Updated: November 2017

Dremel Tool Reviews:

Every home should have the basics when it comes to tools - hammer, screwdriver, tape measure, and other necessities - even if it is just to drive a nail into the wall for a frame or remove the back from a child's toy to replace the battery. But if you're more serious about being a do-it-yourselfer, it's time to break out the power tools. One of the handier is a rotary tool. Not only can it perform a variety of different jobs around the house and yard, a rotary tool is manageable for those who are power tool novices. They are effective, relatively safe (any tool, even self-powered ones, could lead to injury. Just ask anyone who has ever hit his finger with a hammer.), and inexpensive choices. If you're interested in a rotary tool, you can't help but bump into the Dremel name. One of the foremost manufacturers of these power tools, Dremel will help you get the job done, whether it is sharpening your lawnmower blade or etching your name on glass.
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What Does a Dremel Do? - Rotary tools are hand-held and work by rotating very rapidly. Why not use a drill? Dremel tools can rotate from 5,000 RPM to 35,000 RPM, depending on the model. A Dremel is a much more versatile tool, and it rotates up to 35 times faster than a drill. Among the applications:

*Cutting drywall
*Boring holes
*Fixing furniture spindles
*Installing baseboard corners
*Cutting rusted bolts
*Attaching ground wire
*Cutting a drain pipe or copper pipe
*Re-slotting a stripped screw
*Cleaning grills
*Restoring metal work, including metal patio furniture
*Sharpening chain saw and lawnmower blades, shovels, and scissors
*Cleaning a corroded battery
*Fixing a ding in your car
*Cleaning golf club heads (some people even use the Dremel tool to clean jewelry)
*Carving pumpkins
*Etching on wood, glass, metal, and other surfaces for craft or practical purposes

So, while some of these jobs can be handled with a drill, the range of options available from Dremel makes it a smarter buy if you had to choose just one power tool. Even if you don't have to choose just one, a Dremel rotary tool makes itself useful in a number of ways. You'll wonder how you got along without it.

What is the Best Dremel for You? - First, think about what you want to do. For tough jobs, choose a rotary tool with higher RPMs; also opt for variable speeds so you can adjust down for lighter projects and up for heavier duty ones. A good Dremel for intricate, close work is the Dremel Stylus for $72; while a more rugged model like the 8200 Lithium-Ion Cordless can handle bigger jobs and thicker materials. The 8200 is under $100. Decide if you'd like corded or cordless. Don't completely discount corded, though. The new Dremel 4000 High Performance Rotary Tool, for instance, has a powerful motor and can "complete the widest range of projects." It definitely earns its name as a power tool. You can find the 4000 for $80; the kit includes the rotary tool, 30 accessories, 2 attachments, and a storage case. If corded will work for your needs, this is a great option. Next, you want to make sure that the Dremel tool you choose is compatible with all of Dremel's bits and accessories. This may sound like an obvious one, but many consumers were put off by the Dremel Trio because it required special bits (the selection of which is relatively small and pricy). The 4000 and most other models do, however, work with all of Dremel's attachments. Let's take a look at some popular Dremel rotary tools so you can get a better idea of the features, applications, and price.

Best Dremel Rotary Tools:

According to About.Woodworking expert Chris Baylor, the Dremel 300 series is "one that they can be proud of." He says while he doesn't normally use Dremel rotary tools in his fine woodworking, he's found tons of uses for the 300-N/55 Series. This corded model features an enhanced lightweight design for better control and comfort, variable speed from 5,000 to 35,000 RPM, comfort grip housing, dove-tail feature for Dremel attachments, and click-and-set on/off switch for precise speed selection. With the 300-N/55, you can sand, polish, grind, drill, and cut your way through endless household projects. Chris Baylor says there are literally thousands of potential applications for this Dremel rotary tool, and you'll find that it comes in handy in places you wouldn't expect. Owners comment on the ability of the Dremel, too, to get into "awkward" positions that other tools cannot. The 300-N/55 comes in a kit with 55 accessories, including engraving cutter, high speed cutter, drill bits, mandrels, bristle brush, sanding drum, carbide grinding stone, and many more. This model reviews very well with consumers on Wize, Amazon, Buzzillions, and other sites. One reviewer said, "If you don't own this, you need to fix that." You can fix that for $80. The Dremel 8000-03 Lithium Ion Cordless Rotary Tool (10.8-volt model) is another popular choice among consumers. It features a lightweight, long-life lithium ion battery, variable speed 5,000 to 35,000 RPM, comfort grip housing, battery life gauge, and 40 Dremel accessories. It can handle a host of jobs, like the 300 model, and many consumers say it is the best cordless rotary tool from Dremel. The 8000 is $70. According to consumer source, Wize.com, the Dremel 750-02 Minimite is a tremendously popular choice among those who need a rotary tool for finer tasks. The cordless Minimite features 2 speeds (6,500 and 13,000 RPM) - already you can see it isn't as powerful as its big brothers, but that is perfect for small household projects, hobbies, and crafts. Because of the light weight and the lower power settings, you can finesse the Minimite into situations where bigger rotary tools would be unhelpful. Many people use the Minimite to craft jewelry, make tiny details on dollhouse furniture, sanding details of a wooden cabinet, and scraping paint from crevices. But a very common application is using the Minimite to trim dog nails. It is very effective, taking only a little of the nail so you do not trim too much and/or take a chance on injuring your pet. The slim Minimite has an equally slim price of $27 and includes battery, sanding drum, small felt wheel, fine sanding band, carbide stone, and three-hour battery charger. It is compatible with all Dremel accessories. Look here for other Dremel rotary tools. When you find the right one, you've found the answer to countless projects around the home, for your crafts and hobbies, and for outdoor projects. A great buy and one that will make itself useful immediately.