Updated: November 2017

Down Comforter Reviews:

Living in the Pacific Northwest we get our fair share of cold nights during the winter with temperatures regularly in the low 30's. Instead of heating the whole house at night with our furnace, I decided to purchase a bunch of down comforters for the family to use. A down comforter is the best bedding insulation available and makes for a warm and cozy bed at night. You can purchase down comforter sets in stores like Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Walmart and Sears as well as online at our personal favorite - Amazon.com. The cheaper down comforters will sell for about $60 while the high end, luxury comforters made with Hungarian goose down are close to $300. Keep in mind that not all comforters are the same and don't let a salesperson tell you that a feather comforter is the same as a down comforter. The feathers are tougher than down and have a shaft or quill attached in many cases. Just feel the comforter and you will instantly see that the soft inner plumage (down) from a goose or duck is both lightweight fluffy.

Buying Guide - In our down comforter guide we want to point out all the quality features to look for when buying one. A goose down comforter is the best type to buy - don't be swayed by the synthetic down comforters as they will not perform the same as authentic goose down. The synthetic filling doesn't "wick" up perspiration or moisture as well as the real down. Fill power and fill weight are two things you'll hear about as well. Fill power is how the quality of the down is defined. The higher the fill power rating the better the quality - some down comforters have a fill power of 750 cubic inches per ounce while the cheaper ones have 300 per ounce. The standard is about 500 fill power, but experts recommend going with something 600 or higher. The fill weight is just the # associated with the quantity of the down in the comforter. Hypoallergenic down comforters are big sellers for those people that are allergic to dust, allergens, and pollens found on feathers or down. A special process eliminates those allergens and creates an allergy free comforter. Down bedding should have a high thread count - we found some that go as high as 1000, but really 500 to 600 should be just fine in keeping the down from leaking out. In our search we found that queen down comforters are the most popular, but they are available in all sizes - twin, double, king, california king, and of course queen. Colors - although people like to color coordinate rooms, don't expect to find anything but a white down comforter in stores. The good news is that you can put a duvet cover over it with a pattern, color, or design and instantly transform the room. Looking for down comforter reviews - perhaps the best source online is at Amazon.com with independent consumer feedback listed for dozens of products. The allergy related websites also provide plenty of owner opinions and comments, but we feel that they try to upsell you to the more expensive down comforters on their own website. RECOMMENDED - We suggest shopping online at Amazon.com where they carry a huge inventory of all the top brands and often have the lowest prices on the internet. You can browse the top selling down comforters online here.

Best Down Comforter:

RECOMMENDED - It's hard to vote against one of the best sellers on Amazon with countless 5 out of 5 star reviews posted by customers. The Appalachian 300-Thread-Count White Down Comforter is a full/queen size down comforter with a 100% cotton shell and a decent 300 thread count. There are 30 total ounces of white down filling in the comforter and the fill power is 550. Owners say they like the baffle box design which helps keep the down "evenly distributed" throughout the comforter. It measures 88 X 88 inches, so if you do have a queen bed make sure it will fit. Some people online noted that the fit was a bit off on their beds.

Goose Down Comforter:

Looking for a goose down comforter that will keep you warm on cold nights? The Pinzon Pyrenees White Goose Down Comforter is worth considering. This is the product I bought (2 of them) and owner reviews online at Amazon pointed me towards this goose comforter. It's available in twin, full/queen, and king sizes and you can even order it in light warmth, extra warmth, or medium warmth. Features include a 400 thread count with a leak-proof cotton shell, 600 fill power, 40 ounces of goose down fill, a 14 inch baffle box construction so that all the down filling stays in place, and you can machine wash or dry it. I for one have found it to be more than enough warmth ( we went with the medium warmth style) and they are lightweight too. Our daughter has one in her room and she too has noticed how cozy it feels. Check out all the queen down comforters on Amazon.com here.

Luxury Down Comforter:

Some of the finest quality down comforters have been coming out of Hungary for decades. The best luxury down comforter we found was the MARRIKAS 1000TC Hungarian Goose Down Comforter QUEEN. The 1000 thread count covering is unique and certainly hard to match. You get 650 fill power and 50 ounces of 100% white Hungarian goose down fill. At 90 inch by 90 inches, the comforter will surely fit on any queen size bed. The 14 inch baffle box construction keeps the down where you want it and the double stitched edges means durability.