Updated: November 2017

Reviews of the Best Electric Heaters and Space Heaters:

In recent years as energy prices have gone up around the United States, heating our homes has become a heavier burden on our budgets, especially during the winter months. If you own one of those "McMansions" that is 3000+ SQ Feet, then your heating bill during the peak winter months could well exceed $500/month in some areas. Most of us want to be warm and don't necessarily require that the whole house be heated in order to be comfortable. Most central heating systems are not good at just heating certain rooms or areas of the house very well and you end up wasting lots of energy by heating rooms that are never used. Therefore, having a portable heater in the same area where you are sitting or sleeping makes perfect sense and will definitely help to lower your heating bill if you are able to turn down your thermostat on your central heating system.

Portable Electric Heaters - Space Heaters

Amazon.com is always a convenient and safe place to shop online -- and they offer a good selection of electric heaters. The DeLonghi Mica Panel Heater ($140) has a slim, modern design -- it can even be hung on a wall. It does a terrific job in heating small spaces and wins rave reviews. Another small, efficient model is the Vornado DVH Digital Vortex Heater ($99) - it weighs just 6 pounds and can be used just as a fan in warm months. Like all Vornados, this one blows and circulates air around the room -- it is not just a radiant heater -- so the entire room will be warm within about 10-15 minutes of turning it on. Another nice thing is that the plastic unit does NOT get hot -- a real benefit if you have kids around. You can browse more than 40 of the best-selling space heaters online here.

We also like the selection we found at HomeDepot.com. They carry Charmglow, DuraHeat, Fedders, Hampton Bay, Honeywell, and Patton heaters. Although some are over $300, we think that for $60-$100 you should be able to get a decent portable heater that will keep you warm. Keep reading below to find out the top models and prices. Portable heaters come in all sizes and shapes and some run on propane, natural gas, or are electric. The most popular models are the Charmglow Vent - Free Gas Stove Natural Gas ($299) - this is a beautiful replica of an authentic wood burning stove that removes all the hassles and still gives you solid heat production. There is a similar model that runs on propane for the same price. The Fedders 9,000 BTU Electronic Portable Air Conditioner with Heat is really 2 products in one and at $489.99 you need to want both cold and hot air to get your moneys worth. I have owned the Honeywell Digital Oscillating Heater ($39.99) for about a year now and it works well. Be sure to check that the electric heater you buy will heat the space you want (most do a bedroom, bathroom, nursery, etc). Also, for safety reasons turn them off whenever you leave the room so that the risk of fire is kept to a minimum. Target, Sears, and Walmart also carry complete lines of floor heaters, wall heaters, panel heaters, portable heaters, and electric heaters.

Electric Panel Heaters:

One of the top electric panel heaters in production is the Econo-Heat electric heater. The Econo-Heat slim panel heater uses small spacers to mount to a wall and the air gap between the wall and the electric heater creates efficient convection heat. The Econo-Heat is meant for smaller bedrooms (10 x 10) but does a great job with spaces of 100 SQ FT or less. You can install them in less than 5 minutes and they are virtually maintenance free. It uses less power than the average computer (400 watts) and costs about $.03/hour to run based on the average power cost of $.08 per kilowatt/hr. There is also no fire or burn risk because the electric heater panel has no exposed electric elements. The panel heater is similar to baseboard heaters and works the same as a central heating system except for much cheaper. The Econo-Heat panel heater will work more economically than electric reverse cycle air conditioners, electric radiator heaters, electric fan heaters, and electric oil heaters. The cost of the Econo-Heat is just $89.95 and will improve your energy efficiency immediately.

Baseboard Heaters - Wall Heaters:

I grew up with baseboard heaters in my house and they are still seen in older schools and building. The old wall heaters worked tremendously well in small rooms, but were terribly inefficient in larger rooms. The current lineup of baseboard and wall heaters have improved and work much better than their older counterparts. The Cadet 5 Ft. White Electric Baseboard 1250 Watt Heater ($50) is a top selling model at HomeDepot and other hardware stores. Cadet also offers the The EBHA Softheat Permanent Baseboard heater which is perfect for nurseries and bedrooms and the EPA Softheat Portable Baseboard from Cadet is great as a supplemental heating choice. HomeDepot also carries plenty of wall Cadet heaters like the Cadet Com-Pak Plus 1000 Watt Fan Forced Wall Heater ($120), Cadet Com-Pak Twin Plus 4000 Watt Fan Forced Wall Heater ($207). RECOMMENDED - The Qmark LFK404 Fan-Forced Wall Heater is one of the top ranked room heaters with a 400 Sq. Ft. coverage area. It will mount to the wall and owners say installation is easy and it works perfectly in basements and other mid sized rooms.