Updated: November 2017

Drywall Sander Reviews:

We recently had some drywall repaired in a few rooms in our house and the plan was to move forward and have the walls sanded and finished before painting. Originally I thought that I would do the drywall sanding myself and then perhaps paint the walls as well. What I didn't realize is the mess that is involved when using a drywall sander (manual that is). With all the dust, it's nearly impossible to keep it in one area. I was nearly at a loss as to what to do and then a friend (contractor) told me about the power drywall sanders that are on the market. They hook right up to a vacuum and the dust is completely gone and the job of sanding the drywall is finished in no time. I didn't know if I wanted to buy a brand new electric drywall sander just for one job, so instead I hired the work out to a professional drywall guy in our town and let him have at it.
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Choosing a Drywall Sander - Drywall sanders are typically sold to drywall contractors and painters but homeowners (DIY) could also benefit from having one in their tool cabinet as well. What to look for? There are really 4 different types that you can will find in stores - the manual sanding block, orbital drywall sanders, the Porter Cable sanders, and the Dustless Turbo sander. You want a drywall sander that is lightweight, has a pivoting head, and one that eliminates the dust through a hose that is connected to a portable vacuum cleaner. Power, or electric drywall sanders, do the work 3 to 4 times faster than a traditional hand sander. The dust free drywall sander is what you should be looking for. Most reviews we read constantly harp on the fact that the dust is an issue unless you have a system to get it from the sander to a vacuum. Therefore, a drywall sander with vacuum attachment is a necessity and many models are sold just that way. We found drywall sanders in stores like Home Depot, Lowe's, and Sears. Top brands include Porter Cable, Magna, Rokamat, and Dustless Technologies. When smoothing the plastering compound the drywall sander is the best tool for the job. Some experts will say you can get away with the manual sanders for small jobs, dustless models are good for medium sized projects and the Porter-Cable 7800 is perfect for professionals. The one plus with the Dustless Turbo and PC 7800 are that they have extension arms that allow you to reach high areas (walls and ceilings) whereas the handheld orbital sanders or manual sanders don't easily reach those spots. Drywall Sander Reviews - We found the best selection online at Amazon.com - read owner reviews and see comments and feedback on the most popular sanders. Epinions has some consumer reviews and Home Depot also listed some owner opinions on their website. You can browse the best selling drywall sanders here.

Best Drywall Sander:

RECOMMENDED - There is guessing which one is best, among experts, professionals, and homeowners, the Porter-Cable 7800 is top rated and receives the highest praise. With the 13 foot vacuum hose you can reach high ceilings and way up on walls that otherwise might require getting on a ladder. The lightweight drywall sander offers variable speeds from 1400 to 2000 RPM. Drywall contractors carry this with them on every job. The guy who did our house said he's been using his for 5 years now and hasn't had a problem. I must say there was very little dust after he was done and the drywall looked great. Buying one of these will definitely save you time and the wear and tear on your back and neck if you used a manual or orbital sander on the job. At around $500, the Porter Cable sander is not cheap and some people mention renting versus buying depending on your needs. For drywall contractors and professional painters the 7800 is a no brainer for their jobs, but homeowners need to think about it. The only complaint we found amongst all the reviews is that some note that the weight (8 pounds) can be a little tiresome after hours of use. Fair enough we say, but the overall performance and reliability has never been in question. You can see a brief video down below of the Porter Cable 7800.

Dust Free Drywall Sander:

BEST - The Dustless Technologies 50001 Turbo Drywall Sander at $130 is a great option for DIY homeowners that aren't sanding drywall daily. The vacuum powered orbital head does wonders on remodel jobs where you have quite a bit of drywall to finish. The pole lets you extend up to 7 feet so sanding ceilings is easy. The Dustless Turbo Drywall Sander is lightweight (just 5 pounds compared to the 8 of the Porter Cable above). It will capture 99% of airborne dust and hooks up to shop vacuums (wet/dry) to eliminate the dust particles. Reviews are mixed on this product with some questioning the durability and performance. Over the years the power of the sander has increased, so earlier reviews mentioning a "powerless" sanding head are no longer valid. If you are a professional drywall guy, then definitely go with the PC, but homeowners should be able to manage with this one.