Updated: November 2017

Electric Chain Saws Reviews:

Finding the Right Electric Chainsaws - One of the favorite tools for a do-it-yourselfer is an electric chainsaw. Relatively inexpensive and easy to use, a chainsaw is essential for those with serious yard work to take care of. Where do you start? Why should you get an electric chainsaw instead of a gas-powered model? What will you be able to do with it? Which brands are the best, and where do I get the best price? Purchasing a chainsaw can be more work than you thought! This guide will answer all of your questions so you can make an informed decision and purchase the best chainsaw for your needs.
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Why Use an Electric Chainsaw? - If you're using a chainsaw for heavy duty cutting, by all means, get a gas-powered chainsaw. These are more powerful and can help you get big jobs done more quickly. If, however, you're a homeowner who wants to trim trees and bushes or other light jobs, a gas-powered chainsaw is overkill. It is too big, too loud, too heavy, and too expensive for your needs. You can do yourself, and your wallet, a favor by opting for an electric chainsaw. While they have less power than a gas-powered version, this may not be an issue for you at all. In fact, it may be a benefit. Electric chainsaws are easier to use and safer. They can be used in an indoor workshop. They're lighter, less expensive, and lower maintenance than their gas-powered brothers. That being said, it is no more a toy than a gas chainsaw. These are still dangerous and powerful tools that need to be wielded carefully. One other thing to keep in mind is that electric chainsaws are corded. You'll have to operate within 100 feet (150 feet at the very most) of a power outlet, and, of course, stay out of wet weather. When choosing an electric chainsaw for your home and yard work, opt for light weight and easy to maneuver. For very light work, choose a chainsaw with a guide bar of 14 inches or less. For moderate work, go with 14 to 20 inches. This should be all the power and usability you'll need for your purposes. Look also for safety features including:

*Anti-kickback chain
*Chain catcher
*C-shaped rear handle to protect your hand
*Trigger lock
*Inertia-activated chain brakes
*Anti-vibration handle
*Side-mounted or tool-free chain tensioning
*Built-in circuit breaker
*Sharp chain (this increases safety)

You also want to invest in some safety gear like goggles, Kevlar gloves, and hearing protection. Experts also recommend you think about Kevlar jackets and chaps and safety boots. Don't wear steel toe boots; instead, get a pair with Kevlar behind the toes. This is a common site for chainsaw cuts, as are the legs and hands. To scare you further, the average chainsaw cut requires a trip to the hospital and 110 stitches. And to terrify you, 5 stitches, wound dressing, and lidocaine can cost $1,300. You don't even want to know what 110 stitches costs. It's better to save the pain and spend the money on safety gear. Electric Chain Saw reviews - Surprisingly, most of the reviews you find for electric chain saws are more positive than those for gas powered models. Owner feedback on websites like Amazon.com show that the vast majority of electric chainsaw ratings offer high praise instead of complaints. We found Forestry.About.com to be a great source for ratings and top models. Also, Epinions and Home Depot offer up consumer comments on their websites. You can browse the best selling electric chain saws online here.

Best Electric Chainsaws:

The best chainsaw for you is likely to depend a great deal on budget. If you want to spend less rather than more (who doesn't?), a good place to start is with Craftsman. This is a very common and popular brand; while pros will say that they'd rather have a Makita or another high end chainsaw, for the vast majority of people, a Craftsman electric chainsaw will do the job perfectly. About.Forestry recommends Craftsman, and ConsumerSearch chose the Craftsman 34118 as the best budget electric chainsaw. The 34118 features a 13 amp, 4 hp motor (plenty of power for around the home and yard), 18-inch bar, chain brake, safety lock, auto chain oiling, tool-free chain tensioning, and UL/ANSI certification. You'll also get a 1 year warranty. The 34118 electric chainsaw is lightweight and easy to maneuver; it is also nearly identical to the Poulan Pro 400E, which was named by ConsumerUnlimited as one of the best electric chainsaws. You can find this top budget choice at Sears for about $95. Either the Craftsman 24118 or the Poulan Pro 400E will serve you well - and leave you money left over for that safety gear. For other budget electric chainsaws, check out McCullough, Remington, and Black & Decker. Climbing the price ladder, you'll find two of the best names in the industry: Makita and Husqvarna. About.Forestry recommends the pricier Makitas because they are the most powerful electric chainsaws, and they consistently earn top reviews from consumers. Try the Makita 5012B Commercial Grade Electric Chainsaw. With an 11.5 amp motor, light 9.6-pound weight, 12-inch guide bar, 5500 feet per minute chain speed, durable polycarbonate housing, built-in overload protector, and special sprocket for smooth chain action, this is a top quality choice that will provide performance and safety for users. Amazon reviewers call the Makita the "best of the best," the best tool," and the "perfect little saw." It is $200 - but at least you can save money on shipping. The 5012B chain saw's bigger brother, the equally popular Makita UC4030A Commercial Grade Electric Chain Saw offers a 15 amp motor, 16-inch bar, 1-touch, tool-less blade and chain adjustments, rubberized grip handles for comfort and easy handling, large trigger switch, smooth operation, built-in current limiter, large oil reservoir, and view window to check bar oil level. Another great Makita. This one goes for $230 and offers a little more power. ConsumerSearch and ConsumerUnlimited named the Husqvarna 316E as the best electric chainsaw. What does this pricy beauty offer users? No emissions, light 9.7-pound weight, 13 amp, 2 hp motor, 16-inch bar, chain brake, safety lock, auto chain oiling, anti-vibration handle, translucent oil reservoir, quiet and easy operation, and great safety features. This is a top-of-the-line model for $250 and will serve you well for frequent use. A chainsaw can be a great investment for homeowners - just take the time to make sure it is a safe investment as well. The brands mentioned (as well as top brand Stihl) will treat you right. View top rated electric chainsaws here.