Updated: November 2017

Electric Caulking Gun Reviews:

There are tools every household should have: hammers, screwdrivers, pliers...these are the basics that even the non-handy among us should know how to handle. But for those who want to tackle the next level up in home improvement and maintenance projects, caulking guns are a must-have for everything from sealing tile in your bathroom to filling a crack in your basement that is causing a draft. They are invaluable if you've purchased an old home that needs some TLC or if you have an apartment that could use a bathroom makeover. Most people find that a manual caulk gun works just fine for their needs; electric caulking guns are better suited for larger jobs, which can include commercial jobs. Do you need an upgrade from manual caulking guns? If so, read on.
electric caulking gun

What Can You Do with an Electric or Pneumatic Caulking Gun - When you are looking for an electric caulking gun, you will no doubt run into reviews and forum posts in which people say, "Don't bother with an electric model. Manual models work just fine." That they do; you could do endless projects around the house with a $10 manual caulking gun. Unless you have carpal tunnel, arthritis, an injury of the hand, arm, or shoulder, or a really big job to tackle...in that case, you will find that an electric or pneumatic caulking gun may suit you better. While you can find big industrial models for jobs like laying subfloor, you can find more compact guns that are fine for household jobs, including:

*Sealing baseboard joints.
*Sealing windows.
*Fixing small plumbing problems.
*Sealing cracks.
*Re-caulking tile in your shower or tub.

What should you look for when purchasing an electric caulking gun?

*Source of power. Many models are powered by simple, everyday AA batteries. The advantage of these is that they are convenient and typically have a lower price tag than cordless caulking guns. These have a rechargeable battery pack, and while they are far more pricy, they can handle caulking that is much more viscous than ordinary, home caulking. If you work in building or construction, this may be a valuable addition to your arsenal. Getting a pneumatic caulking gun is also an option. These cost about as much as a battery-powered caulking gun, but they need a source of compressed air. You can buy a compressor unit to power any pneumatic tools you have or you can fill up. This isn't worth the cost unless you already have a stock of pneumatic tools.

*Brand. Brands like Black and Decker, Dewalt, Milwaukee, Craftsman, Campbell Hausfeld, Cox, CRL, Z Pro, AST, Cooper, and Astro Pneumatic are all top brands and have caulking guns that review well with consumers. Prices run from Craftsman on the lower end with caulking guns starting at $40 to Milwaukee on the higher end with guns in the $250 range.

*Features. Many caulking guns have more than one speed for precision, drip resistant tips, and tools to puncture caulk tube seals. These help make your job easier.

*Warranty. It never hurts to know your tools are backed up by a good warranty.

Electric Caulking Gun Reviews - We don't know of a better source than the owner reviews that get posted on Amazon.com. You can literally read up on almost any brand and model and get the in depth feedback and comments that should make your purchase easier. You can browse the best selling electric caulking guns here.

Best Electric Caulking Guns:

Let's start with one of the most trusted names in home tools in the industry: Black and Decker. Their CG100 2-Speed Powered Caulk Gun is popular with consumers, and it is well-suited for use around the home. As some reviewers note, it is not an industrial caulking gun; it can't handle more viscous sealants. But it does an excellent job for most DIYers who want to work on anything from sealing tubs and sinks to caulking trim and moulding. It features two speeds for precision, drip resistant tip, on-board tool to puncture caulk tube seals, tube carrier, Even Bead technology, easy-load barrel, and two-year warranty. It operates on two AA batteries. Reviewers like its lightweight and its ability to lay down a smooth bead. You can find the Black and Decker for $37.

Let's move over to the other end of the spectrum, both in terms of price and capability with the Milwaukee 6562-21 14.4-Volt Caulk Adhesive Gun with 10-Ounce Carriage Kit. We'll tell you about all its wonderful features before we tell you about the price. The Milwaukee caulk gun features 4.4 volts of power and is 50 percent faster than other cordless caulking guns. One battery charge will get you through 185 packs of latex caulk, so you have quite a few jobs ahead of you. The 620 pound pushing force allows you to use the Milwaukee with more viscous materials. Other features include a maximum no-load pushing speed of 23 inches per minute to keep your job moving at a good pace, variable speed dial, trigger switch, auto reverse, interchangeable front end for quart tubes or 20 ounce sausage packs, and lock-off switch. This cordless caulking gun is heavier than the Black and Decker, so it can take some getting used to as you build up your muscles, but consumers agree that it delivers exceptional, and professional, results. Now the price: $252. This is not outrageous for a power tool, especially one as versatile as this one. If you are a pro or a serious DIYer, this is a great investment.

For a look at pneumatic caulking guns, let's look at the Campbell Hausfeld PL1558 Air-Powered Caulk Gun. This is another model that is excellent for around the house type projects; it won't go far in an industrial setting, but for a variety of home projects, this is indispensible. It can handle caulk, sealants, and adhesive. It features a responsive trigger, shut-off valve to stop drips before they start, and even beading. It needs .1 SCFM at 90 PSI for operation and can run off home or automotive compressors. The Campbell Hausfeld is a great value at $22.

Look on Amazon.com for a great selection of electric and pneumatic caulking guns; when a manual just won't do the job, upgrade to an easy electric model.