Updated: November 2017

Duvet Cover Reviews

Seems like the word duvet cover just popped into our lexicon about 15 years ago. Before that, we just had quilts, blankets, and comforters. A duvet cover is simply a cover for a comforter or quilt - much like a pillow cover covers a pillow, allowing you to easily wash the cover and protect the pillow, a duvet cover protects and encloses your comforter, keeping it safe from stains and spills. With expensive down comforters, a duvet cover is a good idea for protection. However, most duvet covers are actually used as a design accessory, bringing color to a room, allowing you to change the feel of a room. There are cheap duvet covers you can buy for a kids twin bed for just $20, you can pick from solid colors or patterns add some style to a kids room.

Buying Guide - Duvet covers are made to fit specific sized comforters - twin, queen, king, etc. Make sure you get the right size, otherwise it will be too baggy or too tight. A common complaint about duvet covers is that the comforter inside shifts all over the place like a sandwich in a loose bag - it bunches up in this corner, droops to the bottom of the cover, etc. The solution for this is either safety pins or duvet cover clips, that work like mini versions of those clips you use in your pantry to keep bags close, except they have clips on both ends. You attach one end of the clip to the inside corner of the duvet cover, then the other end to the edge of the comforter that you want to stay aligned in that corner. Do the same for the other 3 corners, and your comforter should remain more or less in place inside the duvet cover. You can get them at Bed Bath and Beyond, store or online, search for "comforter clips" - they cost about $6 for a set of 4. In terms of retailers that carry duvet cover sets - check out Linens n Things, Ikea, Macy's, Pottery Barn, and Target. You can browse the top selling duvet cover sets online here.

Best Duvet Covers

For the biggest selection, you should browse and shop for a duvet cover online. As long as you know the size you want, and your duvet cover store has a good return policy, you can safely shop from home and return anything that doesn't look like it did online. BedBathStore.com has a good online selection of duvet covers in all sizes. They have solid duvet covers, print duvet covers, jacquard duvet covers, flannel, Thomasville, and more. I like the Pure Luxury Roma Black Velvet Collection (which is actually cotton, despite the name!). "Black & Gold chenille fabrics luxuriously woven for pure elegance. Coordinating weaves create a dramatic bedding ensemble fit for royalty. The duvet cover features Italian rennaissance weaves of delicate grape leaves and vines coordinating with the diamond weave bedskirt. The duvet is fully trimmed with gold braid and tassles on each corner. The black and gold colorway is both a dramatic and timeless decorating combination. Reverse to gold grape leaves on gold ." It comes in a 230 thread count cotton and requires dry cleaning due to the delicate fringes and tassles. A Custom Cover Flutter Duvet Cover model queen size was $129, $139 for a king, in a bright spring floral pattern. Most duvets they offer also come with matching bedskirts, at additional cost of course (about half the price of a duvet cover).

ElegantLinensPC.com was another site we liked. They offer over 80 patterns of luxury duvet covers, from the likes of Tommy Bahama, Peacock alley, Signoria, Mystic Valley Traders, Homestyle, Legacy Linens, Sferra. They have a beautiful Lotus Pond duvet cover by Tommy Bahama, $340 for a queen size. We also liked the lighter colored Island Etching , a linen pen and ink inspired designed on Italian cotton -- also $340 for a queen size duvet cover. They offer a terrific Touch and Feel program, that lets you sample products in your home after purchasing - no risk and no shipping costs if you need to return it (15 day return period). Even Target.com offers a decent collection of duvet covers, including the popular Isaac Mizrahi photo-realistic textile printed duvet covers - $89 for a king size flower pattern - -comes with matching flower pillow shams. They also carry Fieldcrest and Simply Shabby Chic designs. The Fieldcrest classic blue and white duvet cover set runs $119-$129, 300 thread count 100% cotton, two matching pillow shams. Some higher end sites will try to sell you $500+ fancy duvet covers, but you will have to ask yourself whether the protecter/cover for your comforter should cost more than your comforter inside it! You can pay more for fancy fabrics and designer names, but you won't really get any more functionality for your money - if you spend $100-$200 on your duvet cover, you should be happy. Check out the most popular duvet cover sets online here.

Finally, check out PacificCoast.com. They don't have a huge selection of duvet covers, but we love their down comforters and have great experiences shopping with them in the past. They offer a variety of comforter covers - their Vintage Linen Duvet Cover is very elegant looking but only $119 for a king size. They even come with a CaptureClose design that holds your comforter in place inside the duvet cover, and a SimpleSnap feature for easily sealing up and closing the bottom of the duvet cover. You can't go wrong with any of their affordable, fashionable duvet covers.