Updated: November 2017

Electric Blanket Reviews:

Electric blankets are great for cold weather climates where heating your entire house or even a room doesn't make financial sense. Why pay a few bucks a day to heat your home at night when you can spend pennies and still keep warm with an electric blanket. When we were growing up, one end of our house had no central heating (got to love those do it yourself house expanions). This made for some pretty cold winter nights. We got around it by using electric blankets - you might see your breath in the morning, but you sure slept warm throughout the night. Modern electric blankets are very safe. There are electric warming blankets, electric throw blankets, heated warming blankets, and heated mattress pads. You can buy electric blankets for any bed size - king (California King), queen, twin, or full. The electric blanket is put on top of your bed sheet and below any comforter or extra blankets you may have. The best electric blankets will heat up in less than 15 minutes and all have timers you can set to go on and off automatically. There are even dual control electric blankets (king or queen sizes) that allow seperate settings on each side of the blanket so each person can have their comfortable heat setting. You can normally "feel" the wires in the electric blanket, so you definitely want a sheet between you and the blanket.

So why buy an electric blanket?

  • Save Money
  • Climb into a warm bed in the winter instead of a freezing bed
  • Stay warm all night no matter how cold the room
  • Save Energy

Best Electric Blankets:

The top brand names in electric blankets are Sunbeam, Beautyrest, Biddeford, Chattam & Wells, Martex, and Sealy. You can expect to pay about $110 for a basic king electric blanket from Sunbeam but a smaller twin size from Biddeford will cost only $43. We read customer reviews on several websites that sell electric blankets and visited Amazon.com, Comforthouse.com, ElectricBlanket.net to see what the newest and best electric blankets are on the market.

RECOMMENDED: One of the top sellers is the Sunbeam Imperial Nights Electric Heated Warming Blanket - King size ($69.95), it's machine washable, the ComfortSet Digital Control gives you 10 warming settings. Owners say the 2 controllers for dual temperature control work precisely and keep both people warm all night. Turn down the thermostat, turn on the Sunbeam, and save money during the cold winter months. You can buy the same model Sunbeam as a twin ($35), full size ($50), although we did not see a queen size listed for this model. The lighted dial is perfect for being able to see at night when the lights are off. It automatically dims after 60 seconds and the preheat feature is really nice.

CUSTOMERS SAY: "I love climbing into a warm bed - no more socks. And I can keep my side just the temperature I want. This blanket is a keeper!"
"Affordable and warm. We've been using it for more than 3 months and are very pleased."

Another popular luxury warming blanket is the Simmons Beautyrest Worldclass electric blanket for $94/queen. It's rated as one of the softest blankets on the market and comes with a patented Safety Watch system that performs 120 safety checks per second. The 10 hour shut off is what customers like the best but they also say the 10 temperature setting dial is easy to set and gives consistent heating throughout the night. RECOMMENDED: The Soft Heat Warming Blanket ($200 for queen) is a high end favorite and it's also one of the few heated blankets that will maintain its original size after being washed. The 5-year warranty assures buyers of a quality product. There are no bulky wires and it is considered "The World's Safest Electric Blanket" with its Safe & Warm technology. The low voltage non hazardous technology on this blanket provide consistent heat with no hot spots and the dual controls automatically shut off after 10 hours. Works fine with Sleep Number beds. You can browse the entire list of the most popular electric blankets online here.

Heated Mattress Pad:

Looking for a little heat below your body, then perhaps an electric blanket is not the right choice. Go with a heated mattress pad for your warming needs. The Chattam & Wells Heated Mattress Pad fits all mattresses up to 15" and the king size pad sells for $116. Pre-warms much like an electric blanket and works silently. RECOMMENDED - The Sunbeam Imperial 140-Thread-Count Polyester Cotton Blend Comfort Heated Mattress Pad is another top-rated pad, it fits mattresses up to 18" deep, and features the dual SimpliTouch dial controls for ultimate in temperature control. There are 10 temperature settings, an auto-dimmer, and it will shut-off after 10 hours. It's machine washable and comes in a twin size as well. You can browse all the top selling heated mattress pads online here.

Travel Electric Blankets:

These are great inventions - portable electric blankets that you can take on vacation or on a road trip. Men and women have been arguing for years about the air conditioning in hotel rooms, car, etc. Now women can travel with an electric blanket that easily plugs into 12 volt plugs. 12 volt electric blankets are cheap to power and work effectively. The Comfy Cruise Electric Car Blanket ($33) - made of 100% polyester fleece and a 7 foot cord which makes it easy to use in the back seat or front seat of any car. The ability to plug the fleece electric blanket into the cigarette lighter socket and warm up is what makes these blankets special. Amazon sells a slightly less expensive 12 Volt Electric Travel Blanket for $26 from RoadPro.

Electric Blanket Safety Tips:

Electric blankets can still be a safety hazard if not used properly or kept in good working condition. Please follow some basic guidelines for safety below:
  • Buy new blankets when possible, 2nd hand blankets may not be safe
  • Read the manufacturers instructions carefully
  • Never use the blanket if it's wet or creased
  • Don't wash the electric blanket unless the manufacturer's guidelines say it is safe to do so
  • Check the plug cord for any signs of wear or damage
  • Have an expert check your blanket every 3 years to ensure that it is running properly and safe to use