Updated: September 28, 2015

Egg Cooker Reviews:

Choosing the Best Egg Cookers - Have you mastered the art of the soft boiled egg? Are your hard boiled eggs not quite hard enough? Are you not even sure how to poach an egg? Eggs are one of the most versatile and healthy foods we eat; they are full of protein and are an excellent way to start the day - or to get yourself going again in the afternoon lull. Scrambled and fried eggs are most common, but this introduces a great deal of fat and calories into your meal or snack. Poaching, hard boiling, and soft boiling are excellent ways to get the nutrients you want without the grease you don't. But timing, as they say, is everything. How long do you boil a soft boiled egg? More importantly, do you have the time or the inclination to stand by the stove, monitoring water levels, waiting for the water to boil, and timing everything to perfection? This is where a great egg cooker comes into play. Enjoy your eggs as nature intended: simply and deliciously.
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What is an Egg Cooker - and Do You Need One? - You know the answer to this one: an egg cooker cooks eggs. Typically, you simply put in the amount of eggs you'd like to cook, pour in the appropriate amount of water, and wait for the timer to tell you that your eggs are ready. Once done, you can select the option to keep them warm until you're ready to enjoy. There are different variations on this theme, and you can find a microwave egg cooker, egg poacher, green egg cooker, countertop egg cooker, basted egg cooker, or commercial egg cooker. With one of these, you can easily make perfect soft, medium, and hard boiled eggs, poached eggs, and even scrambled and fried eggs. This brings us to the question of whether or not you need one? Do you want to enjoy the health benefits that eggs provide? We used to think that eggs were "bad" because of cholesterol. Turns out, eggs provide "good" cholesterol and a host of other benefits, including contributing to eye health and reducing risk of macular degeneration and cataracts, providing 6 grams of high quality protein and 9 essential amino acids, providing choline to help regulate the brain, nervous, and cardiovascular systems, providing "good" fat and vitamin D, and perhaps reducing the risk of breast cancer. Studies have found that eggs may actually help prevent clots, strokes, and heart attacks. And you know those people who give their pets an egg with their food to gloss up their coat? It works for us, too! Eggs can help improve hair and nail health. Eggs are great, and perfectly cooked, non-greasy eggs are even better. You can browse the best selling egg cookers here.

Choosing an Egg Cooker:

Your choice of egg cooker will depend on your needs. If you love poached eggs and want to be able to make a perfect breakfast for yourself each morning, a dedicated egg poacher will be ideal. The HotSpot EggShell Silicone Egg Poacher, for instance, is a half-cup, nonstick silicone "egg shell" that is dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe. To use, just coat the HotSpot with olive oil or a cooking spray and crack an egg into it. Place the EggShell in boiling water, and 4-6 minutes later, you have a beautifully poached egg. Some people serve them right in the EggShell, but they also slide out quickly and easily. Use the EggShell to shape desserts, like ice cream cakes, Jell-O molds, frozen desserts, and egg souffles, called timbales. The EggShell receives all 5-star reviews from Amazon consumers - rare that one product pleases so many people. It costs $9 for the set of 2. If you want to cook a variety of different eggs, an Oster Egg Cooker, like the model 4716, is ideal. It cooks up to 8 hard, medium, or soft boiled eggs and can steam heat poach up to 4 eggs. It features a non-stick, non-stain surface, automatic shut-off, and signal light so you know when your eggs are done. This model costs $100 and is well-suited for families or frequent egg-eaters. The Oster Egg Cooker is popular with consumers from Amazon, Wize, and Walmart, among others, and was a top pick of ConsumerUnlimited. When choosing, keep the style of eggs you like in mind, as well as the capacity of the egg cooker and its price.

Best Egg Cookers:

Top names in the egg cooker business include Oster, Maverick, NordicWare, Chef's Choice, West Band, Krups, and Cuisinart. As well as the wide range of styles, you will find a wide range of prices. Fortunately, in this case, one of the best is also one of the least expensive. We love when that happens. According to consumers and experts alike, the Krups 230-70 Egg Cooker is the perfect addition to any kitchen. It was named as the best electric egg cooker by ConsumerUnlimited. It can boil up to 7 eggs and has 2 poaching trays. The dual switch allows you to boil and keep warm. The Krups model features a timer and bell, water level indicator, egg piercer to leech out sulfur, removable plastic egg holder to allow you to cool eggs under water, and non-stick coating. Easy to use, easy to clean, and easy on the budget. The Krups egg cooker is just over $25. Another favorite with consumers is the Cuisinart CEC-7 Egg Cooker. This can cook up to 7 eggs and includes a poaching tray for up to 3 eggs and 2 egg holders for hard boiled eggs. Water-fill lines ensure that you cook the eggs optimally, and the piercing pin prevents egg shells from cracking and also leeches sulfur away, keeping the yolks sunny and yellow. The indicator light, ready signal, and automatic shut-off help you make perfect eggs every time. This Cuisinart egg cooker is $30. For ease or convenience, you may find a microwave egg cooker better suited for your needs. A great one to try is NordicWare's 64802 Egg Cooker. This can soft or hard boil up to 4 eggs in the microwave. You only need to fill with the appropriate amount of water, put the eggs into the grooves in the cooker, screw on the top, and pop in the microwave. Several reviewers did note that you have to experiment to get the timing right because each microwave heats a bit differently. Other than that, perfect eggs every time. This microwave egg cooker is $10 There is a wonderful selection of countertop and microwave egg cookers, as well as those that boil and poach. Get the benefits of healthy, delicious eggs without spending time at the stove. Let your egg cooker do it for you.