electric fireplaces than Dimplex, the world's leading manufacturer of electric heating devices. Offering an impressive selection of electric fireplaces, you are sure to find one that fits your home, your needs, your budget, and your insurance agent's standards. What can Dimplex do for you?
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Dimplex Fits Your Life - An electric fireplace is an excellent fit in virtually any home, and it can be enjoyed even in the warmer months. This type of fireplace serves two main functions, warmth and ambience, just as a real fireplace does. The difference, though, is that the electric fireplace does it so much more efficiently. While it may not heat an entire large house, it does provide sufficient heat for several rooms. It also adds the welcome glow of a fireplace - and even the crackling sound of wood burning. An electric fireplace uses electricity - quite a surprise, right? This eliminates the need for expensive wood and chimney maintenance, not to mention the endless stoking that a real fire requires. Here are other benefits of an electric fireplace:

*Safety. There are no flying sparks, and you don't need to worry about stoking it. An electric fireplace greatly reduces your risk of chimney and house fires. It also reduces injuries and burns to curious children.
*Cost efficiency; fireplaces are romantic, but they're not built to heat because of their large opening. You can see your money going up in smoke out of the chimney. An electric fireplace will help you heat more effectively, and that is vital with rising home heating costs.
*You can adjust the heat. If you've ever sat in front of a real fireplace, you know it can get very hot! At the same time, the side facing away from the fire may be freezing. There is no way to regulate it. With an electric fireplace, you can adjust the fan and get the right level of warmth. The forced heating ensures that both the front side and back side are toasty.
*If you live in the warm southwest, for instance, or if its summer, you can still enjoy the warm glow of a fireplace - but not the warm feel of the actual heat. Just the sounds and sights of a fire can be tremendously soothing, no matter what time of year.
*Beauty. Not only is the fire pleasant, but the look of the electric fireplace and mantle can complement and enhance your home. Dimplex makes a variety of different styles, so there is something for every taste and every home.

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Best Dimplex Electric Fireplaces:

Dimplex electric fireplaces review very well with consumers on Amazon, ViewPoint, Epinions, and other consumer sites. BestCovery, a consumer product website that reviews countless products and selects a short list of the best, choose 3 of Dimplex's electric fireplaces for their top 5. What sets Dimplex apart? The appearance, the quality, and the price certainly help. Let's take a look at some of the best Dimplex electric fireplaces so you can see for yourself. The CS3311 Compact Electric Stove is by far one of Dimplex's most popular models and one of BestCovery's top choices for both Best Electric Fireplace and Best Electric Stove Heater. This compact unit is perfect for smaller homes or rooms. It measures 11 2/7 x 23 1/8 inches and weighs less than 40 pounds. The freestanding, portable design adds a great deal of versatility to the CS3311. This classic flame electric fireplace has beautiful 3D technology that produces realistic looking flames - a huge advance over electric fireplaces from even a few years ago. The fan-forced heater puts out 5115 BTUs of heat, has an adjustable thermostat, concealed controls, and requires no venting. Enjoy a roaring fire in January or a heat-less glow in June. It's up to you. Another great feature of the Dimplex CS3311 is its price; it lists for $250, but you can find it on Amazon for about $180. You'll soon find out why an Amazon reviewer called this the "best little stove in the world." BestCovery's number one pick was the Dimplex TDS8515TB Celeste Black Electric Stove. Bigger and more expensive than the compact CS3311, the Celeste offers a beautiful, classic fireplace look with advanced features. The detailing of the stove is intricately done, yet not so ornate that it will look out of place in more contemporary or Spartan decors. An extra-wide wood box provides ample room, and the blow fan circulates heat efficiently. In addition to the cleaner burn offered by the fireplace, the Celeste also has a filtration system that helps remove dirt, dust, mold spores, and other allergens. Smoky fireplaces tend to bother those with allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions; here, the lack of smoke in conjunction with the filtration system combines to create clean air. Incredibly easy to use, you simply plug in the Celeste. That's it. You can control the heat and flame with the adjustable thermostat or a remote. Amazon reviewers call it "beautiful" and "realistic." You can find the Celeste for $486. Another great model to try is the Dimplex CS1205 Compact Electric Stove, a tiny, inexpensive, and thoroughly beautiful choice that is ideal for smaller homes, rooms, and/or budgets. You can pick this up for $112. For anyone who thinks using an electric fireplace is "cheating," consider the increased safety, efficiency, and ease of Dimplex. With an electric fireplace, you will be able to enjoy a fire worry-free. Dimplex makes electric fireplaces, grills, fireplace inserts, compact stoves, and other electric heating products. View top rated Dimplex stoves and fireplaces here.