Updated: November 2017

Electricity Usage Monitor Reviews:

Saving energy should be on the minds of all Americans as power consumption amongst US households continues to rise. I recently read in a newspaper article that is everyone turned off their computers at night that we would save billions of dollars a year. That seems like a simple request with a large result if everyone would just start recognizing how much waste is going on with energy usage. Electricity Usage Monitors have been around for years but they are becoming more and more popular as people are actively searching for ways to lower their utility bills. I just recently saw my electricity bill go from $80 to $120/month so I decided to search out what was causing such a large spike from one month to the next. I have bought several of the energy saving power strips to try and cut down on unnecessary power usage when things like TVs, DVDs, and toasters are not in use. I new I had recently purchased a Wii game console and a new computer, but could that be the culprits for such a huge rise in an electricity bill.
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Buying Guide - My first step was to research just which electricity usage monitor was the best. P3 International has the leading product on the market with their P4400 Kill A Watt Monitor and the P4460 Kill A Watt EZ is slightly more expensive but easier to use. We found reviews for the P4400 on several sites like Getrichslowly.org, The-gadgeteer.com, and Testfreaks.com. Perhaps the most useful feedback on electricity usage monitors was on Amazon.com where there are almost 500 independent postings from actual owners of this product. The P4400 is about $20 and worth the up front cost if you plan on implementing a few changes over time. In some findings the dollar amounts are staggering given that turning off appliances or computers could save you $100's each year on your electric bill. Cable boxes are a big hog of energy usage as are all the peripherals for your computer (printers, fax machines, scanners, external hard drives, etc.). The point is that they all add up and if you are really interested in saving some $$ it is totally possible. The P4400 lets you plug into the energy usage for each appliance or electrical device around your house so you can monitor their electricity needs on a daily or monthly basis. Turn those numbers into actual money spent and see what the savings could be. I switched out all the light bulbs in my house a few months ago to the CFL (compact fluorescent light bulb) ones and have seen a slightly improvement. CFL's save $30 over the lifetime of their use and pay for themselves in about 6 months time. With 75% reduction in energy usage to run a CFL versus the incandescent bulbs that a big savings over a long span. One of the most fascinating websites we came across for "saving electricity" was at http://michaelbluejay.com/electricity/cost.html. It breaks down watts, device wattage, hours used, kilowatt hour, amps, volts, and what the average homeowner in America pays for residential electricity. The one common result with consumers who buy the P3 International or similar power consumption measuring devices is that they do save money and are happy with the purchase. It's always a good idea to know what costs you money each month and how to potentially lower your monthly electricity bill. You can browse the top rated electricity usage monitors online here.

Best Electricity Usage Monitor:

RECOMMENDED - The hands down winner in this category is the P3 International P4400 Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor which gets excellent reviews on consumer websites and in energy conservation forums online. The P4400 will connect to your appliances and electrical devices to assess their efficiency. The monitor will count the consumption of kilowatt hours and display then in the LCD display screen. It even calculates your electricity usage and expenses on a daily, weekly, or yearly basis. The accuracy is spot on and you can see volts, amps, and wattage readings. Find out which items in your house are using electricity and start saving money now. Most owners find the P4400 gadget quite interesting to run. You will need to see what your electric company charges on a kilowatt/hr basis to determine savings. It's an educational experience and one that all homeowners should consider. See all the P3 International electricity usage monitors here.

Energy Saving Power Strip:

We suggest starting with a basic power strip that has energy saving potential. The biggest waste with electricity around your house is when appliances or products are pulling small amounts of energy eventhough they are not in use. Things like DVD players, CD players, TVs, toasters, coffee makers, etc. They all use some amount of electricity even when they are just plugged in but not in use. Power strips are a great way to turn off multiple electronic devices at once and save the energy usage, especially at night when they would not be used anyways. The energy saving power strips are easy to use - plug in all your devices into the main strip and then with the push of 1 button you can instantly shut off all those energy using products at once and not waste electricity. RECOMMENDED - The top selling Smart Strip LCG3 Energy Saving Power Strip with Autoswitching Technology is a good product to start with. There are 10 outlets to plug your electrical devices into, the premium EMF/RFI filtering and the 2225 joule protection are essential against those dreaded power surges. Great for computers or home entertainment centers that tend to have lots of plugs that need outlets. It's convenient and easy to use, just turn the off/on switch to off when not using the devices hooked up to it and stop wasting electricity. The Smart Strip LCG5 is another energy saving product with auto switching technology and modem/coaxial surge protection.

Other Power Consumption Monitor Products:

When it comes to energy consumption in our houses, we first need to find out what is sapping all the energy up everyday. I found that my air conditioner in the summer months really raised up my electrical bill. Beyond that the cable box, refrigerator, dishwasher, and computer were other large users of electricity. Since I work from home it's hard to think of ways to eliminate usage in the daytime since I need lights on, the computer and peripherals runnings, etc. My big savings can come at night when I shutdown everything with one of the power strips (see above) that I bought. No more standby electrical waste on things like televisions, computers, dvd players, etc. I flip the switch when I go to bed and save $$$ while I sleep. You can view all the most popular energy saving devices here. If everyone does just a little bit to contribute to saving energy we would all be better off. The small investment up front for energy saving power strips and usage monitors provides long term savings. I found out that our local utility company will come out to your home for FREE and assess your energy consumption giving you pointers on whether to upgrade the old refrigerator or buy a more energy efficient washer and dryer. The pointers and tips they gave me were priceless.