Updated: November 2017

Fire Extinguisher Reviews:

We've all seen them in schools, homes, cars, or at work yet 90% of us have never had to use a fire extinguisher. Experts and those in the fire service industry like fire fighters say we should all be well versed in the proper usage of any fire extinguisher that we may have to use in putting out a fire. They are fairly simple to use but getting fire extinguisher training at your local fire department is a great idea before you buy one and put it in your home. In an emergency situation you probably won't have time to read the directions and fiddle with the extinguisher. Fire extinguishers are designed to fight smaller fires commonly started in kitchens, offices, or in cars. Don't even attempt to put out a larger fire with a fire extinguisher.
Fire Extinguishers

Buying Guide - When looking to purchase a fire extinguisher make sure it has been "labeled" by an independent testing laboratory like UL (Underwriters Laboratory) or FM (Factory Mutual). Fire extinguishers are rated A,B,C, and D based on what types of fires they are good at putting out in various environments. A type fire extinguishers are good for fires involving wood, cloth, paper, rubber, trash, or plastics. Type B extinguishers are best on flammable liquids, gases, solvents, paint, lacquers, oil/gas, tar, and synthetics. A type C fire extinguisher works best on electrical equipment fires, wiring, controls, motors, appliances, and data processing panels. Commercial kitchens are required to use K type extinguishers that have a wet chemical agent to help fight fires. You'll want to make sure the fire extinguisher is readily available no matter where you store it. They often come with wall mounts or wall hooks so they remain visible at all times. Kidde and Badger make great fire extinguishers that work well in homes or offices. We read online about an acronym which should help you to remember how to use a fire extinguisher. Pull, aim, squeeze, and sweep (PASS). Pull the pin at the top of the cylinder (some extinguishers require a lock latch to be released), then aim the nozzle at the base of the fire for the best results, squeeze the handle, and finally sweep the contents at the base of the fire until it is out. Shut off the fire extinguisher once you are sure the fire is out or until the extinguisher is out of its contents. If the fire is too big to put out, call 911 immediately for assistance. You can browse the top selling fire extinguishers online here.

Best Home Fire Extinguisher:

The Kidde Complete Home Use Fire Extinguisher ($36) is the best unit on the market for homeowners. It comes in with a UL rating of 1 on A and 10 for B and C types. We saw some experts recommend having a 2A & 10BC rating on any fire extinguisher in a residential kitchen, but the Kidde product has great safety ratings. The 1A rating on the Kidde stands for 1 1/4 gallons of water and the 10BC represents square feet (10 square feet). At 2.5 lbs the Kidde extinguisher is light enough that women can handle it just as safely as men can. It comes with an easy to pull pin and the nylon handle is not only impact resistant it is also rust proof. This extinguisher is great against common fires in your home like electrical, gas, oil, wood, paper and cloth. The instructions are printed right on the side of the canister and should be presented to all in the home so everyone can use it effectively if they need to. The Badger ProPlus Tri Class Fire Extinguisher is another all purpose unit with the same 1A;10BC UL rating. It's slightly more expensive than the Kidde but weights the same amount. The ergonomic handle is easy to maneuver and it feels solid with all-steel cylinders and metal valves. The Badger meets most commercial and industrial specifications as well. At $44 and given a 6 year warranty, the Badger is a great buy. BEST - The top rated kitchen fire extinguisher is the Kidde FX10K which sell for about $25 on Amazon.

Industrial/Commercial Fire Extinguisher:

If the Kidde or Badger listed above are not powerful or big enough for your environment, consider the larger 20 Lb Pro 20 Purple K Fire Extinguisher ($180). It's a maximum power dry chemical extinguisher that fits perfectly in commercial environments. For added strength the handle is made of pressed heavy gauge metal. You can do pressure checks quickly and easily and the UL rating of 80B:C ensures that small fires will be put out fast and effectively. Experts say this extinguisher is ideal for airports, garages, oil companies, military, laboratories, and larger vehicles like trucks. The Purple K agent in this extinguisher is 2 1/2 times more effective than the dry chemical models. The Badger fire extinguisher is shipped unpressurized and needs to be taken to your local fire equipment store or station to be properly pressurized. There is a wall hook provided so you can mount the heavy extinguisher on the wall. You can buy the fire extinguisher online at Firesafetysource.com. RECOMMENDED - We think the First Alert FE10GO 10-B:C Garage/Workshop Fire Extinguisher Red is a model worth looking at. The First Alert fire extinguisher works against flammable liquid fires and live electrical fires. The unit can be refilled by a certified professional if you do end up using it so it is rechargeable.

Car Fire Extinguisher:

The First Alert Auto Fire Extinguisher ($50) is the perfect safety accessory to have in any automobile. With over 400,000 car fires reported each year it's only a matter of time before it happens to you or someone you know. The First Alert fire extinguisher works on oil, grease, gasoline, and electrical fires in cars and owners say it's easy to use when time matters most. Comes with simple features that are easy to use, instructions, and a mountable safety bracket. It's UL rated 5-B:C and offers a 5-year limited warranty. As with any safety device, always get your fire extinguisher inspected by your local fire or police department every year to make sure it's still in good working condition. You can find this product online at Autobarn.net.