Updated: November 2017

Electric Lawn Mower Reviews:

Are you in the market to buy an electric lawn mower? The good news is that the technology behind the electric mowers has only improved over the last decade and now being "green" is the right thing to do. You could go with a push reel mower but if your lawn grows too fast the push mower may not cut through the grass so well. The new electric lawn mowers are powerful enough to handle most lawns in modern homes and they require no oil, gas, or tune-ups like you find with gas mowers. Todays yards are much smaller than even a decade ago so even if you have some lawn around your house odds are that it is small enough for an electric mower to get through it without too much difficulty. You just need an outlet to plug it into and an extension cord. They are easy to start to, no need to pull on a cord, just push the starter button or turn a key. You'll find electric lawn mowers cost about $165 to $300 and the cordless electric mowers are $350 or more.
electric lawn mower

What is the best brand for electric lawn mowers? From all the research we did it appears that Black & Decker is Rated #1 amongst consumers and experts in this field. Other top names include Earthwise, Worx, Bolens, Yard Machines, and Remington. If you want a battery powered mower, then the Neuton is the way to go, but they are expensive and probably no better for the environment than the electric models. The best website for electric lawn mower reviews is at Amazon.com where 100's of owners have posted comments and feedback on particular models. The Black & Decker LM175 is perhaps the most basic electric mower on the market with no rear bag but it gets the top billing on Amazon. The Black & Decker MM875 Lawn Hog is a more well rounded mower with mulching capabilities and a rear bag to catch the lawn clippings. You can find in depth reviews in Consumer Reports magazine, in the landscaping section of About.com, and more of a "green" perspective on the Treehugger.com and Ecogeek.com websites. RECOMMENDED - We suggest shopping online for an electric lawn mower at Amazon.com. They carry a wide selection of Black & Decker and Earthwise Mowers. You can find the most popular and best selling electric lawn mowers online here.

Best Electric Lawn Mower:

BEST - When it comes to electric lawn mowers, Amazon.com lists the Black & Decker LM175 as the #1 selling model and it's hard to argue with dozens of owners who have given this model a 5 out of 5 stars. Priced below $170, the LM175 is dependable and powerful enough with a 6.5 amp motor to mow your lawn. The 18 inch cutting path and 100 foot range will make quick work of mowing your grass. Owners say the height adjustment lever adjusts smoothly and easily so you can go from 1 to 3 1/2 inches on all 4 wheels at once. The Black & Decker electric lawn mower weighs just 35 pounds so you can lift it into your car if you need to. You get a limited lifetime warranty on the deck and a 2 year limited warranty on the rest. The electric mower is quiet and owners say the "hassle-free" operation is what makes this mower such a great buy. You can purchase an optional side bad assembly if you want to catch the lawn clippings. We found dozens of reviews that mention this mower is "perfect for a small yard" and others say "exceptionally easy to use and no hassling with gas or oil".

Top Rated Electric Mower:

RECOMMENDED - The LM175 above is definitely the most popular model available, but we say the Black & Decker MM875 Lawn Hog is an excellent value for under $250. This electric mulching mower with rear bag and a 12 amp motor is as close to a gas powered mower you will find. The 19 inch cutting path it plenty wide enough to cut your lawn in no time at all and you get the same 1 lever height adjustment that's on the LM175. The MM875 Lawn Hog is top rated by Consumer Reports magazine and owners call it a "reliabel workhorse". The Lawn Hog is lightweight enough and easy to push say most owners although a few mention that they question the long term durability with the plastic parts found on the MM875.

Cordless Electric Mower:

Not everyone wants to deal with the extension cord when mowing a lawn with an electric mower, so that is why the battery powered Neuton mowers have gained in popularity. Perhaps you have too many obstructions in your yard to use a mower that requires a cord. The Neuton CE 6.2 features zero engine emissions that would pollute the air and the battery is removable and rechargeable. The issue with these cordless electric mowers is the price - the Neuton 6.2 will cost you $460 (that's almost triple the price of the Black and Decker above). Perhaps if they come down in value, more people will be buying the Neuton mowers. Browse the best selling cordless electric mowers here.

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