Updated: November 2017

Electric Griddle Reviews:

Cooking breakfast at home with an electric griddle had become a thing of the past - that is until recently. Electric griddles are making a comeback in kitchens across America as people are looking to escape the boring breakfast foods that have come to dominate our lives. Many people forego breakfast and head straight to Starbucks or McDonald's for a less than healthy start to their days. My kids love it when we cook on the griddle making pancakes, bacon, eggs, and even hashbrowns. I can still remember when my dad would plug in our electric griddle and make us "breakfast for dinner" as we called it in our house. It seemed like a treat back then having pancakes and eggs for dinner. Nowadays, griddles are better than ever and tend to clean up much easier than the ones we used 10 or 20 years ago. Just which griddles get the best ratings? What features should you be looking for in a sturdy, reliable griddle? We go into a brief buying guide down below with reviews on the top models.

Buying Guide - The first thing to consider is how many people you will regularly be preparing food for on the griddle. Models like the West Bend 76220 are ok for 1 or 2 people, but it will not hold enough food on the 20 x 10 inch griddle for larger crowds. The Presto Tilt'nDrain BigGriddle is offered on Amazon and gets excellent reviews from owners for it's size (23 by 17 inches) and the price. The Wall Street Journal recently gave the Presto griddle a "Best Value" award since it is priced at roughly $40. Many have onboard temperature guides to help with the cooking process, although not all models in tests we read up on performed that great. Splash guards are a nice feature if you plan on cooking eggs or bacon as grease can become an issue. The BroilKing Professional (PCG-10) has a good sized splatter guard and stainless steel handles. Drip trays are a feature that all griddles need or else you will be cleaning up a mess off your counters each time you use it. In terms of cleaning, some models like the West Bend are dishwasher safe, although most other brands are not. The top brands for electric griddles are Presto, Hamilton Beach, Rival, West Bend, and BroilKing. There are products like the Cuisinart GR-4 Griddler ($130) that perform multiple functions such as griddle cooking, but they don't offer the same convenience as the Presto or Broilking. For electric griddle reviews, we found Amazon to have by far and away the most from consumers and Epinions also provided some great owner feedback. The article in the WSJ was brief, yet informative. Consumer Reports has not rated griddles in some time but we will update this article when they do provide their opinion. Pricing is fairly reasonable with the cheapest griddles starting at $30 and going up to $130 for the professionally designed models. Shopping online at stores like Amazon, Walmart or Target is a great way to read reviews and see pictures before buying your favorite. Top rated electric griddles are available online at cooking stores like Surlatable.com, Cookware.com and Cooking.com. If you like to cook breakfast for friends or family and need lots of space that a traditional pancake griddle can't offer, go with the larger griddles we have listed below. You can browse the top selling electric griddles online here.

Best Electric Griddle:

The name BroilKing came up in many reviews we read as well as Presto. The Presto Tilt 'n Drain Big Griddle ($40) gets praise for it's large cooking area (23 by 17 inches) and the ability to cook on a flat surface or one that is slightly angled to allow grease to drain off. The Presto griddle can be found at Home Depot and Amazon. Customer reviews are very positive and rate it right up there with the BroilKing. As for the BroilKing Black Electric Griddle ($55) which sells on several websites, almost all owner feedback is solid. The nonstick cooking surface measures 21 x 12-in so it can hold plenty of breakfast goodies. You can cook pancakes or hamburgers on this griddle. Some people say it takes a while to heat the surface up to 425 degrees, but that doesn't effect the cooking ability of the BroilKing.

Budget Electric Griddle:

The Hamilton Beach StepSavor Jumbo Griddle ($25) faired pretty well in reviews and owners have mostly good things to say about this budget griddle. You will find it online at Amazon.com. It's one of the cheaper griddles on the market but still performs up to par in most households. The 200-square-inch nonstick electric griddle will do just fine for family meals and the adjustable heat dial allows for versatility while cooking bacon, eggs, or sausages. The unit is dishwasher safe which makes cleanup real simple, although some owners note that the drip tray is hard to remove and often sticks. The best way to handle the drip tray is to make sure your griddle is cleaned often so the tray remains easy to operate. You will find the Hamilton Beach griddle for sale at Amazon, Todaysconcept.com, and Dmart.

Professional Griddle:

If you need a professional series griddle, then all experts say go with the Broil King PCG-10 Professional Griddle ($100). The BroilKing PCG-10 can handle large orders with its 21 by 12 inch cooking area that features a splatter guard and stainless steel handles for easy lifting and maneuvering. You will pay a premium for this model but owners can't say enough about this professional looking griddle. It heats up fast, cooks eggs, pancakes, bacon, and hashbrowns with ease, and has a sturdy design. You can get it at Comforthouse.com or Amazon.