Updated: November 2017

Door Levers Reviews:

One thing that my wife and I have wanted to do with our house is change out the door levers and handles. We have been in the house for 10 years now and the old gold door handles were starting to annoy us. We had redone the kitchen and switched out cabinet knobs, but the door levers never got changed. It's actually a bigger project than I originally thought. As I went around our house and counted up the # of door levers the count kept getting higher and higher. With over 20 levers/handles to replace, I knew the time involved would be significant and the cost would be substantial. How long does it take to replace one door lever? It took us 20 minute with first one and then each subsequent one was easier. The last door handle took 10 minutes tops to change out. Where is the best place to buy door levers? The home improvement stores are a great place to start your search. Home Depot and Lowe's both carry a decent variety of door hardware and they can answer basic questions on installation. Sometimes the hole placement can cause some issues, but after doing the first few you'll have it figured out.
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Choosing Door Levers and Door Handles - There are 3 main types for interior use - dummy hardware, passage, and privacy. The passage lever or knob has no locking function. You'll find the privacy levers in bathrooms or bedrooms where a basic lock can be useful. Both push and turn locks and button locks are popular. The dummy hardware is the least functional of all. The levers, knobs or handles on this type don't connect to locking mechanisms or latches. When shopping for your door hardware, keep in mind several terms like stile width, back plate, back, set, and handing. Even door thickness can become a variable, although most residential doors (interior) are 1 3/8" thick. You need to measure the back set on your doors - this is the center of the hole to the edge of the door. The guy had Home Depot said standard doors are 2 3/8" or 2 3/4". Door handedness is another odd term, but guides you to which type of lever to buy. The majority of residential doors tend to open inwards and are left-handed. Be aware that storm doors or closet doors swing outwards making them reverse left-handed. This is a confusing point and one that needs to be addressed when you are purchasing your door handles/levers to make sure they all fit and look right once installed. It's best to go around your house and get a count of the doors that will need new levers or handles. Then make a note as to the kind of door lever you want on each door. We suggest matching all of the door hardware but we have heard of people doing their upstairs with one color/style and the downstairs with another. The dummy levers are the cheapest of the bunch and the privacy and passage handles are about the same ($20 to $30/each). Colors and finish range from bronze to nickel to stainless steel and everything in between. There are over a dozen color/finishes to choose from on Amazon.com alone. Search for features like entrance doors, bedroom doors, or keyed entry. You can browse the best selling door levers online here.

Best Door Levers:

RECOMMENDED - Schlage and Kwikset are the 2 most popular names in the industry and their products can be found at almost any home improvement store or online. Whether you want a privacy lever, passage lever, or right handed dummy lever, they should carry the color and finish you want. The Schlage F10ACC619 Accent Passage Lever and the Kwikset 730TNL 15 CP Tustin Bed/Bath Lever are the top sellers online and in stores. Priced at about $25 for the brushed nickel, they are not much different in price for other finishes. The Schlage fits standard door preps, features an easy one tool installation, has exposed screws, is ADA compliant, and is field reversible non-handed. They work great on closet doors throughout your home. The Kwikset is perfect for bedroom or bathroom doors - where privacy is needed and locking the door is required. The fully reversible lever fits both left and right handed doors. Changing the door handles in any room is a quick and easy way to update the look instantly. Since we changed ours out (they used to be the brass colored handles) many people have noticed and we think they look great. It's the type of DIY homeowner project that is easy to do - I was able to change out the handles over a few weekends.

Dummy Hardware - Door Handles:

RECOMMENDED - Do you have doors that don't connect to any locking mechanism or latch? Perhaps interior doors where a push or pull function is required but that is it? The dummy hardware is really cheap compared to the other types and the dummy levers install even faster. They still look just fine - only they don't need to have a latch or locking feature. We found many listed online that sell between $10 and $15. We have double doors that lead from our bedroom into the master bathroom where these style levers worked perfectly. The doors are mostly left open, but on that rare occasion they are pulled shut, the dummy levers do the job. When you do switch out the old knobs and handles on your doors, the dummy levers are a great option for saving money on appropriate doors. Check out the top rated dummy door hardware here.