Updated: November 2017

Electric Knife Reviews:

Holiday season brings family get togethers and neighborhood dinners. Americans love their turkey, hams, and roasts so having an electric carving knife in your kitchen can come in handy if the food is cooked at your house. Growing up, my father would valiantly cut the Thanksgiving turkey with a manual knife and struggle to keep the cuts straight and smooth. We all took pity on the poor guy and eventually pitched in to buy him a nice electric knife just for those meals. That was almost ten years ago and now there are dozens of brands that carry electric knives and many are priced below $50. We went online to try and find reviews for electric knives and found some excellent customer feedback on Amazon.com as well as more official reviews done by the likes of the Wall Street Journal. Surprisingly enough some of the same knives came out on top of the majority of these reviews and tests. Several of these comparisons included both corded and cordless electric knives. Down below we will go into more details on the best electric knives on the market and a general buying guide.
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What to look for when buying an electric knife?

Two sets of blades are the best - one for slicing meats (longer) and one for bread or vegetables (shorter). You'll want a knife with 100 watts of power or more and a long enough power cord to get reach all parts of your kitchen. A high torque motor will allow you to cut through the thickest of meats. If you go the cordless route, make sure the knife will stay charged long enough so you can cut through an entire turkey or ham. No sense in having an electric knife if the batteries are dead. Detachable blades are the easiest to clean, hand washing is recommended over dishwasher use. In the majority of reviews we came across for electric kitchen knives, it appears that the cheaper models broke more often and the blades were suspect at cutting consistently. Some knives are too loud and others don't let you get a good grip while cutting. You are probably going to have to spend at least $50 for a quality electric knife that will get you through many years of successful cutting and slicing. Who makes the best electric knife? Cuisinart has the top rated electric knives per Amazon.com, Goodhousekeeping.com, and the Wall Street Journal. Other brands like Black and Decker, Hamilton Beach, and Oster produce electric knives, but the quality is just not there. You can browse the list of best-selling electric knives here.

Best Electric Knife:

When it comes to cooking and kitchen equipment, we almost always turn our attention to Cooking.com for the best advice and reviews on the latest kitchen wares. We found the Cuisinart Electric Knife ($70) listed as one of the top rated kitchen knives around. Amazon.com supported those opinions and the Wall Street Journal review on electric knives also said the Cuisinart took top billing. The knife will carve roasts, rack of lamb, ham, etc. The stainless steel carving blade is smooth and gives you "ridge-free slices" says the WSJ. You also get an additional blade for cutting bread. The wood storage unit is great for safe keeping. The 3 year warranty is better than most and the blades are dishwasher safe. Some comments from consumers include "blades perform beautifully" and "it's sleek design" looks great in any kitchen. The 120V motor is powerful and the ergonomically designed handle is perfect. There is even a pressure activated on/off trigger. The blade is easy to clean and does a great job slicing through turkey and other meats.

Best Value Electric Knife:

We found one called the Piranha Electric Knife ($39.95) at the Chefdepot.com website. The knife is touted as useful for both carving turkey and filleting fish. You get smooth, even cutting from the knife. The one drawback is the short cord - not something that is going to reach across an entire kitchen. Most of the other budget knives we looked into were disappointing and few received even mediocre ratings. Also check out the Black and Decker SlimGrip for less than $20 - it rates 4 stars out of 5, and gets the job done without breaking the bank (HERE).

Cordless Electric Knife:

There's no doubt that cordless electric knives are the way to go as long as you don't sacrifice power for portability. The Sonic Blade ($60) took this award without much competition. It's the knife you may have seen on infomercials and it does extremely well compared to the corded electric knives. Although the battery weighs the knife down a bit, the blades are strong and the motor is definitely powerful enough to carve up your feast. Many shoppers say this electric knife is the best since you can use it right at the kitchen table without any cords attached. You get the freshest cuts of meat avaible. If you go to Buysonicblade.com there is an entire website dedicated to this product with a list of all the extras you get when you purchase it. Be sure to check at Amazon.com for better pricing on this item.